Greetings, Rocker fans!  And welcome to Lynns Hangouts’ newsletter!  Thank you all for signing up so you can get a jump on exciting news!


Housekeeping Items: 


LH migrated to a faster new server on 6/15/14!  This was a huge accomplishment for us simply because there has been so much traffic to the site it was slowing things down!  Great problem to have!  You should now see faster page loading and easier maneuvering around the website!


We also upgraded the video camera and microphone in August used to capture all the wonderful videos you see on LH.  There were some trials involved with dialing in the settings, but we finally achieved success!


Sammy’s Island Bar & Grill is set to reopen in Downtown Roseville on September 16th.  Word on the street is they will have bands, but still uncertain who/what/when.  A big party is planned on September 13th with a Sammy Hagar and Montrose concert at the park across the street from the restaurant.  Tickets are 2) for $75, plus fees.


Cherry Bomb, our John Mellencamp Tribute band, is coming back on line!  No news yet on their first gig, but we are anxiously awaiting to hear from them!  Stay tuned…more to follow!


There’s a new sponsor coming soon to LH – Referee’s Sports Bar & Grill in Citrus Heights!  Please come check out this very fun and personable sports venue!  And while you’re there checking out the multitude of TV’s airing various sporting events, say hi to the owners – Ken and Nickole!


I am excited to report our August website stats are right on track!  As of the end of August we saw a cumulative total of 24,000 visitors and almost 242,000 page views!  Our growth is tracking our 2014 goals!  Keep visiting LH often for more fun, and be part of these awesome stats!


If you want to come party with us, check the Twitter feed on LH for details of where we will be hanging out and come join us!  We’d love to see you out supporting live music and will grab a dance with you!


Check out our ‘Categories’ feature on the right-hand side of the website so you can see all the fun videos posted from the beginning of LH!


I also want to thank everyone who has made a donation to LH!  Your contribution is greatly appreciated and gives encouragement to keep up the fast pace!  The local live music scene here in the Sacramento area is constantly evolving, and we strive to keep you updated on the local talent!  Your donation helps make this possible.  Thank you again for supporting LH as we support this awesome group of talented folks!


Let’s take a trip back in August to see what happened in the live music world:


8/1/14:  We started the month out right with a Birthday bash at Referee’s Sports Bar & Grill in Citrus Heights with Unlicensed Therapy!  In fact, three good friends of the band had birthdays! There was cake; glo sticks/bracelets/rings; black lights; fun, fun, fun!  Keyboardist Fred Gardner could not make the gig, so Red Radio’s lead guitarist, Roberto Reyes, sat in for the evening!  The extra guitar produced a full-bodied sound for the team, but of course without keys there were songs that did not make the set list.  Lead vocalist Teri Alison looked so beautiful in her dress, and she did her usual best at entertaining the masses!  It was a hot night in more ways than one – rumor has it Roseville topped 112!






8/2/14:  It has been such a long time since we danced at The Couch in Citrus Heights… and saw The Mach 5, for that matter.  Even though the heat in the valley continued today, we put our best foot forward and headed for The Couch.  If you have never been, the dance floor is surrounded by comfy couches to sit on!  Pretty cool idea!  It was so great to see the team again and catch up.  The fans and energy really picked up later evening (no doubt the heat kept folks home earlier) and we had the dance floor busy right up until the early morning last song!  The Mach 5 always delivers a polished performance and tonight was no exception.  Dennis Setzer (Endangered Souls) was spotted enjoying the band, as well as Unlicensed Therapy’s vocalist, Teri Alison!  It was great to see Dennis again – it had been a very long time.  He mentioned there are things in the works to start his band up again!  Dennis has a very similar voice to The Mach 5’s lead vocalist, Doug Richwine.  In fact, he stood behind me singing during a Journey song, and I got to enjoy the “stereo moment!”  What would a live music event be without a birthday celebration, and tonight it was for Ashley, who turned 21!  Her Dad was so proud, even announcing the festivities over the mic and downing a shot with Ashley!  I’m filing this evening under the “Good Times” section of the memory book!






8/15/14:  Superlicious is always a party wherever they play, and tonight a sure bet for a great time was set at The Opera House Saloon in Roseville!  So many LH friends were there – too numerous to mention, but a few name drops are Jeff (X’s 2), Lori, Shelly, Ginny, Keri, Delmar, Linda, Denise, Janice, Robert, Michael, Tracy, etc.  Thank you all for coming out and letting loose of the reins for a bit!  The band was incredible with their ease of delivery of all the great pop, rock and disco songs of the past!  The dance floor was packed most of the night as fans could not get enough of this super-delicious band!  I got a great Drum Off of Tommy Vinci, who really can do no wrong behind the kit with sticks in his hands!  He was kind enough to give me a solo at the end of the Drum Off for your enjoyment!  What a pro!  That video will air 9/17/14.  Superlicious is known for bringing Superlicious-dancers up on stage to do their “thang,” and I had the camera rolling for all the fun!  See that video under Fan Files on 9/3/14.  On the way out, I had a great talk with the owner, Rebecca.  She is one smart and kind business woman!  Great, great evening!






8/16/14:  This party was set about 6 months ago when Metal Shop, a San Francisco based band, made arrangements to play at Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin on the same weekend my good friend, Shelley, had her birthday!  And even more fun…lead guitarist, Ziggy Chipotle, also had a birthday the same weekend!  The party was set, the players arrived, the fun began and didn’t stop until 1:30 in the morning! What an incredible time we had!  We are very fond of this band, as lead vocalist and guitarist Patrick Joseph Maloney and Dan Petruzzella are good friends of ours, so it was great to catch up. We discovered Dan has joined another band called Foreverland, a Michael Jackson Tribute, which keeps him extremely busy.  So much so that it doesn’t allow Metal Shop much time to gig.  And Patrick always stays busy with his acting, writing music and producing music videos; and percussionist Rick Munoz is in another very busy band.  Because of this we are even more honored that they kept this weekend open to come to Sacramento to share their great energy!  We ended up chatting a bit after the music stopped, hence the late hour.  Happy, exhausted…two perfectly descriptive words for the night!






8/22/14:  Pop Fiction was scheduled at the El Dorado Hills Community Center in El Dorado Hills.  While they draw a huge crowd, we decided to offer support, regardless!  Upon arrival, lead of the band, Dan Meblin, recognized me and gave me a hug!  I had not seen Dan for over a year, and it was so nice to be remembered like that!  The gig was early, 7-9 PM, and most of it was spent in daylight so the kiddies could jump around and join in the fun up front by the band!  Everyone had such a great time – smiling faces everywhere – so cool!  The fans formed a conga line that turned into a great Fan File to be seen on LH 9/10/14, and I got a super Random Riff of the band interacting with the crowd after dark.  Some of my work peeps showed up to enjoy the atmosphere, which nicely rounded out the evening!






8/23/14:  The awesome Rebel Yell band doesn’t make it up our way often enough.  Tonight they were at Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin, so it was a no-brainer to join in the festivities!  The fan base built to a full house within an hour of the first song, and we had some great folks kickin’ it out on the floor with us!  I was excited about my interview with lead vocalist, Miro Berglund, and received a wealth of information from him!  Lead guitarist Frank Hohl was having a great evening showing us how comfortable he is behind his guitar!  Frank has moves I’ve never seen before – you can see some of them on a Random Riff video of Frank to air in the future.  That video will give you an idea of what he did at the end of their last song.  I really thought he was going to break his guitar in half!  Afterwards, he told me he bought that particular guitar dirt cheap with intent of destroy-for-effect!  We got the effect and were enthralled by it all!  Sonya Distel recently had hand surgery, which was dressed in the finest of Ace Bandages!  She did a good job protecting it throughout the evening.  We saw lots of fans not seen in a while – great, great evening all the way around!






8/27/14:  Phillip Lovejoy of 2 Barrels Shy fame sent us a personal invite to join them at Swabbies On The River this fine evening!  It was an early-out Wednesday gig, so we thought, “Why not!”  Swabbies was entertaining the Natomas Chamber Of Commerce with some great food, relaxed atmosphere, and of course, awesome music!  Phillip and Kally did a great job, as usual, and it was pretty cool to meet some Natomas business owners and exchange business cards!  It was a nice midweek change of pace!






8/28/14:  Today presented two new tries for us – Super Huey and the El Dorado Hills Main Street venue!  We fell in love with both!  Some of the Super Huey team members were also in the Mother Mayhem band, so we knew of their abilities.  We got to meet the rest of the team before they began and found everyone to be so friendly!  They totally rocked the Huey Lewis songs!  Lead vocalist Roy Merlino’s voice bares an uncanny resemblance to Huey Lewis!  The outdoor venue was packed, and I’ve heard it’s like this everywhere Super Huey goes!  The Main Street area was hopping with vendors, fans, kids and dogs, and there is a peaceful small lake in the background to enjoy!  It was a great place to hangout and we are looking forward to returning!






8/29/14:  The good folks at Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale are always fun to party with.  When you add a band like A-Train to that mix, you know the “fun-guarantee” kicks in!  And fun it was!  Lots of LH peeps showed up for the party, and we danced our you-know-what’s off!  A-Train tried out some new songs and performed them like they had been doing them for years!  What a professional team! I got a great interview with Chandra Laccoarce!  She is an awesome lady with much to share!  Another super great evening to share with you!





August seemed to pass in a breath – so quick.  September looks to be a busy month with a few more outdoor music venues and fairs!  Please continue to make plans to free up some time and join us in supporting our local musicians!


Till then, ROCK ON!  \m/