LH_Logo_Facebook2February 2013

Greetings to our Rocker fans! And welcome to Lynns Hangouts’ newsletter! Thank you all for signing up so you can get a jump on exciting news and a recap to all the fun!

If you want to join in the fun of the events as they happen, check out Lynnshangouts.com on the right-hand side in red under “From Twitter” to see where Lynn will be hanging out. Then make plans to join us! When you read about the events in the following newsletter, you will be reminded of all the fun YOU had at each event!!
In February Lynns Hangouts welcomed two new bands to the family – Left Of Centre, who is a band out of Reno, NV, but play in the Sacramento area; as well as StoneKold, who approached me to be part of the LH family! Welcome to both awesome bands! That makes 38!

Here are the highlights of February’s fun:

2/1/13: We hadn’t been to Louie’s Cocktail Lounge since before Christmas, so a visit was in order and Four Barrel was on the menu! I’ll have to say, they were in prime form smashing out the tunes one after another. They even surprised us with an awesome rendition of Signs! That’s a song you don’t hear often around town! Lead guitarist Phillip Lovejoy brought his new guitar (which I refer to as the ‘Blue Beast’), and proved he had conquered that beast! The dance floor stayed packed, and we were pooped from all the dancing! I got some great song videos, including one of the ‘Blue Beast’, and a super encore performance encouraged by the fans! Rockin’ great night!





2/2/13: It’s Saturday night and I wanna rock, so it was off to Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin to try out a new band to Lynns Hangouts called Left Of Centre. So glad we did! They are amazing! They are a band out of Reno, NV, and are the house band for Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill in Las Vegas!! They find themselves in the NoCal and Reno area enough for Lynns Hangouts to support them, so I asked if they wanted LH support and they said, “Of course!” We had a blast! They played songs that ranged from Pink Floyd to Sublime to Neil Diamond to Bob Marley to AC/DC! I got some great song videos, awesome Drum Off videos of Daren McCabe, and a really cool “fun” video that I posted under Bloopers of two band members playing with drumsticks during a song. Very cool evening – super great band, super great fun!





2/8/13: There were so many choices of where to spend our time partying this night, and the best choice was to try a new venue to Lynns Hangouts – Dillian’s Bar & Grill in Lincoln. Four Barrel was playing, so we knew the entertainment was going to be stellar! Dillian’s was great! What a fun crowd that showed up! The dance floor was packed – we even spotted the owner of Beermann’s hanging out for a bit! The food looked and smelled amazing, and we had a friendly barkeep that made sure everyone at our table had consistently full drinks! Some of my work peeps stop by and they soaked up the hospitality. This is a place we will enjoy coming back to!


But what REALLY made Lynn’s night?? Phillip Lovejoy, lead guitarist, walked up – strapped his guitar on me and told me I was going to strum Highway To Hell! Phillip did the left-hand fingering, and did an excellent job of covering up my goofs! People were even out dancing while I was “helping out” with the guitar! This was such a highlight – totally amazing!! Thank you, Phillip!!! You are an amazing guitar teacher!! It’s going to be hard to top nights like this!!



2/9/13: It’s been months since we’ve seen Pop Fiction and it looks like their turn in the barrel has arrived! They were playing at Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin so we packed up the car and off we went! Some of our original dance group joined in the fun along with some of our new dance friends – a well-blended family, if I don’t say so myself! I was told Pop broke an attendance and bar receipt record for Halftime on this night!! Wow – how cool is that!!?? I posted a ‘Recent Hangouts’ video from this evening, and I will be posting a very interesting ‘Drum Off’ video for your enjoyment!




2/13/13: Lynns Hangouts made a special appearance at Beermann’s Open Mic event to check out the fun as well as support favorite fan, Bill! It was very cool to see such talented musicians play 4-5 songs each, some original, as well as the fan support that showed for the event! I even saw some rocker friends that I see Friday and Saturday nights there! I got some great videos of Bill playing the keyboard and singing, which I presented to him on a DVD, so he can enjoy seeing the event from a different “vantage point!” It was a very fun night, one I will enjoy doing again soon!





2/15/13: Here comes that opportunity again to try a new venue and a band we had not partied with yet! Lynns Hangouts went to The Almond Tree in Roseville to check out Red Radio’s action! We met the band members – Tracy, Jeff G, Jeff H, and Roberto! The Almond Tree was cozy and packed! Those regulars do like their music! I had some work peeps show up, and every time I looked around I saw them on the dance floor! Red Radio made sure we all had a good time and kept the music flowing! We found three members of Unlicensed Therapy – Teri, Chris, and Scott – there, too, having a great time! Teri had no problem getting out and shakin’ a leg with us!




And to fulfill an earlier promise made to Riff Raff to video them performing under a new lighting and sound package provided by True Line Entertainment, at break we headed off to Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin to do just that! How exciting it was to get a warm reception from the band as soon as we walked in! Lead vocalist Mike Barnes brought me up on stage and gave a brief statement about Lynns Hangouts – way cool, Mike! You ROCK!!!




Then the band commenced to nail down the night with the best performance I have ever seen out of them! They were obviously enjoying the professional lighting and sound package, and really gave their all to entertain the awe-struck crowd! Lynns Hangouts was very proud to be there to experience the action. The video ‘Thunderstruck’ on Lynnshangouts.com was taken at this event, if you’d like to check out the lighting package from True Line Entertainment!





2/17/13: It’s Sunday, the weather was fabulous and Lynns Hangouts was getting cabin fever. So we made a surprise visit to the Dono dal Cielo Vineyard to support Two Barrels Shy, the acoustic spinoff of Four Barrel! Vocalist Kally Pile and guitarist Phillip Lovejoy were both surprised to see us arrive! We have never seen their performance, and I’ll have to say it was worth every minute of it! We sat outdoors (yes sat, no dancing) and soaked up the ambience of the music, weather, visitors and the tasty wine. Did I mention a chef from Newcastle Produce was there making chocolate Ganache? Yummo! Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!





2/22/13: Lynns Hangouts decided to dust off the spare change that’s been accumulating and headed to Thunder Valley to see Adonis DNA. Never made it to the machines because Adonis DNA was smokin’ hot on fire! It was great to see the band again, and chat with the team. I got a great Drum Off video, soon to air, even though percussionist ‘GreggyD’ told me Thunder Valley has a standard smaller kit for the drummers to use. But Gregg, you were awesome!! There are always some fun and interesting characters in the audience, so look for some great Thunder Valley Fan File videos in the near future!





2/23/13: Extra special stop on our agenda to start our Saturday off on the right “step.” We headed to the Galleria Mall with a gal pal from work to see Olivia Ward, The Biggest Loser’s 11th season winner. Now this is one awesome lady! We heard what it was like being on The Ranch with Jillian and Bob, the personal trainers, as well as some insights into how the massive weight loss works at The Ranch. Then we all went on a mile walk around the mall with Olivia, and afterwards there was a meet and greet. I was able to give Olivia an LH business card and briefly explained to her the LH concept and how dancing can really shed those pounds. What an awesome moment for Lynns Hangouts!!




That evening same gal pal went with Lynns Hangouts to Halftime Bar & Grill to see The Mach 5. It was an amazing time! The Mach 5 was super energized, which in turn charged up the crowd! They threw a few new songs to us, and the crowd threw a positive vibe back! Check out one such newbie song , ‘Turning Japanese,’ soon to air in the Recent Hangouts section! It was a fun-filled weekend with some amazing friends, not to mention the talent they all have! You all SO ROCK!!!




2/24/13: To round out the short month we ended on a fun note at Laugh’s Unlimited to see Four Barrel. This is becoming our usual 4th Sunday of the month afternoon Hangout! Lynn found a couple of young ladies who weren’t shy about dancing and having a good time! Come join us – with YOU there, we are guaranteed a great time!!