Greetings, Rocker fans! Welcome to Lynns Hangouts’ newsletter! After much consideration, it has been decided to send out a quarterly newsletter starting this year to help keep you up to date on what happens in the local, live music scene. Look for our first quarterly newsletter in April! (I know it’s been awhile since we last sent out our newsletter; if you no longer want to be on our email list, please let me know and you will be promptly removed.

In the meantime, we will use today’s newsletter to familiarize you with Lynns Hangouts and the sections on the LH website. I also want to thank all the cool peeps who hang out with me at the venues – soaking up the fun, bonding with the bands and each other, and touching my heart. Our philosophy is that it truly takes a village to succeed in anything in life, a local website included!

Let’s start with the facts: Lynnshangouts.com launched December 2012 to support the local classic rock scene, and is part of Lynn Reeves Entertainment, LLC. LH was originally created as a single-point-of-contact for live music events; a one-stop event calendar where you could find all the good classic rock bands playing on any given night. The ‘Lynns Hangouts’ name was Trademarked in January 2018. And our most recent news: We outgrew the shared server we were on and in early February 2020 migrated to our own dedicated server!

More facts: The idea of taking videos at the events was not part of the original plan, but the reality of it was incorporated before the launch. While the videos are wildly popular, the events calendar is the most looked at section on LH! We have never once paid to advertise. Our growth is a 100% grass roots effort by myself, my team, and our dedicated fans who help spread the word! When a band is part of the LH family, it means we post all their events in the calendar, as well as videos from their gigs. New videos are posted every Wednesday at 6 AM to get you ready for the upcoming weekend of live music!

The categories at the top have a Home icon, general information, a look at events on any given day of the week, a list of all the LH bands (we are currently at 54), a look at the local venues with all their events, and a search icon.

Now for the sections: There are different sections for your viewing enjoyment. At the top are our Recent Hangouts’ videos. I have expanded this section to include a video of any band we saw over the past weekend, not just LH Bands. These can be full bands, duo, solo, unplugged, etc. This allows a more diverse look at the music scene from any given weekend. These videos are usually facing the bands, allowing you a chance to check out everything on stage. Recent Hangouts is the only section with more than one video posted weekly. We can post up to four videos but sometimes we see more bands, so those videos will roll over to the following week. When you click on a video, the right-hand side has a donate to LH button. If you scroll down, you will see some of our advertisers.

Next is our Event Calendar. This houses all the events of the bands we support. We work diligently to keep up with the calendar – adding events as they come across our desk, updating dates, times, etc. You can forward (or reverse) the event calendar to future dates, and you can view the events in Agenda, Day, Month, Week, Posterboard or Stream format. My favorite is Posterboard. If you click on the event it will take you to more detailed page with when, where, cost, contact, the band’s logo and a description of what the band is about. The right-hand side of each event also has the donate button and our advertisers. Then comes our Fan Files. A fun section based entirely on what the fans do at live music events. Birthday celebrations, special dancers, sing-alongs, etc. These videos are a great way of seeing yourself having some fun!

Our Drum Off section is for all the percussionists we adore! These videos are usually shot from the side to capture the true essence of their work behind the kit. Interesting story how this section got started. Years ago, when LH was young, I went to the Guitar Center in Roseville for a Drum Off competition because Kit Koda, Skid Roses’ drummer at the time, was a participant. The only place I could set up to video was from the side because there were so many people in front of the drum set, including the judges! Later, when watching the videos, I realized what a fantastic section ‘Drum Off’ would be on LH, and the side view allows a relatively uninterrupted video from teammates!

Random Riffs From The Attic is the section for all random happenings at a live music venue. Guitar riffs, random solo songs, vocalists captured up close, guest musicians on stage, etc. It’s always fun to watch these up close and personal videos!

The Love Train! We have our close friend Barry Del Carlo to thank for this section. He suggested I capture the ‘love trains’ the fans start when this song is played. Seems there is never a shortage of willing participants! It’s a great idea, but now I need more bands to do this song!

Blast From The Past. This idea came from good friend Angelo Dapello. The section re-lives the most looked at videos on LH and is based on how many hits the videos have. We have posted over 180 videos in this section.

You’re Not A Fan Of The Band Unless You Know The Bass Player’s Name. I owe this section’s title to good friend Tracy Butler! Tracy and I were talking about how hard it is to get a video of just the bass players because they normally don’t have solo parts in songs. I told her I wanted to post pictures of the bass players and that’s when she came up with this awesome section title!

I hope this quick look at LH operations will help you enjoy and easily navigate around the website. Until our April newsletter, ROCK ON and keep supporting live music! See ya on the dance floor! \M/