Lynns Hangouts is pulling this crazy good interview out of the Archives and dusting it off for your viewing pleasure, in case you missed it first time around!

“Lynns Hangouts thinks Rikki stacks up quiet well in this interview filmed at Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill in Strikes, Rocklin! Rikki has a very interesting resume including elephant whispering, food tasting for the FBI, and he studied the 4-String Manipulation and Abuse at The University of Rock N’ Roll, which brings us to his work as a bassist. Learn the surprising truth of Rikki’s time with bands before Skid Roses and how he came to be part of this awesome hair band! We also learned about the funny initiation ritual the Skids put Rikki through before a photo shoot. All we can say is Rikki must have a great attorney to help keep track of all the copyrights he mentions! Check out this super fun interview for details!”