Tragically White Defined:
trag-i-cal-ly white \’tra-ji-k(ə-)lē\ˈhwīt, ˈwīt\ (adjective)
Etymology: Middle America, from Latin dancium feverus, from Greek johnus travolticus
Date: 1978
1. of, relating to, or constituting a complete lack of musical tone quality characterized by uncontrolled convulsions, a lack of voluntary rhythmic movement, and a complete disregard for self respect.




Take all of your favorite bands from the last five decades and have them play your favorite songs, all on one stage, all in one night. That is what audiences have come to love and expect from Sacramento based TRAGICALLY WHITE. The band is comprised of seasoned musicians with a single purpose, your entertainment! As musicians their histories are rooted in the variety of music from the 70’s, but this is no “classic rock” band. As fans of music, they have kept their collective fingers firmly planted on the pulse of current music trends throughout the years. Individually they each bring a spectrum of colorful influences to the table. Together they are TRAGICALLY WHITE. You will be infected with their energy and positiveness as you dance the night away to an endless selection of your favorite tunes. Every show will provide a bountiful glass filled with tasty grooves to make your body move, making getting out of bed the next day an event of its own!





TRAGICALLY WHITE is the ultimate, high energy, interactive party band. They consistently provide more than just a show, they provide an experience.  Crowd participation is not only encouraged, it is mandatory!