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54th band:  Cats Barking


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I am excited to report February’s website stats were again healthy!  As of the end of February we saw a cumulative total of over 16,000 visitors and well over 210,000 page views!  Keep visiting LH often for more fun, and be part of these awesome stats!


I also want to take this moment to thank everyone who has made a donation to LH!  Your contribution is greatly appreciated and gives encouragement to keep up the fast pace!  The local live music scene here in the Sacramento area is constantly evolving, and we strive to keep you updated on the local talent!  Thank you again for supporting LH, as we support this awesome group of talented folks!


And now the fun part!  Let’s take a trip back in time to see how February rocked our world:


2/1/14:  One of our favorite bands that covers more of the 60’s to 70’s decades is The Mock Ups.  We found out they were playing a new (to LH) venue called Country Club Saloon in Loomis, so off we went!  We found the place to be cozy and fun!  Great folks, incredible amount of tap beers, great prices on drinks and a cool stage for the bands!  Country Club Saloon has recently become a venue for live music and has some pretty cool plans!  For example, in the summer they will have outdoor music.  The bands will perform on a covered concrete slab, with the fans dancing in the grass! There will be a horseshoe pit to the side.  What a great idea for a relaxed and fun atmosphere!  I can see how this will become one of our favorite places to hangout!  The Mock Ups were having a blast performing for all the live music fans, who responded in like!  Dale Jenkins was sitting in for percussionist Josh Glidden, as he sometimes does.  Dale seemed to respond well to all the videos I took of him!  His Drum Off video aired on 2/12/14.  Check it out, if you haven’t already!




2/7/14:  It was a misty and cool evening, but the itch to dance was just too strong!  We were anxious to see A-Train at Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale and get our groove on, so we didn’t let the rain stop us.  It was an awesome evening!  The whole band dressed in red for the upcoming Valentine’s holiday!  It was great to see lots of live music fans brave the weather and come out to party!  We even saw some local celebrities such as John Butterfield and Teri Alison of Unlicensed Therapy, and Matt Lipford of Radio Heavy!  I dragged percussionist Mitch Mitchell out of the warm surroundings for an outdoor interview, complete with cameo appearance by Adam Paul!  The song selection was stellar as was the performance of said songs, as usual!  What else can we say except rockin’ great time!




2/14/14: We had two things to catch up on because it had been so long…Louie’s Cocktail Lounge in Rancho Cordova and PUSH band!  It had seemed like ages since we had been there and seen them!  I always enjoy my time at Louie’s because the acoustics are so good and the people so friendly.  PUSH was spot on with their performance!  I had not heard them play a majority of their set list; in fact, a lot of the songs I haven’t heard from any cover band!  The songs brought back awesome memories!  I got a great interview with guitarist Scott Nipper, who is a fascinating musician!  A special shout out to April Anderson, who tends to the door, is learning to bartend and keeps Louie’s social media going!  April, you ROCK!!


2/15/14:  Four Barrel sent out the invitations and LH responded!  So it was off to Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale for a night of fun and frolic!  Lots of LH peeps showed up, some for their first Four Barrel experience!  What a blast everyone had!  Four Barrel was giving their all, as was the fans, judging by the sweat…ah, I mean glow on everyone’s faces!  Lead guitarist, Phillip Lovejoy, came out into the crowd more than usual and borrowed many fingers to use as picks!  Awesome time!!



2/21/14:  Busy rock weekend – I’m trying for 5 bands!  First up – Unlicensed Therapy’s first gig at Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin!  This was an exciting night for the band!  To help make this evening a success, LH gave away a door prize of two Kings Tickets, which was heavily promoted on Facebook the preceding week!  The fans were diggin’ the entertainment the band cranked out, and seemed to love the door prize idea!  We had the drawing later in the evening and our own Matt Lipford, percussionist for Radio Heavy, won!  Can’t escape the irony of that!



Halftime ended shortly after midnight, and sensing there was time left at Thunder Valley’s Main Stage, we jetted over to the Valley to finish out the night with Rebel Yell, since they don’t get up to our area often enough!  We had such a blast watching the fans enjoy the music!   Rebel Yell was polished, as usual, and seemed to have as much fun watching the crowd as we did!  Don’t miss the ‘Tickle’ video (posting on 3/12) of vocalist Miro Berglund teasing the fan who carried around a tray of food the whole evening!  It was impressive that this person didn’t spill any food!  What a fun way to start the weekend!


2/22/14:  It’s Saturday night and I wanna rock, and rock we did – another night of double rock.  This time to The Blarney Stone Irish Pub in Orangevale to see Radio Heavy rock the crowd with heavy metal rhythms!  Lead vocalist Veronica Hadsell has the perfect raspy voice for heavy metal!  The whole band is so talented – Zane Miller on bass, and John Goodwin on lead guitar.  They both make it look easy!  Add Matt Lipford behind the kit and you get nothin’ but a good time!  Check out the great Drum Off video of Matt airing 3/12/14!



After Radio Heavy’s metal rock, we moved the party to the Corner Pocket with a new band, Cats Barking!  Soundman Mike Barnes had invited me to check out the band.  Here’s what we found:  This evening was the band’s 2nd performance…ever!  They are a 3-piece group of very talented musicians, they play the heavier metal favorites, and they were filling in for a band that couldn’t make it.  I mention this because I’m sure if there were more notice, this band would have packed the place – they were phenomenal!  I couldn’t help but ask them to the LH family!  They are now our 54th band!  You can check out their videos on LH under Recent Hangouts, a cool Random Riff of guitarist Darryl Zuber posting on 3/12/14, and a Drum Off video of Lance Richard posting on 3/19/14!




 2/23/14:  It’s that time again – fourth Sunday of the month and the band with four in its name…Four Barrel…at Laugh’s Unlimited, old Sacramento!  Always a blast, but this day seemed extra special!  Four Barrel’s performance was top-shelf quality, which seemed to ignite the crowd of live music fans!  You could feel the excitement and energy in the air!  I filmed Zombie while there, a beautifully sad song that Kally does so well!  The owner of Laugh’s, Skip Cappawana, came up and sang the last song with the band, Johnny B Goode; and I got a great ‘Tidbit’ video of lead guitarist Phillip Lovejoy playing guitar with a fan’s beer bottle!  This makes our 5th band this weekend!  Wow!!


2/28/14:  News Flash!  Rogue was back at Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin!  LH and friends could not resist such a transaction!  The evening was a smashing success!  Rogue has polished their new songs and spit shined their regulars!  The crowd was huge and digging the action right up to the end!  I got a chance to speak to the owner of Strikes, as well as the new manager, Linwood, about the direction Strikes is taking.  The plan is to evolve into a first-class nightclub!  I would say they are on their way!  Lots of good things happening to ensure all the fans have a great time while there!



That wraps up the second month of a new year!  Come join us in March for more rockin’ fun!


Till then, ROCK ON!  \m/