January 2013

Greetings to our rocker fans!  A special welcome to all the new fans who signed up for the newsletter since last month!


Live music has an unpredictable air about it, which is what makes it so great.  Anything can happen at any time, ranging from cool to not so cool.  And that goes for the bands, the fans and Lynns Hangouts!!  We saw some cool happenings in January when Lynn was invited to the stage to talk about Lynns Hangouts with Skid Roses at Slingshots, to a spontaneous/impromptu guest vocalist joining Four Barrel for a song!


Some of the not-so-cool happenings were technical difficulties that included speakers falling onto the stage, to fights breaking out.  We have learned to go with the flow while supporting live music, and accept the unpredictable!


Latest news:


1)       We started supporting Unlicensed Therapy band!  Check out their video on ‘Recent Hangouts’ and a Fan File video of lead vocalist, Teri Alison, rockin out at a Set In Stone gig!  This is one fun band!!


2)      We also started supporting Red Radio, ACA/DACA and The Ripoffs, bringing the total number of bands we are supporting to 36!  More to follow in the near future from these three awesome bands as we hang out with them and get interviews and videos for your viewing pleasure!


We warmly welcome all four bands and their members to the Lynns Hangouts’ family!


3)       Lynns Hangouts added two new video features – ‘Bloopers’, and ‘Drum Off’ for all those that love the drum!  California has a large percussion interest, thanks largely in part to the Guitar Center’s yearly Drum Off competition.  Now you can see our local percussion talent up close on Lynns Hangouts as we follow the drummers to fame and fortune!


That said, Lynns Hangouts’ start to the New Year was amazing!  Check out these quick notes to all the fun:


1/4/13:  We went to Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin to see Rock On! Live Band Karaoke.  This was our first time seeing how ‘live karaoke’ works.  You, as a vocalist, get to perform with your very own live band!  What a cool concept!!  It was great to finally meet the members of Rock On! Live Band Karaoke and the fans that follow them!  I got some great videos, so be looking for them in the ‘Recent Hangouts’ section of the website.   If you love to sing or are a fan of karaoke, checking out this band is a must!  They do shows every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, as well as some individual gigs peppered into their schedule.  Maybe YOU will end up a ‘star’ on a Lynns Hangouts’ video!!





1/5/13:  Next on the agenda we went again to Halftime Bar & Grill to see Rock Skool – all I can say is “WOW!!”  Rock Skool really knows how to deliver.  Everyone we talked to could not get over how great this band is.  Their song selection was dynamite!  They played songs we have not heard since…the 80’s!!  Lead guitarist, Terry Lauderdale, gave me one of his picks – how awesome is that!!  Our hope is Halftime Bar & Grill asks them back!  I met all the band members, and lead vocalist, Randy, promised me an interview next time we get together.  Be looking for it!





1/11/13:  We decided to hang out at Jan’s Lounge to see Four Barrel.  I had some friends from work show up, who couldn’t believe how fun local, live music had become!  I coaxed two wonderful fans into interviews, whom we found to be awesome women!  As luck would have it, Steven from the Full Circle band was in the audience and was invited up to sing ‘Born To Be Wild’!  It was a wild time!  I got it all on video for my peeps!!


1/12/13:  Our journey to Slingshots to see Skid Roses started in Folsom where we met to carpool.  While there, Lynns Hangouts stopped by The Folsom Hotel to wish Four Barrel a great gig, then headed over to The Lockdown Brewing Company, an awesome cozy venue with great brews, to chat with one of our favorite band members, Chris Borton.  Look for her interview in the near future!  We made it to Slingshots in time to see the band complete their sound check.  Shortly after that, the fun started and didn’t stop until way after midnight!  We got two awesome interviews with Skid Roses band members, soon to air on Lynns Hangouts!  What a fun weekend!!


1/18/13:  We hadn’t been to Sammy’s Rockin Island Bar & Grill in Roseville for a while, nor had we seen Set In Stone in a while, so when we noticed this combo, it was a no-brainer!!  The night was filled with awesome Set In Stone music!  We made some new friends, including the sister of lead vocalist, Daryl Morales!  Michele is a real sweetheart who loves 80’s music and my website!  I got a killer interview with Daryl and guitarist/vocalist Tony Borges, who gave Lynns Hangouts an in-depth view of just how talented the band members are with some close touches to “fame and fortune!”  And, as luck would have it, we found Unlicensed Therapy’s lead vocalist, Teri, on the dance floor rockin out and “air singing” to her favorite tunes!  Nights like these I will never forget!


1/19/13:  Our first time back to the Folsom Hotel since November and we got to see Riff Raff, my favorite AC/DC tribute band!  The crowd was hopping even before they rolled out the first song.  Riff Raff was spot-on with their performance and a good time was had by all!  Lynns Hangouts got a great Favorite Fan interview with Bill, and recorded the first posted Drum Off video.  Kevin was amazing as he played to both the drums and my camera!





1/25/13:  Beermann’s called, we answered.  LH is a sucker for this amazing venue.  And when they said The Mach 5 was going to be in the house, well…wild horses couldn’t keep us away!  The Mach 5 was so much fun, as usual, and I had a few of my work peeps show up.  It was so fun to introduce them to some of the band members then watch as they rocked the night away!  I got lead vocalist Doug Richwine’s interview, as well as some great Fan File videos – including a birthday song for Darcy, who danced “in the spotlight!”  That will make more sense when you see the video.  Chris Borton (Cherry Bomb and Songbird Trio) was there as a live music fan rockin it down on the dance floor, so I grabbed her for a super Favorite Fan interview!  And…I got two great videos (Brian and Scott) for the ‘Drum Off’ section of Lynnshangouts.com!  But the best part was when lead guitarist, Dave Chapman, came through on his promise and presented me with not one, not two, but three of his original music CD’s!!  What an awesome gift!!  (Next time I see Dave I will ask him to autograph them. J )  Dave, you ROCK!!!  What a great night!




1/26/13:  After discussing schedules with Teri Alison, lead vocalist of Unlicensed Therapy, Lynns Hangouts scheduled the night with this super fun band at Ginger’s Restaurant in Roseville.  So many cool things happened, where do I begin!  I got a great blooper video – cannot describe it, you’ll just have to wait to see it!  I got an amazing Favorite Fan Interview with Harold, the owner of Ginger’s, who is a HUGE fan of live music; and a Favorite Band interview with Teri Alison herself!  I ran into Linda Norris, Top Talent Today, who is ready and willing to help put bands and venues together.  I discovered some band members of Red Radio and The Ripoffs in the crowd partying down, and after a brief chat and a couple of emails later, they are now part of Lynns Hangouts!  And if all this was not enough, Harold let Unlicensed Therapy play an extra ½ hour simply because the fans were having so much fun!  What a successful night!




1/27/13:  To end the January month of fun, we decided to spend time at Laugh’s Unlimited to see Four Barrel.  This is a Sunday afternoon gig that takes place every 4th Sunday of the month.  It was a lot of fun and a great showing of dedicated live music fans!  And what a great surprise it was when lead guitarist, Phillip Lovejoy, presented me with an autographed pick!  It is super cool and will make an excellent addition to my growing collection of band mementos!




After Four Barrel, we headed over to the Legendary Rockers Tribute event.  We arrived in time to catch the second half of Touch’d Too Much, an excellent AC/DC tribute band.  We had a great time rockin out to awesome AC/DC songs!  But then it was down to business for the amazing Journey tribute band, Departure, who is supported by Lynnshangouts.com.  I got some great song videos and a very cool Fan Files video of a couple who really knew how to dance!  Stay tuned to my website as these videos will be posted soon!




Well rockers, that was January – whew!  What a great time we had!  Buckle your seatbelts, February is going to be just as crazy fun!  We will continue to take fan videos at all events, Favorite Fan interviews from rockers, and capturing more Favorite Band interviews.  We always have our eyes open for those silly bloopers and I am working hard to get you some awesome Drum Off videos!  When you see Lynns Hangouts hanging out at a venue, come up and say “Hi!”  We are always happy to welcome new friends!