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Band News:

More changes in the news this month:

2 Lit 2 Quit is taking a short hiatus for some life happenings, but they are due back on the gig circuit in the fall.

Lead guitarist Gary Tarplee left Radio Heavy.  No word on replacement yet, but we will include this news as we hear!

Lead guitarist Phillip Lovejoy has left Playback to alleviate scheduling issues with life happenings.  No word on replacement, more to follow as we hear.

Lead guitarist Zak Muzic left Departure to pursue other projects, including his Prince Tribute band, ‘When Doves Cry.’

Bassist Tone Box left Disco Revolution to pursue other interests.  New recruit coming soon!

One of the lead vocalist in RCA, Faten Elias, has moved to the Bay Area and can no longer be part of RCA.  Curt Blankenship is looking for a replacement.  More to follow.

7/9/16 was Jet Screamer’s last performance.  Read more about the epic and bittersweet evening below.

We now support The Lucky Seven band!  Please join us in welcoming this awesome 7-piece ensemble!  Check them out when you can – you won’t be sorry, they are so much fun and are full of talent!  Read below how we met this awesome group!  This brings us back up to 57 bands!



Meeting Minutes: 

We hit a milestone with one of our stats this month!  By the close of July we had a cumulative total of almost 58,000 unique visitors to the website, and over 363,400 page views.  You Tube views are the milestone, surpassing the 100K mark with over 101,600 cumulative views!  New visitor sessions are holding at 42%.  Keep visiting LH often for more fun, and be part of these awesome stats!

We are so grateful and thankful for every one of you who has made a donation to LH; whether direct, or through PayPal on the website!  Your contribution gives us encouragement and makes it possible to keep up the fast pace checking out the local live music scene here in the Sacramento area.  Thank you so much for supporting LH as we support this awesome group of talented musicians!  You are in our thoughts every day!

You are always welcome to come party with the LH team!  Just check for the “Join LH” on the Home page gig schedule next to the events we will be hanging at!  We’d love to see you out supporting live music, and the group we hang out with is growing with such fun folks!

If you go to a gig you saw on LH, please don’t be shy about telling the band!  I’m sure they would love to meet you as well as learn how you heard of their gig!



July was a full month of rock, thanks to the great weather.  There was no shortage of indoor and outdoor places to go and bands to see!  Here’s what happened:


7/1/16: We are to partake in an extremely busy 5-band day tomorrow, so we opted for an early evening out tonight.  And since we really enjoyed Two Steps Down last weekend at Swabbies, The Draft Sports Bar & Grill at Arena Softball fit all of our criteria!  The band rocked the country hits, and even showed off some of their originals!  Bassist Chris Longstreth has such a unique style I couldn’t help but film a video all to himself to showcase this awesomeness!  That video coming to LH in September!  We accomplished our goal of having a more laid back evening with great music, food and company!





7/2/16:  Big day ahead of us and it starts early!  Swabbies On The River hosted four bands this beautiful summer day:  On The Fly, Tres Hombres, Cherry Bomb, and Riff Raff!  On The Fly took the lead on the small stage, which means they got to play longer than the rest as they filled in during the transitions on the main stage!  They rocked each of their three sets and provided stellar entertainment for the masses!  Tres Hombres is a tribute to ZZ Top and it seemed the band was having too much fun for three guys!  I had forgotten how many great ZZ Top songs there are!  Cherry Bomb, A Tribute To John Mellencamp, was the next band to take the main stage.  They always know how to get the crowd involved in some down-home American style loyalty with all their red, white and blue!  It’s always a special time when Cherry Bomb hits the stage!  Last but never least, Riff Raff hit the stage with all their thunder and glory, fitting for the 4th of July weekend!  The band was full of energy and ready to put on a show!  The dance floor was so packed we had to stand to the side to get our Recent Hangouts’ video.  But the great part is, a Fan File from that angle is always priceless!


On The Fly




Tres Hombres




Cherry Bomb




Riff Raff




7/2/16:  It was time to leave so we could to make it to The Corner Pocket Sports Bar in Citrus Heights in time to see The Lucky Seven.  So the story behind meeting this band… Our good friend Teresa saw this band at the Folsom Hotel and told them she was associated with LH.  They asked if she could get me to come see them.  I contacted the lead of the band, Katie Alosi, to find out more about them and compare schedules, and we decided this evening would be our best shot to party together!  We were so glad we did!  This is one rockin’ band!  They are pros on the harmonies, and gave us songs we haven’t heard other cover bands do such as In The Summer Time, Shut Up And Dance, and Ballroom Blitz, to name a few.  We were very impressed with the whole professional package this band offers.  So much so, the LH olive branch was extended – and accepted – we are now back to 57 bands!  Woot Woot!  Check off another super fun, but exhausting day!





7/4/16:  It’s the 4th of July and you know what that means!!  That’s right, Swabbies On The River with Four Barrel!  We always look forward to the summer holidays on the river with this awesome band!  Lead guitarist Phillip Lovejoy did his awesome rendition of The Star Spangled Banner that rocks right into Purple Haze!  You can’t go wrong with a combo like that!  It was an awesome fun, relaxing day with special peeps!  The kicker came when Phillip announced they had a gift for me!  Perplexed, I was!  It turned out they presented me with a BEAUTIFUL signed Stagg guitar!  I held back the tears, I was so touched.  This priceless gesture is so incredible, it really touched my heart!  It still brings tears to my eyes thinking back to that moment.  I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter day!!







7/8/16:  The clock on the wall said it was time to head to the Opera House Saloon in Roseville for The Mock Up’s debut performance!  We are super excited for the band to experience their first public gig on this stage!  (LH Fun Fact: The Mock Up’s performed years ago at the Opera House Saloon for some private weddings.)  We arrived, secured our tables up front, found the band in the Green Room upstairs and sat down for a quiet chat before the madness started.  The Mock Ups were pumped up and in prime form for this debut and really put on a show for the masses!  We were very proud of them and went home happy and tired!





7/9/16:  Tonight was bittersweet for us as we headed to Referee’s Sports Bar & Grill in Citrus Heights for the final curtain call of Jet Screamer.  Referee’s is the place it all began for LH and Jet Screamer two years ago.  We were touched by all the fans, family and musicians who came out to show support and bid a final farewell to the team.  Jet Screamer knocked it out of the park with their great rock songs and dance tunes.  We stayed until they kicked us out, but not before we got one last awesome hug from the team.  We will never forget Jet Screamer and all the fun we’ve had at their gigs.





7/15/16:  RedRadio was to entertain the troops at Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale tonight, which is one of our favorite combinations!  We were pleased with the amount of “troops” that showed up considering the State Fair was in full swing, it was extra hot outside, and Thunder Valley hosted a large concert.  We had a great time being playful with the band, including when lead vocalist, Tracy Butler, jumped up on the subwoofer, giving our music-loving friend, Lori, the opportunity to… well, let’s just say widen Tracy’s eyes!  Catch this Fan File video on Sept 7th to see for yourself.  Super fun evening with great friends, both on and off the stage!





7/16/16:  On The Fly landed at Halftime Bar & Grill in Strikes, Rocklin, this mid-month eve to delight all the fans that gathered for the party they knew was brewing.  We had to pull 6 tables together to hold all the LH fans that showed up!  Talk about support for our fellow brother!!  On The Fly brought out some new songs that brought the fans to the dance floor.  We had a great time jumping around to our favorite music right up to the curtain call.  Another successful weekend of memories placed gently in the Memory Book!





7/22/16:  A-Train graced the stage at the California State Fair this perfect day with an outstanding performance!  We arrived at the fair in the morning to soak up the ambiance of all the Fair had to offer.  We hung around the different stages most of the day supporting the musicians who worked hard to bring entertainment to the masses.  A-Train’s turn came at 5 PM, and they knocked it out of the park!  We were so proud of their showmanship and how comfortable they appeared on stage – they owned it!  A-Train played for an hour and had numerous fans young and old out dancing.  Later, we stayed for the main attraction, Don Felder, on the Golden One Stage, which was an amazing performance in itself.  Two words for today – happy, happy!





7/23/16:  We started a quad-rock evening at The Fountains in Roseville with RedRadio.  This was the band’s first time at The Fountains, which is a pretty big deal every Saturday night during the summer at this very cool shopping center.  The introduction was made and RedRadio was off and running, hitting each song with enthusiasm and precision.  It was heartwarming to see a lot of friends and band members there to support.  We were extremely proud to watch RedRadio add this gig to their resume!




7/23/16:  With four bands to cover in 5 hours, we had to move along quickly. Next stop: Skid Roses at Halftime Bar & Grill in Strikes, Rocklin.  We walked in a few minutes before the band started up their first note – perfect timing!  Halftime was full of Meetup groups, birthday parties, friends, family and fans.  It was great to see the place hopping and Skid Roses enjoying the awesome love from the fans!  First set almost complete and a few videos later, we hopped back in the car and headed out.




7/23/16:  This part of the drive was the longest, from Halftime to Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale to see Unlicensed Therapy.  It had been awhile and a re-connection was needed.  We were pleased to see Jan’s jumping with patrons and fans!  Seemed a lot of folks were out everywhere enjoying live music tonight!  We only had an hour, so the LH camera was soon put to use.  I captured one of the best Recent Hangouts videos – Creep – sung by lead vocalist, Dana Caylor.  As I watched her performance live, it became crystal clear to me that something very special and unique was taking place.  Dana brought such passion, empathy and emotion to the song, it touched something deep within many of us.  The next day’s viewing brought goosebumps.  Dana is truly a special performer, not just a vocalist.  But back to the gig – we were pulled out of this twilight feeling back into reality by the clock on the wall that said it was time to go.  We look forward to the next time we can see Unlicensed Therapy and spend the whole evening with them.






7/23/16:  Last stop – the Corner Pocket in Citrus Heights to complete our busy evening with Disco Revolution!  We walked in when the band was finishing their last break and we were able to get some hugs in before the music started.  Being late night and their last set of the evening, I believe the band was happy to know they had some energy on the dance floor to feed from.  We enjoyed every song they laid out for us, giving us renewed spirit to complete our long, but fun evening!  And we broke our record for most bands seen in an evening!  Our good friend Lani is calling this evening the “World Tour.”  I’ll take it!  We will be tired tomorrow, but happy, happy tonight!  That Memory Book is getting big!





7/29/16:  The Draft Sports Bar & Grill at Arena Softball, Roseville, hosted The Mock Ups for their 30th Anniversary gig.  What an honor it was to attend a cover band’s 30th anniversary together – how many bands can say that!  The band fired on all cylinders the whole night, keeping the room full of fans and patrons happy, happy!  We brought beads to add to the festive atmosphere and we even pulled an anniversary card out of our hat for everyone to sign!  The card was so full of good wishes, when the band opened it, their first reaction was “WOW!”  We thank everyone who helped make this night special for the band!  On the flip side, the band had a special moment planned for me!  During Long Cool Woman, lead guitarist Jeff Ebbage motioned for me to come on stage with him, where he placed the guitar over both of us and proceeded to help me “play” the guitar!  It was an amazing moment, incredible fun and precious memory!  I’m still smiling as I write this the next day.  All I can say is I’m honored to call this amazingly talented group of musician’s – friends!







7/30/16:  Last rock night of the month and we get to spend it at Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale with The Mach 5 – what better way to say goodbye to July!  The fans seemed to arrive in droves right before the band started.  They were so hot with their song selections and energetic style, an amp head overheated!  Thanks to the quick thinking of Dave Chapman, who always carries a spare, we were back rockin’ in no time!  There were tons of fun being had, and fun friends hanging out together.  We even spotted Chad, the bartender, on the dance floor, exclaiming how much he loved this band!  We are adding this night to the thumbs up list!





What a successful year of live music we have experienced!  So much fun, so little time!  Join us as our quest continues into August to chase the bands to our favorite venues and soak up our favorite tunes!

See you in August!


Till then, ROCK ON!  \m/