December 2014


Greetings, Rocker fans!  And welcome to Lynns Hangouts’ newsletter!  Thank you all for signing up so you can get a jump on exciting news!


Band News:


Only one band update this month:  Endangered Souls is back!  Their first gig back was at Corner Pocket in Citrus Heights on 12/27/14!  Welcome back, Team!!


Meeting Minutes: 



We added a new sponsor – Use Dave’s Voice!  Dave is a huge live music fan and can be seen supporting bands around town, but mostly at Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale!  Give Dave a shout out for his support and his cool voice business!

New sponsor coming soon to LH – Referee’s Sports Bar & Grill in Citrus Heights!  Just a few more details to work out, then you will see their sponsorship ad up on LH!  Please come check out this very fun and personable sports venue!  And while you’re there checking out the multitude of TV’s airing various sporting events, say hi to the owners – Ken and Nickole!

I am excited to report our December website stats remain great!  As of the end of December we saw a cumulative total of over 29,600 visitors, 259,000 page views and over 56,000 video views on You Tube – independent of LH!  Keep visiting LH often for more fun, and be part of these awesome stats!

If you want to come party with us, check for the “Join LH” on the Home page gig schedule next to the events we will be hanging out at!  We’d love to see you out supporting live music and we will grab a dance with you!

If you go to a gig you saw on LH, please don’t be shy about telling the band!  I’m sure they would love to meet you as well as learn how you heard of their gig!

LH donations are picking up!  We are so grateful and thankful for every one of you who has made a donation!  Your contribution gives us encouragement and makes it possible to keep up the fast pace checking out the local live music scene here in the Sacramento area.  Thank you for supporting LH as we support this awesome group of talented folks!


Let’s take a trip back in December to see how live music rocked Sacramento:


12/5/14:  It was one of those very rare times where only two of LH bands were gigging tonight, and the Aquanett team had been after us for some time to come party with them, so we decided to make the trek to Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin to do just that!  We had a great time dancing, lots of friends new and old hit the dance floor with us!  The band was interesting as they changed from a 4-piece to a 3-piece and back numerous times.  The 4-piece did the hair metal songs, while the 3-piece stay at a more pop pace, but it did not make a difference to the crowd as they were out on the floor doing what they do best to both styles!  I did a little digging and the 3-piece is called ESP Band.  A very interesting and unexpected concept!






 12/6/14:  Back to Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill in Rockin again, this time with 8 Track Massacre!  It has been months since we have seen them, so this was a treat!  Halftime was having a private party so the band had to start a little late, but the good news is most of the folks stayed for the dancing fun – and I’m here to tell you, these fans were a kick!  One familiar gentleman even put on a Tutu and did a little dance!  That great Tickles video aired on 1/7/15.  8 Track Massacre had a bag full of great 80’s rock songs that kept the floor nicely full all evening!  The crowd had so much fun they even called for an encore, to which the band responded!  Excellent night!






 12/12/14:  It’s always a party at The Opera House Saloon in Roseville, and when The Tone Monkeys do the entertaining it’s extra fun!  We had quite a crowd show up, thanks to the diligent efforts of good friend Shelley McGee!  Shelley brought a Sock Monkey dressed in a Santa suit, and the fans had a great time tossing it around the floor!  And speaking of tossing, the band had some new material to toss at the fans, who responded with some thumbs up, heart-felt dancing!  I cornered percussionist Steve Cain for a groovy interview and found out lots of fun facts about him!  That video aired in January.  And bassist Ritch Shefke brought out his “Ukemando” for a premier song!  Upon further investigation, I found out this is a Ukulele on top and a Mandola on the bottom.  Ritch had it custom made with specs to Jimmy Page’s double neck guitar!  What a treat to see Ritch play his Ukemando – check it out under the Random Riffs From The Attic section!  Busy night with lots of dynamics – we hated to see it go by so quick.






 12/13/14:  Legal Addiction is always so much fun and they were at Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale tonight, so we treated ourselves to a night of fun and frolic!  When we arrived, we found Jan’s to be all decked out for Christmas, and the band did their part with Christmas lights strung around mic stands and the drum kit, not to mention wearing some very festive Christmas apparel!  They also threw in a Christmas song here and there to keep the Holiday thread going.  The crowd was primed for fun and enjoyed the progression the night offered!






12/27/14:  The Mock Ups secured a somewhat last-minute gig at the Country Club Saloon in Loomis this after-Christmas evening, and lead vocalist Miles French made sure I was free to party with the band!  My good friend Shelley was also free, and we ran into some of our other GF’s that also love The Mock Ups when we arrived!  The band had the fans out on the floor in force – most of the time there was hardly room to dance!  We commented on how quickly the night flew by and couldn’t believe it when the band started packing up!  Funny story – Miles wanted me to have one of their T-shirts, but they didn’t have any smalls.  Lead guitarist Jeff Ebbage was in on the conversation and quickly removed his T-shirt and gave it to me saying it was a medium.  (I figured I could shrink it to a pretty good fit.)  So Jeff was walking around with no shirt on and had literally given me the shirt off his back!  However, when I got home I found out the shirt was a large, so I washed it and will give it back to Jeff.  One for the memory books!







That concludes the fun month of December!  Very festive times, yet very fast month!  We are looking forward to what 2015 has to offer!  Rumor has it, there is something special in the wind for June!  Stay tuned…


Till then, ROCK ON!  \m/