Dave Chapman’s Start In The Mach 5

Merry Mac’s In The House!

How To Win Reba McEntire’s Heart

Steve LaFontaine’s Peek At The Past

Mark Coudriet Explains Moonshine Crazy

Lynns Hangouts heard that Category 4’s percussionist, Mark Coudriet, was starting up a new band called Moonshine Crazy, and knew there had to be a story behind this!  First off, we get a bit of background information about Category 4, which had their last gig the night of the interview; and a bit about Mark’s percussionist background.  Then on to the discussion about Mark’s next chapter in his musical career!  We learned how the concept for Moonshine Crazy was created “on paper” and then moved into reality with picking the name, auditioning team members, genres, set lists, and where they’d like to play at.  Because of the diversity of Moonshine Crazy’s genre’s, we had to ask what Mark’s true love is – country or rock, or country rock!  His answer will bring you a smile.  And big shout out to Mark’s Mom for all her encouragement and support throughout the years – she rocks in our book!  And what’s an interview without video bombs from adoring fans!  All in all, it sounds like Moonshine Crazy is already a success story, and we look forward to watching this band grow, and following their future!

Rick Rapalee Opens The Memory Book

Lynns Hangouts grabbed a few minutes of Rick Rapalee’s time, the bassist for RedRadio, at a recent gig to learn what we could about Rick’s musical life story! Rick painted a special story for us going back to his father’s musical abilities. Seems the music bug started at an early age for Rick with the saxophone, which lead to the various high school bands and worked into the drums. Then a friend turned him onto the bass after high school. Rick’s first gigging band was in the military to hold a piece of home close to him. Learn why Rick sold all his gear, which he does regret. Words of wisdom, “Don’t sell it!” Interesting story – Rick and lead vocalist Tracy Butler work together in their day jobs, and it seems a mutual friend, Skid Roses’ bassist Rikki Staxx, brought them together for the RedRadio project! Proving once again how important and strong the Sacramento area musician’s network is! Rick’s lovely wife, Jeanette, joins the final part of the interview to bring some words of wisdom regarding supporting a spouse in any passion they might have, musical or otherwise. We found Rick and Jeanette to be an awesome team and very good people! And as Rick says, come join RedRadio at a gig and share in a shot!

Dante Mutti’s Humorous Take On Life

Lynns Hangouts had a blast interviewing The Tone Monkeys lead guitarist, Dante Mutti, while at Halftime Bar & Grill in Strikes, Rocklin.  Dante is always the joker and had us in stitches!  But down to business, Dante explained how he got his start with music by taking a guitar class elective in high school, not realizing he had to bring his own guitar!  Dante caught on quickly and taught himself to feel the music and not think about it.  Dante also plays some keys, drums and bass, but guitar is his real love.  Hear the awesome story of how Dante was almost famous in one of the bands from his past!  Dante shares some insights with us about The Tone Monkey’s ability to have fun on stage, but we imagine he probably starts the party while loading in!  Great example, the team wore their favorite football jerseys to the gig, and we wondered why Dante wore a Seahawks’ jersey.  Don’t miss this story and how it ties into the color of one of his guitars!  But alas, every good interview has to come to an end, as evidence by my two lovely producer’s and their reminder.  And with one last question for Dante, and a quick answer from him… we’re thinking a must-happen Part 2 interview with the explanation!

What’s The Buzz About On The Fly?

Lynns Hangouts had the pleasure of watching the birth of a new project called ‘On The Fly’ with Angelo Dapello at the helm!  Of course, that had to generate an interview with Angelo and good friend, John Goodwin, who will be lead guitarist for the project.  We learned how the concept of this project ties into the name, On The Fly.  This concept allows the band to pick up some of the shows Jet Screamer cannot do, or if venues needed a fill-in for a band that might not be able to play at the last minute.  On The Fly (OTF) is looking forward to playing family-friendly venues such as fairs and places like Downtown Tuesday Nights in Roseville.  We saw a sneak peek at the possible graphic for OTF, and saw how the team is all a-buzz about how this is going down!  We had to ask about the set list, and learned it’s being shaped into a well rounded list, flexible and what the fans want!  Next Angelo and John explained how they assembled their team.  They plan on taking time to develop the songs to become a high-polished band, and come out swinging in 2016!  We are already marking the calendar!