Mark Coudriet Explains Moonshine Crazy

Lynns Hangouts heard that Category 4’s percussionist, Mark Coudriet, was starting up a new band called Moonshine Crazy, and knew there had to be a story behind this!  First off, we get a bit of background information about Category 4, which had their last gig the night of the interview; and a bit about Mark’s percussionist background.  Then on to the discussion about Mark’s next chapter in his musical career!  We learned how the concept for Moonshine Crazy was created “on paper” and then moved into reality with picking the name, auditioning team members, genres, set lists, and where they’d like to play at.  Because of the diversity of Moonshine Crazy’s genre’s, we had to ask what Mark’s true love is – country or rock, or country rock!  His answer will bring you a smile.  And big shout out to Mark’s Mom for all her encouragement and support throughout the years – she rocks in our book!  And what’s an interview without video bombs from adoring fans!  All in all, it sounds like Moonshine Crazy is already a success story, and we look forward to watching this band grow, and following their future!

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