April 2014


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Housekeeping Items: 

55th Band: Long Time: A Trip To Boston


If you want to come party with us, check the Twitter feed on LH for details of where we will be hanging out and come join us!  We’d love to see you out supporting live music!


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April was a great month for website stats!  As of the end of April, we saw a cumulative total of more than 18,500 visitors and over 221,000 page views!  Keep visiting LH often for more fun, and be part of these awesome stats!


I ran into the percussionist for Jury’s Still Out, Vicki Pike, one evening while enjoying live music, who updated me on their band.  Apparently, there have been a few changes.  Chris Rice left the band for personal reasons, and they are in the process of hiring a new lead vocalist.  The team also plans on re-naming the band…more to follow on the decision!


I also want to take this moment to thank everyone who has made a donation to LH!  Your contribution is greatly appreciated and gives encouragement to keep up the fast pace!  The local live music scene here in the Sacramento area is constantly evolving, and we strive to keep you updated on the local talent!  Thank you again for supporting LH, as we support this awesome group of talented folks!



Let’s take a trip back in time to see how April rock ‘n’ rolled:


4/4/14: First rock night of the month – we were off to The Opera House in Roseville to see The Tone Monkeys!  It has been months since we’ve seen them and it was time to party with the monkey!  Speaking of which, one of LH’s good friends grabbed one of the monkeys hanging from the bass players mic stand and proceeded to dance the night away with said monkey.  Lots of pictures were taken, so check them out on Facebook!  And speaking of the bass player, I nudged Ritch Shefke into a killer interview out on the balcony!  Don’t miss it on the Interview section of LH – 4/30/14! The Drum Off video I got of Steve Cain rocks, as well!  The Tone Monkeys have a super fun and diverse set list.  Songs range from Disco, to a young Michael Jackson era, to the 80’s and 90’s rock that everyone expects and enjoys!  It’s always a party when this awesome band gigs!



4/5/14:  Skid Roses is back!!  Back to Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin, that is!  December is the last time we’ve seen this awesome band, so a good dose of The Skids was just what the doc ordered!  Apparently, lots of live music fans felt the same, as the place was packed!  There were a few birthdays and lots of fans who wore the garb of the 80’s, while the band cranked out some of the best rock in town!  It was great to see the new bass player, Rikki Staxx, again, and see him settling down into his new role.  Rikki was enjoying the night and the attention from the crowd!  And spoiler alert…Skid Roses is playing at Swabbies with Riff Raff on 5/10/14!  Come out and rock with LH!


4/11/14: A good friend told us that Long Time: A Trip To Boston was playing at The Opera House Saloon in Roseville!  We had originally been scheduled to check them out right after Sammy’s Rockin Island Bar & Grill closed, so we had to jump at this chance!  We arrived a bit early and decided to walk over to check out The Trocadero, since we will be partying there next week with Legal Addiction.  We found a 5-piece band called Fire & Wheels performing, so we stayed for a couple of songs.  You can see one of them under the Random Riffs section to be posted in June.  They had a good, solid sound and the fans were definitely enjoying the band and the evening!


It was time to head over to The Opera House, so off we went.  I met all 7 members of Long Time and had some great banter with them.  I knew guitarist Jesse Costa, so he helped with introductions.  When the band started to rock, we noticed immediately how polished and tight they were.  They played cover songs along with the Boston favorites.  Their lead vocalist, Rich Fields, did a phenomenal job of producing those smooth, sexy vocals that Boston’s Brad Delp made famous!  The crowd of fans continued throughout the night to comment on how tight this band was.  If you closed your eyes, you’d swear you were at a Boston concert!  As you can probably guess, it was a no-brainer to ask them to join LH!  The lead of the band, Tim Boore, gave an immediate YES!!  Another awesome night for the memory book!


4/12/14:  Everyone knows it’s always a party when 8 Track Massacre is around, and when they were scheduled to park at Corner Pocket in Citrus Heights, we scheduled LH to park there for the evening, as well!  Let the party begin!  We met some new LH friends (hi Sue, hi Unni!) who are huge live music fans; and we ran into some regulars (hi Chris, hi Sue, hi Suzanne, hi Steve)!  The band encouraged all the fans to let loose and have some fun with their awesome flash-from-the-past rock tunes!  To follow suit, we all gave the dance floor a good workout!




4/18/14: Legal Addiction was scheduled at The Trocadero in Roseville tonight.  This is such a versatile band with the addition of the sax and flute, thanks to Nina Shaull!  Since we had not officially partied at “The Troc” it was a fun combo to attend!  The Troc has live music from 6-9, then changes to a DJ atmosphere for late night fun.  This allows us “live music fans” to easily do double rock!  I’m certain we will be fitting The Troc into our schedule more often!  We had a great time with the band and danced with some new live music fans!  The early evening had a good feel to it – thanks to Legal Addiction!


We parked in the large parking lot across from The Opera House Saloon in Roseville and noticed The Cheeseballs were playing there tonight, and on the way back from The Trocadero we stopped in for a few songs to get the feel of what The Cheeseballs offer!  We found the band very polished in their musical abilities, choreographed moves and tune selections.  They had the crowd out on the floor and in a good mood!  I was lucky to catch a quick chat with, who I call, “The Big Cheese,” Eric Cotton, before they performed and he gave me a run-down of what The Cheeseballs is all about.  Since 80’s rock is a small part of what The Cheeseballs do, (mostly 90’s and 2000’s songs) we decided to pass on inviting them to join LH.


We finally made it to Thunder Valley in Lincoln to party with Apple Z, our original plan of double rock for the evening!  When we walked up, the Apple Z team gave us a look of disbelief!  I assume we surprised them with our visit!  We proceeded to gather fans to the dance floor and assured everyone a good time!  Apple Z pulled some interesting and fun tunes out of their bag of goodies including a very cool Conga line song, to which some live music fans instantly responded and I captured on tape!  You can see this cool video on 5/14/14 under Fan Files!  The team told me they will be releasing their original album in a few weeks – how exciting is THAT!!!


4/19/14: We’ve been anticipating this combo for some time now – Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin and Riff Raff!  It was Easter eve and the diehard AC/DC fans showed up, and man can they party!  The band was having a blast and seemed so at ease with their performance entertaining the diehards.  By the last ½ hour they had all the “shy-sters” up on the floor rockin’ it.  I couldn’t help but grab the camera and do some roving work with Dave Chapman, as well as various angles of the band on stage.  You’ll see these postings soon in May!  We got a good workout, and a good one for the memory book!


4/21/14:  My good friend and lead vocalist of Rockin’ Down The Hiway, Tommy King, invited me to Audio West Recording Studio in West Sacramento to watch and participate in the recording of a demo tape they will use on their website!   How could I possibly say no to that!  Tommy wanted me to videotape the finished product so the audio could be overlaid with the video.  It was such an honor to meet Ed Etzel, owner of Audio West, and chat with him throughout the evening.  I learned some amazing facts about Ed and he told me some very cool stories!  He has recorded some of the best, including The Eagles, Alice Cooper, locally Stan Atkinson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mick Martin!  I will be going back to watch Ed splice the audio to the video and plan on interviewing Ed at that time so you can learn all about this amazing man!  The band did an amazing job – with a very professional get-the-job-done atmosphere while recording.  When not recording, we all had a great time joking around, and Tommy even bought us hamburgers!  This was hands down one of the highlights of my LH career!  WOW!!!


4/25/14:  If you remember in last month’s Newsletter I explained why I owed Apple Z one.  Well, tonight is my makeup time with them!  And twist my arm, it takes place at The Opera House Saloon in Roseville!  Great combo for anyone who loves 80’s rock!  The band was so much fun and really had the fans out rockin’ and enjoying every song!  Percussionist, Bradley Jon Sanders, said I could come up on stage and do whatever I needed to do to get a Drum Off video, which I did – and it will post on 5/21/14!  Stellar evening!



4/26/14:  One evening at The Opera House Saloon I met the owners of Referee’s Sports Bar & Grill in Citrus Heights, Ken and Nickole.  They are the sweetest folks, and I promised them I would check out Referee’s soon.  Tonight just so happened to be that night when Four Barrel was scheduled!  Ken showed me his band schedule, and it was great to see so many of LH’s bands on his list!  This man knows talent!!  Four Barrel impressed the heck out of the patrons, as well as Ken and Nickole!  Everyone had so much fun dancing past midnight!



4/27/14:  Can’t say I ever get enough of the Four Barrel and Laugh’s Unlimited in Old Sacramento combo!  This time they started an hour early because Skip Cappawana, owner of Laugh’s, had a special fundraiser event immediately following the Four Barrel fun, to help retired police dogs!  Four Barrel donated their shirts to the event with all proceeds going to the pups.  There were so many folks walking around in Four Barrel shirts I thought I was at a convention!  It was great fun!


We decided to stay at Laugh’s for a set, since we had just seen the band 12 hours earlier, then jet off to Swabbies On The River to party with The Mach 5!  When we arrived, we found the crowd diggin’ the live music, but in a rather lazy mood.  We quickly changed that around and got ‘em up and out on the dance floor!  The Mach 5 was having a good time entertaining everyone and did a stellar job.  Swabbies always brings out the best in the bands!  I got a great Tickles video of Doug Richwine “mocking” a celebrity security type situation, so don’t miss it when it airs on 5/28/14!




That brings to close the month of April.  May starts the festivals, and lots of outdoor music fun!  Make plans now to free up your weekend calendar and join us in supporting our local musicians!

Till then, ROCK ON!  \m/