We are an 80’s Flashback cover band performing all those hits that make you say, “I love that song.” Its booty shakin music!
The Band has been playing together since the summer of 2006. Our band consists of 5 tremendously talented and seasoned artists (heavy on the Cayenne, they are HOTT!!!!)





Meet the awesome members of Superlicious ~~~~


Tommylicious, Drummer extraordinaire! Tommy has been beating those drums since the ripe age of 10 he was in a big hair band in the 80’s and has refused to recognize we are now in 2012, you know what they say about a guy who has rhythm!
























D’Licious is our multi-talented Bassist, whom of which also plays drums. His thump’n beats get the ladies all worked up. He moonlights as a judge for swimsuit models.

















Aarlicious, the AH-mazing guitarist of Superlicious! Rocket Scientist by day and Shredder by night, he also has a standup act, he is hilarious, hunkafied, a brainyac AND talented.








Raylicious, is our hostess with the mostess as well as multi-talented – Lead vocals, saxophone, harmonica and dabbles in keyboards – He is the Rico Suave of the bunch with is Latin accent and his Spanish phrases he is sure to drive the ladies wild!






















We saved the best for last, our very own Tiffilicious – beautiful and talented Lead vocals, ROCKIN body and Sexy Fitness Model, she mud wrestles in her spare time, watch out fella’s!