July 2015

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Band News:

LH Rockfest 2015 videos are still coming in!  Re-live your favorite band’s performance and all the wonderful memories as you watch these videos!


LH is getting a new look!  You heard it here first!  IT and marketing are working to brin
g a modern look to the LH website platform!  We hope to launch the new look in September.  You’ll still see all the great videos of your favorite rock bands, and the calendar will continue to rock!  We hope you’ll enjoy the upgrade – stay tuned!


We were sad to hear the news that lead vocalist Jerry Pompei left Two20 Band.  Their last gig with Jerry was at Swabbies on 7/11/15.  Samantha Spike joined the band as the new lead vocalist, and their first gig together was 7/31/15 at Opera House Saloon in Roseville!  Big welcome to Samantha!


Even sadder news – we received word that Unlicensed Therapy is breaking up.  Their last gig in August will be at the Fair Oaks Park on 8/13/15.  We will hate saying goodbye on that day.  This brings us back to 56 bands.



Meeting Minutes: 

I am happy to report July’s website stats moved up, up, up!  As of the end of July we had a cumulative total of over 39,000 unique visitors to the website; 288,000 page views; and a cumulative total of over 71,300 video views on You Tube!  Another interesting stat – this month 47% of the sessions on LH were new visitors!  Keep visiting LH often for more fun, and be part of these awesome stats!


If you want to come party with us, check for the “Join LH” on the Home page gig schedule next to the events we will be hanging out at!  We’d love to see you out supporting live music and will grab a dance with you!


If you go to a gig you saw promoted on LH, please don’t be shy about telling the band!  I’m sure they would love to meet you as well as learn how you heard of their gig!


We are so grateful and thankful for every one of you who has made a donation to LH!  Your contribution gives us encouragement and makes it possible to keep up the fast pace checking out the local live music scene here in the Sacramento area.  Thank you so much for supporting LH as we support this awesome group of talented folks!



July was a fun, rockin month!  Here’s what we did:


7/3/15:  Not much going on in town this pre-4th of July eve, so we decided to try something new – ‘Press Play’ at the Opera House Saloon in Roseville!  With good friend Teri Alison (Unlicensed Therapy) at the helm, one could not pass up such a combo!  So many fun friends showed to support this newly formed band; in fact, the whole RedRadio band showed up!  We jumped around all night on the dance floor, staying way past 1 AM!  It was great to meet some more musicians, and we could tell they were having a blast on stage just being themselves!  You know we cannot resist a Drum Off, especially of someone we just met, so look for Greg Piaseczny’s rockin’ video in the future!  There was even a special sighting of Don Preston in glossy form on popcicle sticks!  Don is in Alaska and couldn’t join us, but thanks to good friend Heidi Perry who cut out glossy pictures of Don and taped them to popcicle sticks, we all felt Don was right there with us!  Great night for everyone!





7/4/15:  It was the 4th of July and Swabbies On The River always hosts an amazing lineup!  This year was no exception!  First up was Cherry Bomb, a John Mellencamp tribute band.  Lead vocalist Casey Corrigan started the show by bringing out a large American flag to honor those who serve!  We then recited the Pledge of Allegiance as a group – very touching!  Then… on to the music!  Cherry Bomb is a very talented group of musicians that make the Mellencamp tunes jump to life!  The audience was very impressed!





Next up was Four Barrel with their strong skills to delight the fans, young and old!  Two of the four Riff Raff band members (Kevin Seymour and Mike Barnes) joined the team for a long round of La Grange while lead guitarist Phillip Lovejoy made the rounds grabbing fingers for some guitar-playing shenanigans!  We brought the pics-on-sticks of Don Preston and took lots of pictures with folks to post on Facebook so Don can feel the love!  Can’t think of a better way to party down on the 4th than a day like today at Swabbies!




7/10/15:  There was a huge party brewing at Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale with Jet Screamer landing the heavy payload of fun on stage!  So many friends and fans were there – the place was a-buzz!  The band was cranking out the awesome rock-N-roll like there was no tomorrow!  RedRadio’s vocalist, Tracy Butler, helped out with Shook Me, which made for a great Random Riff!  Fun like this doesn’t grow on trees, so next time Jet Screamer lands at your favorite local venue, make plans to go so you won’t miss a party like this one!





7/11/15:  Today is a triple crown of music!  Three great bands, one great venue!  We’re talking about Swabbies On The River hosting Two20, Whoville and Riff Raff!  The party started brewing at 2 PM when fans filed in to grab their favorite seats.  I grabbed a great interview with two of LH’s biggest fans, Linda and Al Chagnon, to get their perspective of how live music helped bring them together and how they are enjoying bands every weekend!  Don’t miss this very touching interview!


Two20 was first up, rockin’ two great sets for the day!  They brought such great energy to the musical day, and a whole lotta fun to the crowd! This was lead vocalist Jerry Pompei’s last performance with the band and he did a fantastic job!  We will miss Jerry, but suspect he will surface again soon!






Next up was Whoville – ‘The Who’ tribute band.  This was our first time seeing Whoville, and to our happy surprise we found Brian Machado (The Mach 5) behind the kit!  It was great to hear some old ‘Who’ songs, and the crowd enjoyed the action as well!





The grand finale was Riff Raff, of course.  What can we say about this ACDC tribute band except AWESOME!!  Always entertaining, fast-moving action, high energy and way past fun!  The dance floor was packed as usual, but we found a nice spot to the side of the stage and enjoyed the action from a different angle!  And rhythm guitarist, Craig Boom, gave me a Riff Raff pick to add to my collection!  Super special day with a ton of friends and fans!  Life is good!





7/18/15: Special treat tonight happening on Vernon Street in Roseville!  Once a month they bring in a band for the town to enjoy.  Tonight’s selection was Unauthorized Rolling Stones!  We thought this a perfect opportunity to check out this band we have heard some good things about.  I met Joey Mitchell, from The Morning Show on 101.5 K-Hits!  Joey was a true delight to chat with – I even got a hug before he went up front to introduce the band!  URS was very entertaining.  Rudy Colombini, who portrays Mick Jagger, had all the moves, body composition and hair style of Mick.  It was really quite fun to watch!






However, we could only stay ½ hour before jetting off, as planned, to the Country Club Saloon to party the rest of the night with The Mock Ups.  We arrived a few minutes before the band started.  By an hour into the gig, the place was full!  The band was in the zone and spot on with their music and entertainment abilities.  The highlight of the evening was when lead guitarist Jeff Ebbage lost himself in a CCR medley.  Some related it to watching music while being on a trip, some said it was hypnotic.  Lead vocalist, Miles French, said in 25 years he has never seen Jeff extend and play the song in that way.  When Jeff was asked about it later, he said he wasn’t sure where some of that came from.  Other worldly, we say.  We were blessed to experience it, and it’s all on video for you to check out on 9/23/15!  A truly memorable evening!





7/21/15: It was a pleasant Tuesday evening for some dancing at the Downtown Tuesday Night on Vernon Street Roseville event with Journey Revisited.  We have never seen this band and found them to be very professional and entertaining.  Lead vocalist Jeff Salado definitely has the trademark Journey vocals to back up the look!  There were a ton of folks there, and so many friends we knew!  A group of young fans sat on the edge of the dance floor watching with focused intent as the band played Faithfully, (one even brought popcorn) which made for a great Fan File video!  Good friend Denise Mason was celebrating a milestone birthday, and it was so fun to wish her well and celebrate with her!  What a great way to spend a mid-week evening!




7/24/15:  Close friend Heidi Perry was celebrating her milestone birthday at Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale with RedRadio at the helm!  Considering this perfect storm of who-what-where, you can imagine what the night brought!  So many fans and friends showed up in force to send Heidi well wishes, it was the second most crowded I’ve seen Jan’s!  Yet it was great to see bartender’s Chad and Jeremy keeping up with the demand and enjoying what they do!  Heidi and Don brought a delicious cake, and someone brought a beach ball, which immediately found its way to the dance floor for some interesting fun!  Heidi looked beautiful in her amazing red dress and high heels – I couldn’t resist capturing a video of how “hot” she looked!  We stayed until the end and chatted with lots of folks that stayed afterwards as well, plopping down into the car at 2 AM!  It was a night we didn’t want to end!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HEIDI!!





7/31/15:  We were off to the Opera House Saloon in Roseville to check out the new lead vocalist, Samantha Spike, of Two20!  We headed upstairs early to meet her and chat with the rest of the band.  Samantha was so excited to play with Two20 and at this beautiful venue; and it was Two20’s first time here!  We have to say, she has a very nice, sultry, raspy voice!  This should give the band an edge to open up some songs they couldn’t previously do with all male vocals!  We had a good time with friends on the dance floor, so you know this night is going in the memory books!





July was a great month with some really fun rock!  Next month continues the outdoor trend as we hurry to grab all the fresh-air music we can!  Please join us!!


Till then, ROCK ON!  \m/