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We are currently supporting the following 47 bands:  

8 Track Massacre


Austin Mo Xperience (AMX)

Blackout Betty

Blue Collar Men

Cherry Bomb

Disco Revolution

Four Barrel


Heartless – A Tribute to the Rock Band Heart

Journey’s Edge

Left Of Centre

Legal Addiction

Long Time

Ma Barker

Merry Mac

Momma T & The Shaky Ground Band

Mullet Mechanix

Neon Playboys

On The Fly

Playback The Hits

Pop Fiction

Power Play

Radio Billionaires

Radio Heavy

Rebel Yell

RevolutionBeat Tribute To The Beatles

Rhythm City Allstars (RCA)

Riff Raff

Rockin Down The Hiway


Skid Roses

Skippy And The Bowl Junkies

Straight Shooter

Super Huey

Take Out

Take The Money And Run

The Lucky Seven

The Mock Ups

The Ripoffs

The Sock Monkey

The Zach Waters Band

Thunder Cover

Tragically White


Unlicensed Therapy

Yer Mom