1353 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, Ca, 94133
Tel: 415-399-9020

Open 11am–2am Monday to Friday. Open early Saturdays and Sundays.

“Great bar with awesome locals and amazing live cover bands!”
Maggie’s is San Francisco’s premier live sports and music destination.  Featuring one of the best bar stages in San Francisco, the space has previously been home to some of San Francisco’s most famous landmarks including “Lost & Found”, “The Coffee Gallery”, and “Mrs. Smith’s Tearoom”. Janis Joplin, The Doors, Robert Plant, Grace Slik, and The Chieftains have all performed at Maggie’s in its previous incarnations. Rumor has it that the Sex Pistols were once turned away at the door. Today, the music lives on and some of the best local and national party bands can be found at Maggie’s each and every weekend. And, the entertainment is always free!


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