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Band News:

Departure has had a few team member changes.  Last month we mentioned guitarist Zak Muzic has left to pursue a new project, When Doves Cry.  That brings guitarist Andy Gomez back to take Zak’s place!  Gordon Groft has joined the team as the new bassist, and Steve Cain is now the new percussionist!  Chris Goslow has also joined the team rockin’ the keyboard!  We look forward to welcoming these new team members at Swabbies On The River on October 15th.  We hope you will join us!

Set In Stone is back at Swabbies On The River on Sept. 17th for a reunion performance!  The band is very excited about playing together again!

Bryan Fields is now the percussionist for The Ripoffs.  We welcome Bryan into yet another band!

We have added Journey’s Edge to the growing list of bands we support.  This brings us up to 58!  Please join us at Halftime Bar & Grill in Strikes, Rocklin, on September 16th to check out this awesome and talented band!


Meeting Minutes:   

We are diggin’ the cumulative stats August brought!  By the close of August we had a cumulative total of over 59,000 unique visitors to the website, and over 369,000 page views.  You Tube views came in over the 104,000 mark!  New visitor sessions were almost 48%.  Keep visiting LH often for more fun, and be part of these awesome stats!


We are so grateful and thankful for every one of you who has made a donation to LH; whether direct, or through PayPal on the website!  Your contribution gives us encouragement and makes it possible to keep up the fast pace checking out the local live music scene here in the Sacramento area.  Thank you so much for supporting LH as we support this awesome group of talented musicians!  You are in our thoughts every day!


You are always welcome to come party with the LH team!  Just check for the “Join LH” on the Home page gig schedule next to the events we will be hanging out at!  We’d love to see you out supporting live music, and the group we hang out with is growing with such fun folks!


If you go to a gig you saw on LH, please don’t be shy about telling the band!  I’m sure they would love to meet you as well as learn how you heard of their gig!



August was another full month of rock.  There was no shortage of great memories!  Here’s what happened:


8/5/16:  First stop of the month couldn’t have been more fun than The Opera House Saloon in Roseville with Four Barrel on stage!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the band have so much fun and rock as precisely as they did this evening!  Lots of great peeps came out to support and dance away the work-week memories from the mind.  Tonight was like pulling up to the energy store and filling the tank, we left The Opera House Saloon feeling that charged up!





8/6/16:  We headed out to Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale to check out Skippy And The Bowl Junkies this beautiful evening!  We had not seen this band for about 3 years.  They had taken some time off to find a new vocalist and percussionist, and enjoy some life happenings, but they are back on the gig circuit again!  It was great to catch up and meet the new players before the music started.  Chris Palamino, lead vocalist, has a cool raspy voice that leads the band well.  As the night grew late, lots of folks joined us at Jan’s and the party was in full swing by midnight.  Right about the time most parties break up!  We were diggin’ that twist on this fine night!





8/12/16:  A different Friday evening was in store for us tonight as we headed to Folsom to the Arthur Murray Dance Studio for LH’s IT Specialist, Brett Brashear’s graduation!  With camera in hand, I taped some pretty awesome ballroom dancing to some pretty awesome rock songs!  Some of these clips will be shared on LH in the near future.  It was such an honor to see Brett graduate to the next level of dance.  Color us proud!





8/12/16:  The Dance Studio party ended early by our standards, so we jetted back to Roseville to party down with Tragically White at the Opera House Saloon.  The band had a fill-in percussionist, Drummer Flash, whose style mesmerized us the whole night.  Check out his Drum Off which airs on October 12th! Robert Backus also joined the band for the evening on the keys.  Lots of great energy and a super fun night was had by all!  Brett even joined us a little later after finishing up at Arthur Murray’s!





8/13/16:  We were off to Referee’s Sports Bar & Grill in Citrus Heights to join The Ripoffs.  The band had all their usual players tonight, so it was important we stopped by.  We had a decent crowd, especially since Thunder Valley had a large concert in place this evening.  To our advantage, we had non-stop fun with The Ripoffs, who seemed to enjoy making it an intimate setting with those of us there.  Lead vocalist, Alicia Lowe, came down to the dance floor numerous times to dance and sing with us!  I enjoyed cracking up the band during Poker Face by…. poking my face.  It was such a fun night all the way around!  We are looking forward to the next party with this fun band!





8/19/16:  Our feet were itching to dance, so it was an easy pick to head to The Draft Sports Bar & Grill in Arena Softball in Roseville to get our swing on with Two Steps Down!  The Draft starts their party early, allowing us a longer night of fun and frolic with more bands!  This awesome team did a super job entertaining all the peeps who came in and out of Arena Softball to see what all the cool live music was about!  Color us proud of this family oriented band!




8/19/16:  The Draft being our early evening venue, allowed us to get our rock on with The Mach 5 who happened to be holding court at the Opera House Saloon in Roseville!  We headed to the Saloon with expectations of a grand party!  The Mach 5 delivered on that expectation and kept us upbeat and happy all evening long with their exceptional energy!  Good friend Steve Walsh was celebrating his birthday and we couldn’t let that go by without coaxing Steve out to the dance floor when the band played the birthday song for him!  That fun video will air on November 2nd under the Fan File section.  Great night tonight – a fun time was had by all!





8/20/16:  Very touching, heartfelt and special evening was on the horizon tonight as Referee’s Sports Bar & Grill in Citrus Heights hosted a Party of Love for Marianna Dapello Balleto, Angelo Dapello’s sweet sister, who was fighting cancer.  On The Fly rocked the house in her honor with Angelo at the helm feeling very proud of all the love and support from our wonderful, close knit music community.  We got to meet Marianna, who wore a gold crown and sat in a comfy chair the whole evening, greeting all that joined us!  Fly swatters were provided for the fans to swat during a special song, to tickle the band’s funny bone.  Apparently, it worked, as I heard later how much they enjoyed the moment!  You can see this special moment under the Tickles section of LH on September 21st.  So many amazing people were there to share their love.  It was one of the best evenings I have ever experienced.  I am so proud to call you friend and to be part of this amazing community.  You all have touched my heart with your kind spirits – all my love back to you!





8/26/16:  Seems Friday nights in August and the Opera House Saloon in Roseville go hand in hand for the LH team who dig partying after a week’s worth of work!  Tonight’s agenda was all about the awesome Rebel Yell band.  It has been too long since we last saw this 5-piece super group.  We started our night by heading to the Green Room to see everyone, and snapping a few band photos for LH and their Facebook page.  Then on to the festivities!  The place filled up nicely during the first few songs.  Everyone had such a great time, there were smiles all around!  The band felt our energy and responded in like with lots of fun and frolic happening on stage!  Feeling tired and happy – it was a great night all the way around!





8/27/16:  It’s not often we get to rock early on a Saturday night, but since The Draft Sports Bar & Grill in Arena Softball, Roseville, started live music on Saturday nights, we have found a new place to hangout!  Tonight, Unlicensed Therapy was honored to be the first Saturday band to play at The Draft!  Knowing this, we had to help make the evening a party!  We had a blast tasting and sharing new dishes, some unusual beers, and of course enjoying the music Unlicensed Therapy provided.  Walking On Sunshine was a great hit as vocalist Dana Caylor came out with the dancers and got them involved in the energy!  That cool video posted as a Recent Hangouts on August 31st!  The Draft has decided to have live music on Saturday’s now instead of Friday’s, and we think Unlicensed Therapy’s successful evening had a hand in that!





Another month of great rock has come to an end, leaving us with awesome memories.  It’s unbelievable how this year has flown by.  Time to turn our thoughts to the September month.  The whiteboard on the wall shows us it’s going to be a very busy month closing out the warm-weather venues.  Stay tuned and don’t miss a minute of the fun to be had!

See you in September!


Till then, ROCK ON!  \m/