How To Clean a Camera Lens

Keeping in the theme of camera close-up bloopers, check out Timmy, Four Barrel’s bass player, as he gets in the fun with an up close and personal view of Lynns Hangouts’ camera! This was taken in September 2012 at the Sacramento Mobile Food Truck Event (MoFo) in West Sacramento. It was 106 degrees that day, but it didn’t stop anyone from having a great time! The food was fantastic, too!

Playing With Drumsticks

While this is far from a Blooper, Lynns Hangouts had to share this very cool video of Left Of Centre’s vocalist, Frank, playing around with drumsticks. This was filmed at Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin, Ca, early February. Makes me smile every time I see it!

Up Close And Personal!

So here’s a fan who couldn’t resist giving the camera an up-close and personal bird’s “eye” view of the fun! Taken at a Riff Raff gig over at the Folsom Hotel, Folsom, Ca, one winter night. Lynns Hangouts always has their eyes open for “bloopers” like this, so bring ’em on!!

The Mach 5 Teasing Fans

So check it out – The Mach 5 band starts up a rockin lick only to end on a perfect note! Thankfully, the pause did not last long as they started up again and rocked the house down! Lynns Hangouts captured the tease at Beermann’s in Lincoln, Ca.

Timmy’s Interview – Lynn’s Oops!!

Okay, now it’s your turn to laugh at Lynn’s expense! You’d think I could remember who I’m working for, since that happens to be myself! DUH!!!

Dave’s Branded Apparel Blooper

And now for Dave Chapman’s blooper, taken right before his interview with Lynns Hangouts at Beermann’s in Lincoln, Ca.
Dave, you are one funny man!!

How Do You Hold The Camera Again??

Lynns Hangouts first blooper post reflects learning how a new video camera works. Big oops!!