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We are pleased to announce we added one more awesome band to our group!  Please check out their videos and events when posted, go to their gigs and help make them feel welcome!

49th band – The Fabulous Liars

Housekeeping news:  1)  The Twitter /Plugin issue has not been resolved – more to follow as we hear.  We added a new feature called ‘Categories’ on the right-hand side, in place of ‘Twitter’ until it is fixed.  You can click on any category and see all the videos I have posted since the inception of LH!  You no longer need to go to my You Tube Channel to see these previous videos.

2)  LH seemed to explode in July with the amount of unique visitors and page views!  The monthly stats all but doubled.  Keep visiting LH often for more fun, and be part of these awesome stats!

July was super busy for LH with the 4th of July holiday and the State Fair.  I am very proud to say LH supports five bands that played at the State Fair this year – Apple Z, Stone Kold, Set In Stone, The Department Of Rock, and I picked up The Fabulous Liars at The State Fair!  Congratulations to these bands for securing this unique exposure!  Set In Stone also played at Cal Expo for the 4th of July festivities – a very cool gig!

That all said, here’s a taste of the amazing fun we had in July:

7/3/13:  The Unlicensed Therapy team has wanted me to come to one of their practices for the longest of times, so I finally threw my hat in the ring and went!  The evening was full of laughs, friends, pizza and fun new tunes!  Check out an upcoming gig so you can hear their new set list!  All I can say is more fun is coming your way if you do!!



7/4/13:  Four Barrel invited me on a road trip to Galt for their yearly 4th Of July Festival, of which I could not resist!  So off we went for the fun and festivities!  Even though it was burning hot outside, the stage and dance area was in the shade, and Four Barrel played late afternoon right up until the fireworks!  It was so much fun to watch little kids dance and chase bubbles from the bubble machine next to Scott, the drummer.  The fireworks were stellar, as was the whole evening!  The band had a blast pulling folks into the music and playing their hearts out!  There must have been about 1000 folks there!  Great way to start off a busy weekend!




7/5/13: One of LH’s most fun bands is Metal Shop because they “dress and act” the 80’s metal rock part.   They are a Bay Area band and don’t make the Sacramento scene too often, but when they do, I try to get over to see them.  As luck would have it, they landed at Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin, so off we went!  A group of LH’s friends showed to make the party even better!  I got a great interview with lead singer Patrick Joseph Maloney, a great Random Riff of lead guitarist Ziggy Chipotle in a five minute solo, and a funny blooper during a Drum Off taping where Ziggy and Patrick just couldn’t keep away from my camera!  Ziggy gave me some of his personalized picks; and Patrick, Ziggy, my friends and myself sat down after the gig and chatted until 2 AM!  Great night, great friends, great band!  Check ‘em out when they are in town!





7/6/13: I finally had the chance to see Hot For Teacher – The Van Halen Experience – at Sammy’s Rockin’ Island Bar & Grill in Roseville.  Upon arrival, I got a hug from the lead guitarist of Metal Shop, Ziggy Chipotle, who is good friends with the HFT team and there to support them, then a nice hug from HFT guitarist, Terry Lauderdale!  What a perfect way to start the evening!  The music rocked and all the Van Halen fans were in the zone!   The band did three sets and each set had a costume change!  It was a rockin’ good time!  If you like Van Halen and have a chance to see Hot For Teacher, you will be glad you did!




7/12/13:  We had not seen The Mach 5 for some time, so a visit to Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill to party down was in order!  The team (including Mike Barnes of True Line Entertainment) was setting up the stage when we arrived, but weren’t so busy they couldn’t spare some time to hug and chat!  After all the ‘hellos’ were accomplished, we settled on a table and some fun peeps joined us – including Crash, drummer for Skid Roses, and his lovely wife, Peggy!  It was so fun to chat with them and get the scoop on the new songs coming down the Skid Roses’ pipe!  And speaking of new songs, The Mach 5 has quite a lineup of fun, new songs that are not often heard by other cover bands!  Guitarist Brian Machado told me after the gig that he is going to Spain end of year with another band that plays original music – did I mention first class, all-expense paid trip!  Nice work, Brian!!  Add all this to the informative interview I got from bassist Dave Garrity, and you have a recipe for a successful night!





7/13/13:  Swabbies On The River had done well to line up the ‘Party Of The Summer’ with Red Voodoo, Set In Stone and Riff Raff!  I only got to see Red Voodoo’s last song, but look forward to seeing them again for their full lineup!  Next up was Set In Stone, who were so stoked to meet the Riff Raff team!  They rocked their songs, and I got some great ‘Fan Files’ videos, including lead vocalist Daryl Morales’ sister spending some time on stage; and the cutest, youngest rocker around hanging close to Daryl!  It was such a party, even some boaters drifted close to catch a few songs!



Riff Raff was amazing, as usual!  They had a very special guest, bagpipe player Drew Brown, who joined in with the pipes for It’s A Long Way To The Top.  You can view this video under Recent Hangouts.  I also got a very cool interview with Riff Raff’s percussionist, Kevin Drummer – look for it to air in August!  And of course, it wouldn’t be a party without Riff Raff’s lead guitarist Dave Chapman providing some very funny bloopers!  I saw lots of regular rocker peeps and met some new friends!  I even got a chance to chat with the drummer of Judas Priest, Scott Travis, who was hanging out by soundman, Mike Barnes!  It was a long, but extremely fun day!  (I want to give a big shout out to True Line Entertainment, who provided awesome sound, lights, and smoking canon effects!)



7/14/13:  The Fabulous Liars had been after me for over a month to come see them, and today was the day to party with them at the State Fair, camera in hand.  As I walked up to the side of the stage, the team noticed me approaching and yelled out, “Lynns Hangouts!” without even knowing me – it was awesome!  The whole afternoon was just as fun and bonding!  The Fabulous Liars play classic rock, rarely heard.  What a treat it was to hear songs I had not heard in years!  It was so hot that day, but they kept cranking out the fun in rockin’ doses, with 2) one-hour sets!  I am looking forward to seeing them at an evening event where they can play more of their songs!  I made a new friend, James Beeson, owner of BeeSting Productions, LLC; who was taking video for a ‘Rockumentary’ he was producing for the band!  I got a great video of James sneaking around the stage taking footage for the film.  A big shout out to James Beeson!!


7/19/13:  We got the itch for a new venue and had been curious about Brookside Restaurant & Bar in Rancho Cordova for some time, so off we went!  PUSH was playing, and it was good to see our ‘ole friends again!  Lead vocalist Rhonda Landahl had just gotten back from a trip abroad, and she even spoke some French to us, which I captured in a very cute Blooper!  The gig was outdoors and even though it was a bit hot out, we still got lots of folks up dancing!  Case in point, a very good 11 year old dance enthusiast who ended up on a recent Fan File video!  He danced the whole night with us!  When it was time to end, the fans did not want to and chanted for an encore… and PUSH gave us one more song!  It was such a fun evening!



7/20/13:  You can never go wrong when Skid Roses is around, and that they were – at Sammy’s Rockin’ Island Bar & Grill in Roseville!  Talk about an awesome production!  Right down to their stage entrance, the songs, the lighting, the fog… everyone was loving it!  I got a great interview with bass player Ronn Corvette, and a great blooper-joke from lead vocalist Jef Leppard.  The Skids are a very popular hair band in the Sacramento area and live up to the fame and glory!  Their new drummer, Crash von Bonham, did a “smashing” job of pounding out the beat for all to feel!  I couldn’t resist the pun!



7/25/13:  Tonight was Stone Kold’s last night to perform at the California State Fair on the Promenade Stage, so “twist my arm” off we went!  It was so cool to watch them perform in front of so many folks!  I taped the whole concert for my good friend Jerry Tamburino for use on Stone Kold’s website!  After their concert, we hung around and watched ‘Purple Haze, Tribute To Jimi Hendrix’ for a bit.  He pulled out all the stops, including picking with his teeth!  Then we strolled up to the main concert and met some folks having a great time “dancing in the street!”  One young lady in particular, Cheyenne, who is 16 years old, rocked out with us big time!  She told me she was an old soul and loved 80’s music!  Check it out under Fan Files to be posted 8/7/13!




 7/26/13: We had so much fun last time we saw The Mock Ups at Sammy’s Rockin Island Bar & Grill and noticed they were playing there again, so we felt we’d better show up again!  It was even more fun this time!  Jeff Ebbage knocked it out of the park with his awesome guitar licks!  I got another cute birthday blooper and a great interview with lead vocalist Miles French!  I also had a great chat with soundman Eric before the show.  When you party at Sammy’s, you can pretty well bet you will have a great time!  I hope to see all my bands play there!



7/27/13:  A special treat came our way – Haggin Oaks Golf Complex has scheduled bands this summer! And one of our favs, The Mach 5, was playing this warm summer eve!  We had a blast dancing to their rockin’ tunes and watching the golfers on the driving range watch the band!  The Mach 5 rocked for two hours straight!  They were spent, but did a fabulous job!




7/28/13:  Last Sunday of the month, folks, you know what that means!  Indeed – Laugh’s Unlimited with Four Barrel!  The place was packed, the dance floor was packed, the set list rocked, the band jammed, the fans were friendly… I could go on and on!  Some highlights – a friend of mine that saw Four Barrel for the first time said afterwards he thinks they just became his new favorite local band, and Phillip Lovejoy presented me with a very cool white Four Barrel shirt!  Score!!  If you ever want a guaranteed fun time on a Sunday afternoon, join us here.  The house-is-a-rockin!



As if that’s not enough, we are already planning our August strategy!  It’s a full month, so get some rest – you will need it for all the rockin’ fun coming your way!