Entertainment for all ages! Whether you are planning an all-day family affair, or a hot night-time party event, RockSkool delivers the signature sound and mojo of everyone’s favorite tunes! Young and old can appreciate RockSkool’s variety of songs — many of which are also showcased within the popular music video games of today.


Five skilled and educated professional musicians, the members of RockSkool know how to Rock! These talented guys have over 150 years combined performing experience to bring you a huge catalog of songs- so the entertainment seems never ending!


Randy Monroe is the RockSkool front-man who sings his heart out and gets the crowd moving. With a MS in Science and Technology Education, he is also a middle school science teacher for the Mt. Diablo Unified School District. Randy is the founder of Monroe Science Educational Services which specializes in fun day trips and science camps. When he is not teaching, he is lead vocalist for Hot For Teacher: the Van Halen Experience* for over 11 years. Randy was classically trained by opera singer Claudine Spindt, who had performed with Pavarotti. Singing for more than 25 years and skilled in three octaves, Randy is a baritone crooning, tenor reaching, and powerhouse with soul!


Guitarist Terry Lauderdale is a machine when it comes to playing rock and metal. He began playing and performing in grade school while studying classically. He became a tutor in his high school’s music program and continues to tutor and teach privately. Influenced by both America and Europe’s hard rocking guitar gods, Terry became a noting virtuoso and subsequent tremolo master. Over the years, he has shared stages with many rock stars while performing in number of acts including: Sabotage, Die Sieger, Champion, Acid Tongue, Heathen, Fast Eddie, HOT FOR TEACHER, Strangers in the Night, The Terry Lauderdale Band, and The Terry Lauderdale Project. He continues to dazzle and make a lasting impact on audiences throughout the world.


Substitute guitarist, Jeff Jones is an accomplished songwriter, singer, and producer. He has been part of the music industry since 1977; recording and performing styles including rock, pop and metal. He has performed and written for acts from California to Europe, and enjoys fanfare on Russian radio. He received a Billboard Songwriter Award for “Baja” in 1999. His projects include solo works and performances as a member of St Elmo’s Fire, Vamp Le Stat, & Keester.

Bassist Jesse Scott keeps the groove rolling and the bass thumping. An accomplished conductor and musical director, Jesse also has a double Masters degree in Education and Bass Performance. After he won a concerto competition for the Marin Symphony he toured in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and the United States. Jesse has recorded with the Taipei Symphony on the live Air Supply album “Now and Forever”; and performed with the Boston Philharmonic. In 1998, Jesse began teaching music at Novato High School. He has also been teaching at the Brandeis Hillel Day School in Marin, California, since 1999. While still performing with HOT FOR TEACHER – The Van Halen Experience*, Jesse also manages the famous Marin-based summer camp “Rock On”.


Keyboardist Jason Goodman is classically trained and has performed with the pop tribute act, Mandonna. He has played for a multitude of dignitaries and ambassadors from around the world. Jason has been featured on Howard Stern’s Sirius Radio, ESPN and mentioned in the Associated Press. From piano ballads to synthesized tones, Jason hits the keys on time, every time.


Percussionist professional, Eddie Studebaker, holds the musical wheels on the road, driving the band with infectious drum beats that make crowds groove. Playing drums since he was 5 years old, Eddie began playing with the Marty Balin Band in 1983, then with the David Elan Band who were managed by Bill Graham from 1985 to 1987. In 1996 he joined The Drew Browne Band, and later played with the Van Halen tribute band Panama and eventually with Hot For Teacher: the Van Halen Experience* since 2005.