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Housekeeping Items: 

Happy New Year to all our rocker friends!!  Let’s make 2014 a live music kind of year!


Mother Mayhem’s last gig was on 1/25/14.  They had been together 10 years!  This great band will be missed!


52rd band:  Category 4

53th band:  Legal Addiction


I renamed Bloopers to ‘Tickles, Tidbits and Trivia’.  This covers more of the types of videos I would like to post in the section.


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I am excited to report January’s website stats rocked!  As of the end of January we saw a cumulative total of over 15,000 visitors and almost 205,000 page views!  Keep visiting LH often for more fun, and be part of these awesome stats!


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Let’s take a trip back in time to see how January rock N’ rolled:


1/3/14:  There’s not much time to rest between New Year’s Eve and the first rockin’ night of the year, but sleep is over rated, right?  I had endeavored to check out Category 4 band, who happened to be playing at the always fun Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale!  It was great to meet the band, and to my surprise the bass player turned out to be Mark Ellenburg, of Mr. Soundman!  I had met Mark last year at Pow Wow Days in Orangevale when he was running sound for the bands, including our own Riff Raff!  Category 4 did a great job entertaining the fans and had quite a showing out on the floor for every song!  And speaking of songs, their set list included an all-time favorite of mine, Running On Empty by Jackson Browne!  That is a song you don’t hear much around town!  They had other surprise songs up their sleeve, too.  You’ll have to check out one of their gigs to see for yourself!  Category 4 is now LH’s 53rd band!



1/4/14:  It was back to Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale for a second night of weekend rock, this time with Legal Addiction!  With a name like that, we figured we had to check them out!  Upon arrival, I met Nina Shaull – vocalist, Sax and Flute player of the band.  Nina and I instantly connected and I found her to be an awesome woman!  The rest of the band was just as cool, upon introductions!  We proceeded to rock the night away to some tunes that you normally don’t hear at local gigs because of the Sax and Flute addition, such as Marshall Tucker’s ‘Can’t You See’.  Legal Addiction covers songs from the 50’s to the 90’s and attracted quite a large crowd of folks that knew these earlier songs.  We had a blast pulling people out on the floor, and will frame this evening in the memory book!  Legal Addiction is listed as or 54th band!



1/10/14:  Seems January is shaping up to be ‘Jan’s Lounge month’ and tonight was part of that plan!  This time to party with Red Radio!  I had not seen the band members for quite some time, so when I walked in and found them all at one table it was group hug time!  Catching up before the gig during some quiet time was awesome!  Once the music started it was back to business for us all.  I got a great video that showcases Roberto Reyes’ talents on the guitar, made some new fan friends, and got a very cool interview with bassist Jeff Grenz, which aired in January!  Jeff has some very cool stories to tell, so next time you see him, grab a chance to sit down and chat with him! It was truly an invigorating evening!



1/11/14:  By special invite from Mike Barnes to the Twin Engine Saloon (aka Boardwalk) to see Riff Raff, we figured we could do so and still make most of A-Train’s gig at Corner Pocket!  Double rock – it’s been awhile!  What a party Riff Raff threw!  The place was packed and the ambience mysterious.  You could feel the energy and anticipation in the room.  Riff Raff gave one of their best performances, even with the addition of Curt Young, who was standing in for vacationing Dave Chapman!  Curt told me he was 21, and we thought how unbelievably talented he is for such a young age! Check out the video under Recent Hangouts posted mid-January to see for yourself!




Afterwards, we high-tailed it over to the Corner Pocket, as planned, and partied the rest of the night with A-Train!  Upon arrival, so many fans we have seen at many venues in the past came up and gave us hugs!  The band was spot on, and hit us with some songs we didn’t hear them play at our last visit.  My guess is they have a ton of songs up their sleeve and no two gigs are ever the same set list!  I got a great Drum Off video, as well as a ‘Tickles, Tidbits & Trivia’ video of percussionist Mitch Mitchell goofing off.  It was priceless!   We saw Amanda Lynn of Tragically White getting her party on, and A-Train asked her up on stage to sing a couple of numbers, one of which will air soon under Random Riffs!  We also saw Mike Barnes of Riff Raff, Martin Smith of Departure, Steve Wittig and Suzanne Holtz! We truly were among live music friends!



1/24/14:  Can’t pass up an opportunity to see Unlicensed Therapy at Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale, as vocalist Teri Alison always makes sure a good time is had by all!  And a good time it was!  Guest drummer Jeff Porter sat in for Chris McCown while Chris was away.  Jeff did an awesome job, and appeared to be having a blast!  Lots of LH friends showed up to party down; including Tommy Bridgham, bass player for Sock Monkey, who played a song with the band; and Chandra Laccoarce, and Adam and Julie Paul of A-Train fame!  Teri even brought me up on stage and talked a bit about LH!  What a fun way to end the week and start the weekend!




1/25/14:  The final gig of Mother Mayhem landed at Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale this fun Saturday night.  This is where it all started for them 10 years ago, so they figured it was the best place to end it.  But it was a bittersweet performance.  They knocked the songs out of the park, had everyone out of their seats and totally packed the dance floor!  But it was sad knowing we won’t see this group of musician’s together again.  Awesome night, great music, great friends, great memories!  Farewell Mother Mayhem!



1/26/14:  It was another beautiful, warm Sunday afternoon, and it was the 4th Sunday of the month – you know where that takes us – Laugh’s Unlimited with Four Barrel band!  This gig was actually ‘Three Barrel’ as lead vocalist Kally Pile was back east visiting family.  Three Barrel always takes advantage of this by turning the gig into a jam session.  And jam they did!  I got a number of Random Riff videos of guitarist Phillip Lovejoy pulling in the fans to help play guitar, and owner of Laugh’s Skip Cappawana behind the mic for some rockin’ Stones’ songs!  The place was packed and the fans were diggin’ the day!  Great way to end the weekend!




1/31/14:  We have been longing to get back to the Opera House Saloon in Roseville, and 8 Track Massacre is such an awesome band.  The two of them happened to be married this fine evening, so guess where we spent our time!  The band members made sure everyone had a great time with their spot-on-performance of unique 80’s/early 90’s songs, their friendly demeanor, and the very cool glow-in-the-dark wrist bands for all the fans!  I had a blast handing them out to those who braved the dance floor, which pretty much turned into everyone at one time or another!  Check out the interview I captured with percussionist Patrick Roche.  It’s been a huge hit on Facebook!  Patrick really rocks and has a lot of fans!  I also got a great Random Riffs video of Earl Pavao, who was having a blast doing his part on the guitar!  I have learned anytime you party with 8 Track Massacre, you will have a stellar time!




That wraps up the first month of a new year!  Happy New Year once again, and come join us in February for more rockin’ fun!


Till then, ROCK ON!  \m/