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We are pleased to announce we added one more awesome band to our group!  Please check out their videos and events when posted, go to their gigs and help make them feel welcome!

48th band – The Mock Ups

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Let’s take a look back at all the amazing fun we had in June:

6/1/13:  After checking the LH calendar of fun, we noticed Endangered Souls was playing at The Couch.  Since we had not seen them in person yet and we love The Couch, it was a no-brainer to pack up the 80’s CD’s and hit the road!  The band was super friendly and fun!  I sat down to chat with percussionist Frank Castillo before the show, and what an amazing past he has with opening to many big name bands in Hollywood!  I will be going after Frank for an interview next time I see Endangered Souls so you can share in Frank’s fascinating past!  But back to the band!  They had three new members at tonight’s gig, but still cranked out the “A and B Side” hits!  I have never seen The Couch this packed with fans – Endangered Souls has quite a following!  I got to chat with the bouncer and learned some inside tricks to that trade!  I got a fabulous interview with lead vocalist Dennis Setzer and a great Van Halen medley posted under Recent Hangouts!  This was one rockin’ good night, and I stayed past the last song!    Whew – where’s my pillow, I’m pooped!



6/7/13:  Tonight was a special night of rock because the Remedies invited me to Raley Field to partake in the yearly Brewfest event!  It was an amazing night!  There must have been about a thousand people there and The Remedies were right in the middle of all the buzz, playing their hearts out!  The temperature was 105 degrees, but it didn’t stop anyone from having a great time!  This is the Remedies second year of securing this gig.  My good friend Jeff Hayes from Mr. Soundman was running sound and I got to hang out with him and learn some interesting tricks of the sound trade.  I danced with all the boys of Red Radio, and I got some great Fan File videos!




And as if that wasn’t enough, afterwards I went to Thunder Valley to rock out with Set In Stone!  They were rockin’ the Pat Benatar/Cheap Trick after-party on the Main Stage.  I saw many LH friends there, including the bass player of Riff Raff, Tony Peterson!  The crowd was pumped from the outdoor concert and ready for all Set In Stone could give!  So much so that Set In Stone ended up extending the sets to keep the momentum of the crowd going, to everyone’s approval!  As you can see in this picture, lead vocalist Daryl Morales is head banging again!  Go, Daryl!!



6/8/13: I had a little extra time on my hands and hadn’t seen my good friend Mike Barnes (True Line Entertainment) for some time, so I went to The Fountains in Roseville to hang out under the tent with him!  Mike was running sound for Life In The Fastlane, an Eagles Tribute band, and he let me play with the soundboard….just kidding!  I did have a great time with Mike and even got a blooper video of him singing!  The band was fantastic and next time I see them I will see if they want to join LH!



It must have been 108 degrees today in the Sacramento region and all you had to do was stand still to sweat, so after about 40 minutes of bonding time with Mike it was off to Halftime Bar & Grill to cool off with Left Of Centre, the Nevada based band that won my heart back in February!  But there was no cooling off to be had – the band was rockin’ hot, smashing out the tunes one after another in LOC fashion!  This band is so professional, they know about every song there is.  That might be because they are the house band for Toby Keith’s Bar & Grill in Las Vegas and get in lots of go time!  There were a lot of LH friends there, which made the fun even more stellar!  When the band greeted me, they all remembered my name, which is another heart warmer!  Next time they are in town, join me for a rockin’ good time!



6/14/13:  It was Friday afternoon and while most folks were stuck in traffic going home, we headed to Swabbies to party with the always energetic and fun Apple Z band!  What a beautiful evening to spend outdoors listening and dancing to such great music!  Mike Barnes (True Line Entertainment) was running sound so the band was heard in prime form all over Swabbies’ grounds!  Even though I had to fight off mosquitos, I was able to get a super Drum Off video of Bradley Jon Sanders that aired in June, and a great Fan File video of a family swaying together to the music!  Did you know Apple Z was voted 2nd place on the KCRA 3 A-List?  Congratulations, Team!  That is awesome!!!



6/15/13: It was time to check out the Corner Pocket again, so I gathered up a group of my closest dance buddies and off we went!  Four Barrel was rockin’ the house down with their entire lineup of songs!  The fans were out in force and having a blast listening, dancing and partying with this awesome band!  We helped celebrate a birthday, and the birthday girl lead a train around the dance floor as the band sang to her!  Even Corner Pocket management was digging the action, so much so they asked Four Barrel for an encore!  Very cool!




6/21/13:  My good friends at SBL Entertainment mentioned a while ago that I would like The Mock Ups, so when I saw they were playing at Sammy’s Rockin’ Island Bar & Grill, it seemed a good time to check them out!  SBL was right – they were great!  They play 60’s, 70’s and 80’s rock music, which seemed to touch young and old alike, judging by who was out in force on the dance floor!  Lead guitarist Jeff Ebbage has a collection of very cool guitars that include some Rickenbackers, and he wasn’t afraid to use them!  On break, I shook lead vocalist Miles French’s hand and said, “Welcome to LH!”  I got some great Fan Files videos and a Drum Off video for your enjoyment, and I added tonight to the list of successful nights of rock!




6/22/13:  We had never seen Unlicensed Therapy at Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale, so when this event popped up on the calendar it was all in favor say – aye!  Jan’s is always a fun venue, but add Unlicensed Therapy to that, and you have got a P-A-R-T-Y!!  We danced with all the Jan’s regulars (you know who you are), some of LH’s fun friends showed up, and I got an interview with percussionist Chris McCown!  Teri was in prime form with her sex-appeal and good-humored wit, as witnessed in the video I posted entitled “Teri Was Talking Dirty…”  It was a great night!




6/28/13: One of our favorite combinations is Four Barrel at Louie’s Cocktail Lounge in Rancho Cordova!  There’s just something about Louie’s – the acoustics are great there, and the combo of the cozy room, Four Barrel and the dancing energy just made for a really fun night!  And did I mention Four Barrel was on fire that night!!  They entertained us ‘til wee hours in the morning!  A great time was had by all!




6/29/13: With Pop Fiction playing at Sammy’s tonight and Rebel Yell at Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin, we decided to go support Rebel Yell, since it’s been almost a year since we’ve seen them!  They are really a fun band and very nice folks!  I got a great interview with the percussionist, Jimmy Rehn!  Miro, one of the vocalists, gave out Glo Stick Bracelets to some lucky ladies and proceeded to sing on the dance floor surrounded by them!  Then Miro grabbed my close friend, Shelley, and gave her a hug right there on the floor – she was so surprised!  It was a great moment!  You will see this soon under Fan Files!  Great band, great folks, great night – go see Rebel Yell and kick up your heals!


Wow, another month…gone!  Half the year, folks!  Second half holds just as much fun, if not more!  So spit-shine those dancing shoes and get ready to rock with Lynns Hangouts!!