April 2013

Greetings to our Rocker fans!  And welcome to Lynns Hangouts’ newsletter!  Thank you all for signing up so you can get a jump on exciting news!  April was a rockin’ great month!

First, we added two new bands bringing our total to 44!  Check out their videos and events when posted, and help make them feel welcome!

Rue The Night

2 Lit 2 Quit

And second, we added a new section called Random Riffs From The Attic… because there is just so much ‘stuff’ that doesn’t fit into the other categories!  I hope you have enjoyed the videos – there are many more to come!

If you want to join in the fun of the newsletter events as they happen, check out Lynnshangouts.com on the right-hand side in red under “From Twitter” to see where Lynn will be hanging out!  We would love for you to join us!  And when you read about the happenings in the following newsletter, you will be reminded of all the fun YOU had at each event!!


So here we go… April fun:

4/5/13:  First stop for April rock was a band LH had been wanting to see for some time, but the stars never aligned quite right.  Well, tonight they did!  We went to Halftime Bar & Grill to see Tres Hombres, a ZZ Top Tribute band.  This three-piece band produced some killer ZZ Top sounds!  The ‘disguises’ were awesome – check out our own Mike Barnes on bass!  One of the videos taken that night posted under Recent Hangouts mid-April, so check it out and show ‘em the love!!



To fulfill a previous commitment, we split the night and headed to Sammy’s Rockin Island Bar & Grill to see Rue The Night for the first time.  They are a tribute to classic hard rock, and they lived up to it!  I met the band and asked if they would like to be on LH, to which I got an immediate smile and “Heck, yes!”  They became our 43rd band.  Rue The Night will offer more diversity to LH with their hard rock perspective.  Check out the videos posted of Rue The Night during April, and go to one of their gigs to show your support!  Tell ‘em Lynns Hangouts sent you!



4/12/13:  Pack up the car, pop in the 80’s rock CD – it’s road trip weekend!  Lynns Hangouts spent both Friday and Saturday evenings in Woodland! Friday night the party was at All Stars Sports Bar & Grill with a new band called Playback for their very first gig!  Playback is not just your average startup band.  They have some serious talent!  For instance, Jerry Brehm on lead guitar (Tres Hombres), and Randy Keyes – well known local percussionist.  Even sound tech Ian Meyer is in on the action as the rhythm guitarist!  The place was packed – so much support for their effort!  They played longer than planned, and the fans ran them out of songs, which included Rocky Mountain Way and Turn The Page.  Very impressive start, Playback!  I will look to see you all again!!  And might I say, Woodland ROCKS!!!





4/13/13:  Part 2 of road trip weekend – back to Woodland for a special fundraiser called TROTR, (Therapeutic Riding and Off Track Rehabilitation) and to support Four Barrel who had the honor of providing the live music for the event!  What a great cause and fun time!  Four Barrel had ‘em out dancing from song one!  Lots of great kids running around and dancing, everyone was smiling and having a good time, the place smelled of yummy barbeque – life just doesn’t get better than this!  Look for TROTR next year and plan to attend and support this worthwhile cause!




Did I mention after TROTR Lynns Hangouts flew back to Roseville to The Almond Tree to support Red Radio?  Well, it’s true – it was double rock night!  From the moment I walked in, glanced up and saw numerous friends rockin’ out, I knew the evening was top shelf!  There was an awesome birthday celebration, all the movin’ and groovin’ music you could want and some rockin’ good dancers!  LH got a super-awesome interview with percussionist Jeff Hayes, as well as a most unusual Drum Off video – let’s just say I might have discovered cloning!  Stay tuned to the Drum Off section of Lynns Hangouts to see this awesome affect!  Here’s a sneak peek…




4/18/13:  Time to switch rock gears and go for a more relaxed evening, so we were off to the Lido Café in Carmichael to listen to Unlicensed Therapy Unplugged, which consisted of three Unlicensed Therapy members.  I met friends there and shared a delicious bite to eat.  Try the decadent brownie made on site–yummo!  UTU was great at interacting with the crowd, even inviting one young lady to the mic to sing along!  We all had fun, met some new friends and got to know the band better!  It was a memorable night.



4/19/13: Well, we squeezed in yet another double rock night!  First we went to The Club Car in Auburn to see Merry Mac!  This was our first time to see them, as they had been on hiatus for a few months.  What a cool and unique style they have – a mix of rock, country and blues.  Shaina Kennedy is a very powerful lead singer – check out Black Velvet on Lynnshangouts.com and see for yourself!  We were very impressed with their polish!  And all the band members are super nice folks, so don’t hesitate to go shake their hands and chat them up!



It was hard to leave, and we ended up staying about 5 songs longer than intended – but alas, we finally forced ourselves out the door and made it to Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin to see Skid Roses.  This was an important night because their new drummer, Crash Von Bonham, was making his debut!  The place was packed, the music was great and fans were in Skid Roses’ heaven!  I think Crash has found his home!  It was cool to see lots of fans taking pictures with Crash.  A true celebrity from day one!  I cannot wait to learn more about Crash when I interview him!



4/20/13: Another road trip, this time to Elk Grove with Four Barrel!  (Okay, it’s a road trip for us Rosevillian’s.)  Lynn was appointed “Honorary Roadie” because she has no idea how to set up or tear down, but the band was ever so accommodating as they worked around her.  Four Barrel sprung some new songs on us, including one of Lynn’s favorites – Rock Of Ages!  The band cranked out the dance tunes in rockin’ fashion!  It was a great night of rock!





4/26/13:  A new band was rockin’ Sammy’s Rockin’ Island Bar & Grill, and you know LH had to be at the debut of The Tone Monkeys to support them!  The team brings a lot of experience to the table and they lived up to it as they rocked the night!  We snagged a great interview with the lead vocalist, Tommy Palmer, and learned how The Tone Monkeys were created.  Very cool band and really nice folks!  Great job – looking forward to seeing you at future gigs!  Go check them out and show ‘em the love!



A quick decision was made at the 13th hour to run over to Halftime Bar & Grill to catch a few remaining songs by The Mach 5!  We showed up just in time to get a Recent Hangouts and Drum Off video, as well as a couple of bloopers.  Leave it to The Mach 5 to build up our blooper collection – something about a cowbell – posting on Lynns Hangouts May 8th!



4/27/13:  So many bands, so little time!  I think April was double rock MONTH!!  We were at it again with Stonekold at The Almond Tree, then to Halftime Bar & Grill to see Riff Raff.

We had a great time visiting Stonekold, our first with them!  The band members are super friendly and awesome folks!  Their music rocked to the enjoyment of everyone!  A fan was so impressed they even booked a private event right there on the dance floor!  We learned all about a ‘Cocktail Set’ from percussionist Jerry Tamburino – check out the Drum Off video when posted to see and hear this awesome drum set!  Lynn got great interviews with both Kathy and Roy Terry, soon to post on LH, as well as a cool Fan File video of fans dancing!  Rockin’ good night!



The intermission bell rang so off we went to Halftime Bar & Grill to rock with Riff Raff!  They were rockin’ the AC/DC tunes as usual, and the fans were digging every note!  In this photo Dave Chapman (Angus) gives us the devil horns before launching into Hells Bells!  Riff Raff is a must-see show.  Check out Lynns Hangouts for their schedule and make plans to GO!!!



4/28/13:  We cannot resist our usual 4th Sunday of every month, afternoon of fun and rock at Laugh’s Unlimited with the awesome Four Barrel band!  Lots of LH friends showed up and we danced our you-know-what’s off!  Great singing, great playing, great friends – great afternoon!  Four Barrel ROCKS!!!


So you think April was a rockin’ busy month?  Wait until you see May!  Lots of festivals and fairs!  Make plans to be part of the rockin’ fun!!