Born from the Mother of all Jams back in 2010, Apple Z has grown up nicely as a lean, mean, entertainment machine.

Sporting a roster of seasoned musical vceterans from every genre yet known, Apple Z is making friends and influencing people all over California
and beyond with unique and clever treatments for the timeless catalog of popular music everyone knows and loves. Apple Z is a shiny new band with
vast performance experience in all types of venues and formats due to the members many diverse musical projects.

In addition to providing a non-stop high energy four-man show, Apple Z has the power to transform into an acoustic duo for lower volume events.

The members of Apple Z feel truly fortunate to have found each other and are eager to share their enthusiastic performances with the rest of the

Meet the members of Apple Z!!

Scott – Lead Vocals, Guitar // Brandon – Bass Guitar // Bradley – Drums // Steven – Vocals, Guitar




Apple Z loves to make new friends, so stop by to say “hi” at one of their gigs!

Apple Z rockin’ out at Beermann’s in Lincoln!

 Apple Z as an acoustic duo performance for lower volume events and venues.