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We are pleased to announce we added three more awesome bands to our group!  Please check out their videos and events when posted, go to their gigs and help make them feel welcome!

50TH band – Playback

51st band – Rogue

We lost Endangered Souls – they broke up

51st band – Joe Friday the Band

Housekeeping news: 

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Now that housekeeping is taken care of – take a trip back in time with us to see all the amazing fun we had in August:


8/2/13:  Double Swabbies weekend!  Rumor had it that a Bob Seger tribute band called Night Moves was rockin’ out Swabbies On The River, which is one of our favorite places to hangout, so count us in!  We had forgotten how many hits Bob Seger had, and it was a fun night of swinging and swaying down memory lane!  I got two great Random Riff videos of the fun!  If you’re a Bob Seger fan, check out this band to hear all his hits!



8/3/13:  To complete the double rock weekend at Swabbies we found ourselves back again, this time with Playback!  LH has seen Playback in Woodland a few months ago but wanted to soak up the fun, and hear Playback – play back the hits!  I’ll have to say, a fun time was had by all!  And I asked Playback to join LH, which they were happy to oblige!  That makes my 50th band!  A big day for LH!



After Playback, it was The Mach 5’s turn on stage.  They must have been loving the crowd’s enthusiasm because they knocked it out of the park!  You could see the band having a blast entertaining the fans with their rockin’ hits!  The Mach 5 always delivers a super fun time, and today was no exception!



Today turned into triple rock as the decision was made to head to Woodland to check out Kenny’s Bar & Grill and surprise Four Barrel as they did not know we were coming.  The place was packed as Kenny’s daughter was having her 21st birthday party!  We found Kenny’s to have an energetic, comfortable atmosphere with good acoustics and fun, friendly folks!  Four Barrel was rockin’ like they would at a private party, as most every patron knew them!  We look forward to partying with Four Barrel again at Kenny’s!



8/9/13: A Friday evening at Swabbies just sounded right, and with Metal Shop as the main attraction, we figured it was a win-win – and we were right!  The weather was perfect, the crowd was fun, and the band was a rockin’!  I got a great interview with lead guitarist, Ziggy Chipotle.  He is one awesome person, who also teaches guitar to folks of all ages!  Ziggy was having a birthday soon, so I presented him with a fun birthday card.  By the second set, we had the dance floor packed with Metal Shop enthusiasts.  Everyone was all smiles, rocker hands, and shaking out their grooves – including some very cool pre-teen rockers.  Proving once again, you don’t have to be from the 80’s to love the music!




Since the Swabbies party was going so well, we decided to head to Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale to see how Four Barrel was rockin’.  We arrived to a packed parking lot and Four Barrel on break.  The band was surprised to see us (it’s always fun to surprise bands), and we found our good friend Teri Alison and her friends enjoying the ambience!   It was great to see Teri, and she introduced me to a Sock Monkey band member, Johnny.  You will hear more about the Sock Monkeys on LH in the future.  I had never seen Jan’s so full of party goers!  So many friends to greet and dance with!  I swapped stories with all the band members and got some great videos of the rockin’ fun!  We stayed awhile after the show for the “after-show.”  That’s when Four Barrel tears down the equipment and tells jokes and funny stories to each other.  It’s an added layer of fun that makes for a late night – but oh so worth it!



8/10/13:  Corner Pocket was hosting Riff Raff, and some AC/DC fun sounded perfect!  We got a table up front with Dave Chapman’s wife, Vanessa.  It was so fun to chat and joke with her all evening!  Dave, Mike, Kevin, Devin and Tony all centered at the table before the show and on breaks.  I’ll have to say, they are one fun group!  I got an excellent interview with Devin Lorenger in front of the ‘no loitering’ sign, and even Ziggy Chipotle stopped by for about 4 songs on his way back to the Bay area!  Riff Raff played some songs we had not heard from them before, and “Angus” was at it again with his usual crazy shenanigans.   It was great party!



8/15/13: My good friend Matt Lipford’s band, Radio Heavy, was playing on a Thursday night at Swabbies, so we all voted ‘Aye Mate’ to go!  This is the first time I had been to Swabbies during the week, but I’ll have to say there was quite a showing of fans, and we had a blast!  I cornered Matt for a fun interview, got a super Drum Off video of him, and a great blooper when his floor Tom fell over!  I met the guitar player for Maiden America, a band I plan on visiting with in the near future!  All good stuff!



8/16/13:  Remember my favorite saying ‘when Left Of Centre comes to town, that’s where you’ll find us’?  Well, it happened at Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin!  I had a large table of friends excited to see them, and it paid off!  The band was spot on, as usual, and they filled the night with great rock songs, country hits, and song requests!  They are a very tight band with lots of awards behind them, so make plans to go see them next time they are around!



8/17/13: Big day!  My close GF was having her 50th birthday bash at Swabbies and Rogue happened to be performing!  We had seen Rogue a couple of years back and remembered them to be fabulous!  It seems memory served correct, because they did ROCK!  I asked lead of the band / lead vocalist Randy Scoles if he would like Rogue to be part of LH and he was all for it!  So Rogue is now the 51st band to join Lynns Hangouts!  Look for the Drum Off video I took of Bobby Contreras.  He is one precise drummer!  The party was off the hook and we all had so much fun!  We met some new friends, and ran into lots of musicians we knew including Kevin Drummer of Riff Raff!  This is one for the history books!




As if that was not enough, after the Rogue party we took off for Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin to finish out the night with 8 Track Massacre!  A promise was made a few months back to support them on this date… and a couple of songs in, we were very glad we did!  They rocked their songs, which consist of songs that you don’t normally hear from other 80’s cover bands like ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ and ‘Freeze Frame’!  The crowd was super friendly and diggin’ the bonding experience with each other and the band.  I got a fantastic interview with John Reed, who is somewhat of a celebrity in his own right!  All in all, it was a rockin’ good weekend!



8/23/13:  The name Joe Friday has drifted in and out of memory over the past couple of years, and when the opportunity arose to see the band at Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin, it was off to Strikes we went!  We found the band to be very polished with their songs, which were about 50% AC/DC!  In fact, their logo uses the AC/DC font!  The team has so much versatility!  They have two lead guitarists, which gives the band the ability to pull off some fun dueling and harmonizing guitar work on songs like Sweet Emotion.  The drummer sings lead vocals on many songs, and the lead vocalist plays guitar as well as bass!  I was so impressed I asked them to join LH and their answer was….YES!!



8/24/13:  Private party night!  Great chance to get dressed up and go celebrate my close friend’s 60th birthday!  Four Barrel provided the entertainment, and entertain they did!  The whole night was off the hook!  I got a killer Random Riff video of the fun during ‘La Grange’ where lead guitarist Phillip Lovejoy knocked it out of the park with his antics.  So much so I dubbed him the King of Rock – at least for that night!  Check out the video, posted 9/4/13, and see for yourself!



8/29/13:  We had a great opportunity to check out Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill in Folsom on a Thursday night with Skid Roses!  Now this is one cool venue.  The sound system was stellar, and the Skid’s came across it like big time rock N’ rollers!  Might I mention the Skids were knocking it out of the park with their performance, too!  The entire Riff Raff ensemble was there to support.  I got a killer video for the Random Riff file of two Riff Raff members stepping up to the task of playing with two Skids’ members to Back In Black!  Trying to figure out a name for it – Skid Raff, Riff Roses….thoughts?




8/30/13:  Auto Replay was playing at Thunder Valley and it’s been awhile since we’ve seen both!  We ended up grabbing some chow before the show as added energy needed for rockin’ out with Auto Replay!  They had a huge crowd of rock fans on their feet enjoying the beat!  I took a cool Fan File video, soon to post, of a new friend who won a bet by jumping up on stage and dancing!  With the bands permission, of course!  She really did well!  Such a fun night!



8/31/13:  Oh boy – Triple Rock – who’s up for it?  First of to see PUSH at The Fountains in Roseville.  I finally captured an interview with Mike Wildermuth – I had been trying for months!  This venue is more of a concert-style venue, as they don’t really allow dancing.  But PUSH had the crowd’s constant attention!  And we got to see Rhonda play the Sax for a couple of songs!  They lost power during one song, and I got it on video.  Mike and I decided to use it as informational to show how power issues can affect performance.  Some of the audience did not realize it was out of the band’s control.



Next up for Triple Rock was Unlicensed Therapy at Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale.  We arrived a tad bit late but still in time to catch some good rockin’!  Teri was dressed cute as ever, Fred was actually playing guitar through a synthesizer, and I got a great interview with bassist John Butterfield!  I made a special request to tape ‘Paris’ and UT stepped up to the plate and delivered!  Check it out on LH!



Last stop for Triple Rock was ACA/DACA at The Couch in Citrus Heights!  ACA/DACA is a very powerful AC/DC tribute band – Bon Scott era.  They rocked the house – and there were some very devote AC/DC fans enjoying the tunes!  There was a slight delay due to another power issue with an amp, and my camera did not seem to act right.  So much so that Johnny Mena and myself decided not to post a video on LH.  I was disappointed, but it was the right thing to do.  Proving once again, anything can happen at a live music event!


Well, that’s enough rock for one month, don’t you think?  Come out and join us in September, we expect to have another rockin’ great month, with a few surprises planned at some strategic venues!  Till then, ROCK OUT!  \m/