June 2014

Greetings, Rocker fans!  And welcome to Lynns Hangouts’ newsletter!  Thank you all for signing up so you can get a jump on exciting news!


Housekeeping Items: 

Current event!  LH migrated to a new server 6/15/14!  Check out the faster page loads and ability to maneuvering around the website quickly!  We are jazzed about the upgrade and hope you enjoy!


56th Band – Blue Collar Men!


Now open – Boneshaker Community Brewery in Rocklin!  (4810 Granite Dr, Rocklin)  We have heard live music is in the pipeline!


Great news – Sammy’s Rockin’ Island Bar & Grill is due to open end of summer!  Stay tuned as we learn more about this awesome venue coming back on line!


I am excited to report June’s website stats were again healthy!  As of the end of June we saw a cumulative total of over 21,000 visitors and over 231,000 page views!  Keep visiting LH often for more fun, and be part of these awesome stats!


If you want to come party with us, check the Twitter feed on LH for details of where we will be hanging out and come join us!  We’d love to see you out supporting live music and partying with us!


I hope you are enjoying the new feature ‘Categories’ on the right-hand side of the website so you can see all the fun videos posted from the beginning of LH, which was back in December 2012!


I also want to take this moment to thank everyone who has made a donation to LH!  Your contribution is greatly appreciated and gives encouragement to keep up the fast pace!  The local live music scene here in the Sacramento area is constantly evolving, and we strive to keep you updated on the local talent, events and venue happenings!  Thank you again for supporting LH, as we support this awesome group of talented folks and industry!


Let’s take a trip back in June to see what happened in the live music world around Sacramento:



6/6/14:  Even though it’s only been a week since we’ve been to Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale, we wanted to head back there because Four Barrel was scheduled to perform and it was a must go because we cooked up a birthday surprise for lead guitarist Phillip Lovejoy!  I brought a card for the band, staff and fans to secretly sign while Phil was busy setting up.  On their first break, we presented the card, cupcakes and a Tiara to Phil!  He was so surprised!  We even got him to wear the Tiara for a couple of songs, but sorry folks – no videos allowed!  Special thanks to Chad, the bartender for being my hero during ‘Wonderful Tonight’ as he came out and danced with me so I didn’t have to dance alone!  Chad, you ROCK!!  Super great night!








6/13/14:  I believe the last time we were at Crawdad’s River Cantina in Sacramento was before the inception of LH, so tonight we broke that spell (Friday the 13th,  full moon, etc) and headed back to Crawdad’s to see Rockin’ Down The Hiway!  What great fun it was to see the team again and rock out to those groovy road tunes and Doobie hits!  We ran into some other live music fans, which made it that much more fun!  And dancing to Rockin’ Down The Hiway under a full moon on a warm evening – does it get any better than that!!  Seemed the night was over before it began!







6/14/14:  We had a unique opportunity to try out a new venue (to us) called Rocky’s 7440 Club in Citrus Heights because our own Unlicensed Therapy was performing the early shift of musical entertainment!  The outdoors back area reminded us of a Hawaiian playground!  It had all kinds of fun things to do and see such as food vendors with their carts for those that got hungry, (the hotdogs smelled delicious) a DJ booth, outdoor bar, covered stage and concrete dance floor, large TV’s with sports channels, poles to play on (check out the Tickles video of Teri Alison and good friend Nickole doing just that, posted in July) and so much more it’s hard to list!  The band was full of fun energy and rocked out our favorite tunes.  Don’t miss the “Best Sound Check Ever” video I captured, which posted on 7/9/14! And all this awesome rockin’ was with a substitute drummer – Eric Everett!  It was great to meet Eric and check out his percussion style!  His Drum Off video posted 7/2/14.  While there, we ran into Alicia Lowe and Aaron Geoffroy of The Ripoffs, some cool live music fans we see often (hi Lisa, hi George) and the owners of Referee’s Sports Bar & Grill!  As you can see, this was a successful LH evening!






And another cool thing about Rocky’s, besides all the fun they offer, is they schedule live music from 6:30 – 9:45 PM, so we were able to see another band!  Our pick for the late evening festivities – the good ole boys of 8 Track Massacre at the Corner Pocket in Citrus Heights!  We had a blast dancing and singing along to the sounds and songs of this awesome band!  They were full of energy and spot on with their set list!  I got a fun Drum Off video of Patrick doing his thing to ‘Come On Eileen’ which is a song you don’t hear often!  On break I cornered lead guitarist, Earl Pavao, and captured an awesome interview that delves into Earl’s musical background and explains his abilities!  What a fun, but exhausting evening of live music!







6/20/14:  One very fun combination is the Opera House Saloon when Apple Z visits and tonight was no exception!  The band was super-hot, dishing out the fun, song after song!  Lead vocalist Scott Rodell even came down on the dance floor to lead a Congo line that formed during one of their specialty songs, all caught on camera, of course!  I got a great Fan File video of a lady who filled in the words to an Eagle’s song for the band, all the while dancing with her partner!  I also was lucky to capture a great Drum Off video of Bradley Jon Sanders, who right before stood up and drank a whole beer in one long try!  And all caught on camera for the Tickles section!  It truly was a great night of talented entertainment!







6/21/14:  Swabbies On The River was host to Radio Heavy and Rogue this sunny afternoon!  Upon arrival we found Radio Heavy to be playing on the small stage in the back so Rogue could set up instruments properly and be ready to rock when Radio Heavy completed their gig!  We found there to be just as many shade trees in the back area as out front!  Radio Heavy had a blast entertaining the crowd that gathered, and were very grateful for the opportunity to play at Swabbies, as it’s one of their favorite hangouts!  Lead guitarist John Goodwin was in prime form with some playful antics sprinkled throughout the gig!  What a great way to start the afternoon!







Next up – Rogue!  I’m uncertain who had more fun during this gig, the fans or the band!  There was so much happening, so much to capture – I did my best to get a good slice of Rogue life!  I got a great Drum Off of Bobby Contreras, a Random Riff of the team rockin’ ‘Bobbie McGee’, a great video for the ‘Tickles’ section of Nick and Greg Young goofing off (below), and a great Fan Files video to air in August!  Life is good when Rogue is in it!







6/22/14:  This 4th Sunday of the month at the usual place we hangout, Laugh’s Unlimited in old Sacramento with Four Barrel, was super fun and relaxed!  The band members and the fans that strolled in were in high spirits, and we found that to be contagious!  Four Barrel picked songs randomly for our enjoyment to match the crowd’s energy!  I chatted with the owner of Laugh’s, Skip Cappawana, for a bit and got the scoop on more fun bands heading to Laugh’s in the future!  Stay tuned and make plans to meet us there for some great energy and fun!  Also please check out Laugh’s website, or give Skip a call direct, and get on their email list to find out what fun is in store at this awesome venue!  www.laughsunlimited.com






6/27/14:  If you remember in May’s newsletter we had checked out Blue Collar Men at Swabbies On The River but couldn’t stay long.  They are an excellent Styx Tribute band and I wanted to add them to the LH family when I found the time to connect up with the lead and finalize some details!  Tonight at The Opera House Saloon in Roseville was the time!  We had a blast getting to know the team and rockin’ out to their fine renditions of Styx music, as well as many other classic rock songs!  Join me in welcoming this awesome team of musicians to the LH family!







6/28/14:  It was a special night for Skid Roses at Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin, as it was the celebration of percussionist Crash Von Bonham’s 50th birthday!  The party room was reserved, the decorations hung, the cake iced, the band hot!  It was a perfect night for fans, friends and Crash!  He was so surprised when Jef Leppard announced his birthday to everyone right before break!  You can check out the video on 7/23/14 under the Tickles section!  And I couldn’t let Crash’s birthday go by without getting a Drum Off video of him, which will air on 8/6/14!







That brings to close the busy month of June.  July will continue with the outdoor music, concerts in parks, and festivals.  Make plans now to free up your weekend calendar and join us in supporting our local musicians!

Till then, ROCK ON!  \m/