These are posts about our favorite fans.

Favorite Fan – Julie

Julie took a few minutes out of her busy dance schedule to tell Lynns Hangouts about her love of live music and her favorite band, Unlicensed Therapy, back in early March! Julie is a great dancer, full of energy, and we love partying with her every chance we get! Keep on rockin’, Julie!!

Favorite Fan – Louise

One of Lynns Hangouts’ favorite fans, Louise, shows up around town at various venues to rock out, but we always see her 4th Sunday of every month at Laugh’s Unlimited, Old Sacramento, partying with one of her favorite bands, Four Barrel! Check out Louise’s killer close to the interview! So cool!

Favorite Fan – Becky

Favorite Fan Becky Tuttle chats with Lynns Hangouts about life with a musician – her hubby! Becky gives insights into this as well as how live music inspires her in different aspects of life. You are an awesome lady, Becky – keep on ROCKIN!!

Favorite Fan – Chris

Lynns Hangouts cornered Chris Borton at Beermann’s one fun night during a Mach 5 gig to see what makes her tick as a favorite fan of local live music! It’s always great to hear how musicians support each other by showing up as a fan, and even doing some dancing! Rock on, Chris!!

Favorite Fan – Barbara

One of our favorite fans, Barbara, speaks to Lynns Hangouts about her awesome son, Jaxon, and their love for live music! You might remember Jaxon from a Fan File video posted a few weeks back. He is quite the entertainer and seemed to enjoy the interview, as well! Taken at the always fun venue Laugh’s Unlimited one lazy Sunday afternoon while enjoying one of our favorite bands, Four Barrel! Barbara and Jaxon – you ROCK!!

Favorite Fan – Skip

Join Lynns Hangouts in listening to this fascinating interview with the owners of Laugh’s Unlimited in Old Sacramento. Check out how Skip brought live music to this house of laughter, and what it takes to make it all tick like clockwork! Skip is a huge fan of live music, dating back to the 60’s and his Navy tour. Very cool interview – thanks Skip!!

Favorite Fan – Kim

Right after Christmas Lynns Hangouts was fortunate to meet up with one of our favorite fans, Kim, for a quick chat out in the cold at the El Dorado Saloon in El Dorado Hills, Ca! Superlicious was playing and totally packed the house! It was great to get some “breathing room” with Kim and find out how live music moves her!!

Favorite Fan – Judy

Even though it was cold out, Lynns Hangouts talked favorite fan, Judy, into a quick interview outside of Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale! We see Judy at different venues rockin’ out to 80’s music quite often! Check out this exclusive interview with beautiful fan, Judy!

Favorite Fan – Harold

When Lynns Hangouts was at Ginger’s Restaurant recently to party with Unlicensed Therapy, we snagged an interview with owner, Harold, who is a HUGE fan of live music! Hear about Harold’s band schedule he has planned at Ginger’s for our dancing pleasure! (And the menu sounds great, too!)

Favorite Fan – Bill

Lynns Hangouts recently came across a new fan, Bill! I think we got Bill hooked on local live music! Hear about Bill’s musical background (including recording with the Beach Boys!!) and how that is now put to use on the dance floor! Bill, you ROCK!!! Lynns Hangouts is proud to call you friend!!