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First of all, Johnny Favorite Presents and Rock On! Live Karaoke have become two separate bands, and all their gigs are now posted.  Please check them out and give them your support!

We did not add any new bands this month and Mad House broke up, so the adjusted total with Johnny Favorite and Rock On! keeps us at 52!


Housekeeping Items: 

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Let’s take a trip back in time to see all the amazing fun we had in October:


10/5/13: A party was brewing at Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill, who happened to be hosting The Tone Monkeys.  With a combo like this – you snooze, you lose!  So we went, and it turned out to be an incredible party!  The Tone Monkeys brought out the super cool dance numbers and rocked the house!  There was a 21st birthday happening for Josh (a new LH friend) so you can imagine how fun that was!  A train of fans formed, and is now safely tucked away on film for your viewing enjoyment, I got a very cool dual-drums Drum Off video, and a couple of Random Riff videos to be scheduled on LH in the near future!  We are scheduled to party with The Tone Monkeys on 12/6/13 at Sammy’s Rockin Island Bar & Grill, so make plans to join us!  I plan on interviewing the bass player, Ritch Shefke, so stay tuned!



10/7/13:  Some good friends treated me to ‘Elvis Lives’ at Three Stages – Folsom Lake College this Monday night, and knowing how professional all their events are at this awesome new venue, it was a given this would be a memorable night!  The musical play was broken into four parts, complete with four different Elvis actors.  They all did an outstanding job, and this is one musical to see if you get the chance!  The kicker was the 80-something woman in the row ahead of us that so loved Elvis! She was really rockin’ out and even went up to the stage for a kiss from one of the actors!  She couldn’t have wiped the smile from her face if she tried!  The whole evening was epic!!



10/12/13:  A special evening was in store as LH went to a close friend’s high school reunion.  It was so much fun even though I didn’t know a soul there!  Of course, the usual, “Hi, do you remember me?” tricks were played on the unsuspecting – I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that!  Afterwards, we headed over to Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale to finish up the night with Four Barrel!  The crowd at Jan’s was diggin’ the Four Barrel style, as usual, and we were sorry to see the evening go by so quickly. 




10/18/13:  On a whim we decided to head to Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin to check out a band that we have seen on various venue schedules throughout time called Take Out.  After chatting up the band I found out that one of the female vocalists, Melissa, was also in Mad House, and the Bass player is  in Rash Rush Tribute band!  The Sacramento music scene is a small world!  We really enjoyed the set list and how Take Out produced the tunes!




We stayed for one set but had to boogie on up to Thunder Valley to fulfill a promise made to the Bass player of Joe Friday The Band.  We got there right as they took a break, which gave me an opportunity to work with the band on which songs they wanted recorded.  The end result was Sin City that posted on 10-23-13, so check it out if you missed it!  Did you know Joe Friday’s set list contains a large portion of AC/DC songs?  And lead vocalist Joe Liszt does an exceptional job of imitating that famous AC/DC sound!  Another successful evening of double rock!




10/19/13: It felt like forever since we’ve seen our good friends in the Unlicensed Therapy band.  Wild horses couldn’t keep us away from Jan’s Lounge this evening to play catch up!  What a fun evening it turned out to be!  I have never seen Jan’s so packed with patrons.  There were times the dance floor was so full I had to sit the song out!  Everyone had such high energy and bonded so well together!  Epic evening!




10/25/13:  I don’t think we have officially seen A-Train since the inception of LH, so it was a good fit to plan our evening around them at Strikes in Rocklin.  I had invited our good friend Mike Barnes (True Line Entertainment) to join us to make the party that much more fun!  We dressed up in our 80’s rock Halloween garb, and lead guitarist Adam Paul was wearing his Halloween shirt, so we fit right in!  Adam was kind enough to lend me some time during break for a super interview!  Adam is very nice with a soothing personality, so his interview has become one of my favorites!  Be sure to watch it to learn how he made the guitars he plays on stage.  Adam also gave me an A-Train pick to add to my collection!  What a successful, fun night!





 10/26/13:  The Corner Pocket was throwing a Halloween bash to beat all bashes, complete with Skid Roses and Riff Raff – what an easy decision!  I had some work peeps there, and another friend who dressed up and won the costume contest as ‘She Is What She Is’!  Check out the video under Fan Files to be posted on 11/6/13 to see what that means!  Mike Barnes let me come up on stage to tape a couple of songs – one a Drum Off and the other a Random Riff of the band members behind the scenes.  Look for those in November.   The place was packed and everyone was having an incredible time.  Kudos to Corner Pocket for really knowing how to throw a bash!!








10/27/13:  There was a Halloween party going on at Laugh’s Unlimited and it was the 4th Sunday of the month, so that means Four Barrel was in the house!  Lots of folks showed up to celebrate, some in costume, some not, but everyone had a blast!  Owner Skip Cappawana even got in on the fun and sang Johnny B Goode!  Phillip Lovejoy dedicated a song to my 80’s rocker costume – Rock of Ages – it was epic!  The folks from I-StreamLive.com were there video streaming the action live to the internet!  What a cool concept this is – check out their website and see for yourself!  It was an exhausting weekend, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!




Another month done already?  Proving once again time really does fly when you’re having fun!  Come out and join us in November for more rockin’ fun!  Till then, ROCK ON!  \m/