Greetings to our Rocker fans! And welcome to our first Lynns Hangouts newsletter! Thank you all for signing up so you can get a jump on exciting news!

First item on the agenda – I would like to recap our first month. Lynns Hangouts rocked hard in December! Here is our schedule and some highlights of each night:

12/1/12: Launch day!! Unfortunately, the weather was so bad it forced Lynns Hangouts to cancel the launch party and….stay home. Wow, now that takes a storm!

12/7/12: We were on a mission this night. We went to Jan’s Lounge to see Four Barrel. We presented the band with cute buttons of a brown squirrel playing a guitar – this was in honor of their rendition of the song Brown Eyed Girl, whereas they at least once during the song change the words to “brown eyed squirrel.” We had some extra buttons to pass out to the rocker fans and we all wore the buttons while they played the song. It was so much fun!! Be looking for more such fun as we catch little things like this from different bands.

12/8/12: Party time at Sammy’s Rockin Island Bar & Grill in Roseville with the amazing band Mother Mayhem! These guys really have it together. I got a rockin’ interview with lead vocalist, Roy. He gave us some pretty cool insights into the band members and his musical background and talent. Very fun time!

At their break, we headed over to Thunder Valley to check out Take 2. Lynns Hangouts had not seen them yet, but we do follow them on the website. We walked in and thought there just weren’t enough folks out dancing, so we proceeded to pull the audience in and everyone ended up having a rockin’ good time! Take 2 is a fun dance band worth seeing, so check ‘em out next time they are in town!

12/14/12: Since we love the venue at Beermann’s in Lincoln and Four Barrel just happened to be playing there, we decided to slip into our comfort zone and go! We had a super great time, and picked up two fan interviews – Adele and Jerry!

12/15/12: Too pooped to pop – Lynns Hangouts took a break.

12/21/12: We had the greatest fun with The Mach 5 band at Beermann’s in Lincoln! Now these guys can play some music! Not to mention the fun they have on stage. I was fortunate to get two really cool interviews with rhythm guitarist and band owner, Brian; as well as with Dave, lead guitarist. These interviews are soon to be posted on the website, so check them out!

12/22/12: Lynns Hangouts tried a new venue – Elk Grove Sports Bar & Grill to see Four Barrel. The venue was cozy and we had a great time dancing all night. The floor was hardwood, so we took off our shoes and wore out our socks!

12/28/12: We hung out at Jan’s Lounge to party with PUSH! This was our second time with PUSH and I swear they are just that much better! We had a BLAST!! I even got a super cool interview with lead vocalist, Rhonda! It was great to see the band members again!

12/29/12: We went to the El Dorado Saloon for the first time, to see Superlicious – for the first time! They were a lot of fun – very energetic – the crowd loved them. Lynns Hangouts is now following Superlicious, and that makes our 31st band!

Then we headed farther up the hill to Slingshots to totally rock out to Riff Raff! We had an amazing time! Mike Barnes, lead vocalist of Riff Raff, brought Lynn up on stage to talk briefly about Lynns Hangouts – WOW!! But the best part was after the show when the percussionist came over and gave Lynn his drumsticks! What an honor that was!! Totally made the night! A big shout out and thank you to Kevin!!!

12/31/12: New Year’s Eve you could find Lynns Hangouts at Laugh’s Unlimited for a comedy show, then Four Barrel band. The comedy show was fun – hadn’t seen one in a long time, but it was hard to sit still knowing we were about to rock out! Four Barrel was awesome, as always – and the lead guitarist, Phillip, led the countdown to midnight. Laugh’s Unlimited provided the champagne, noise makers and hats. It was a blast and a very late night!


So on to the second item on the agenda – Lynns Hangouts future direction. Lynn and her web designer / marketer will be meeting every Saturday throughout the month to discuss our path forward. Important items to be discussed are producing a mobile app, soliciting more advertisers for the site, and discussing packages to be offered to rocker fans. These packages will be a lot of fun for all! We will also be posting some blooper reels towards the bottom of the website. I was able to capture some pretty corny stuff as well as some great goof ups – some made by me! Stay tuned….


And to wrap it up – In January we will be partying with some bands we have not yet visited, so look for new rockin’ videos! We will also continue to take fan videos at all events, so check back often to see who you might know rockin’ out to a great band. I will be asking around for Favorite Fan interviews from rockers, and capturing more Favorite Band interviews. We are looking forward to meeting new friendly faces to rock out with, as well as seeing the awesome friendly fans again who are always at the venues! It’s going to be a GREAT 2013!!!