March 2013
Greetings to our Rocker fans, and welcome to Lynns Hangouts newsletter! Thank you all for signing up so you can get a jump on exciting news, and experience a recap of March’s fun!
We added four bands to the LH family in March, bringing our total to 42! Please help me in welcoming them by checking out their videos and events when posted!

Endangered Souls
The Tone Monkeys
Rockin’ Down The Hiway “The Ultimate Musical Road Trip”
8 Track Massacre
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Check out the highlights of March’s fun:
3/1/13: A good omen is to start your month with the perfect storm, should the opportunity arise. You guessed it – it did! Beermann’s with Four Barrel! It was a birthday celebration for lead vocalist, Kally Pile! I think Kally had a good time singing to all her family, friends and fans! Good friends of Kally showed up in force! Mike Barnes (True Line Entertainment & Riff Raff) sang the AC/DC songs, and I even got him to dance a little! I got a fan interview with a different twist – the wife of a musician and life as such! It was a rockin’ good time! Happy Birthday, Kally – you ROCK!!




3/2/13: It was double rock night for LH, which means double the F-U-N! Gal pal Chris Borton, of Cherry Bomb fame, helped Lynn start the evening at The Almond Tree Bar & Grill with the ever-so-fun Unlicensed Therapy band! I got a great fan and band interview, met a ton of live music fans, and did some rockin’ out dancing! A birthday gal and her pal were showing me the HUGE steak they ordered – it looked fantastic! I know where I’m going next for a steak dinner, complete with leftovers! On the way out I ran into a dear friend that had moved out of state a good 10 years ago! How cool was it to see him again and catch up a bit! Ron, you ROCK!!!



Second half of double rock night took us to Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin to party with our good friends of the Set In Stone band. Now, by party I mean wedding reception for guitarist Craig Boom! How cool is it that Craig and new bride wanted to have their reception while Craig could partake in his musical passion! Talk about some awesome family support! And did I mention that the room was filled with musicians? Lynns Hangouts saw band members from The Mach 5, Endangered Souls, Tragically White, Big Guns…just to name a few! It was so cool to hobnob with some of the local music scene greats! Sorry, no picture of this event – I guess I was too busy rubbing elbows and forgot about my camera! The whole evening was most successful, indeed!


3/8/13: I checked the venue calendar and realized we had not been to Sammy’s Rockin Island Bar & Grill in Roseville for a while so it was a no-brainer decision to go and try a new band, Rockin’ Down The Hiway, The Ultimate Musical Road Trip! Their website looked fun, the song list was stellar, so we checked the oil level in the car and off we went! And what a fun night we had! RDTH plays for over 2 hours a themed musical “road trip” – any song that has to do with cars, trucks, trains, cruising, travel, etc. You get the idea! From the first Doobie song, “Rockin’ Down The Highway,” the fans were out in force dancing! The band did such a great job entertaining that Sammy’s asked them back during this gig! Nice job, Guys!!




3/10/13: Lynns Hangouts was invited to a special event at Sammy’s Rockin’ Island Bar & Grill in Roseville to see the Weekend Warrior program in action. Scott Renton, Unlicensed Therapy guitarist, and Jeff Hayes, percussionist for Red Radio, are both coaches for some of the bands, and deeply involved with the Weekend Warrior program. There were seven bands in all, and what a blast everyone had! We saw members of Unlicensed Therapy, Red Radio, The Ripoffs and A-Train at the event supporting the future rock stars of the Sacramento area! Lynns Hangouts had the honor of meeting the Man of the Hour himself, Skip of Skip’s Music!



3/15/13: Cadillac Jack has been asking Lynns Hangouts for weeks to come check out The Old Town Boys at Hampton’s On Sutter, so when the opportunity arose, we jumped at it! And what a fun time we had! The place was hopping with fun folks, the staff was generous and very friendly, Lynn even got to meet the owner who was just as generous and friendly! Great place to hangout, eat, listen to some great tunes on a Friday night with The Old Town Boys, and relax from the week! Lynn got some good videos of Jack and Mikey Mac doing their ‘thang’! I caught a great interview with Cadillac Jack during a break – Jack is one smart business man! Both men were so friendly and fun – you have got to go check them out. And tell them Lynns Hangouts sent you!



On one of The Old Town Boys’ breaks we headed down the street to the Folsom Hotel to surprise Four Barrel! What a wonderful, warm reception we received when we caught their eye! We had an amazing time rockin’ out to their tunes – there was so much energy on the stage and the dance floor! On break we chatted with the band members like we were family! These are some super nice folks! It was a full, busy night and we were spent by quittin’ time, but we had nothing but smiles on our faces as we drove home!




3/16/13: Since last night with Four Barrel was a surprise visit and Lynns Hangouts had made previous arrangements to party with them at Corner Pocket on this night, we did exactly that! The party was right after the UFC fight, which packed the house. The diehard rock fans stayed after the fight and enjoyed all the tunes Four Barrel could grind out! It was a rockin’ great time!




3/23/13: All I can say is the afternoon weather was perfect to head to Swabbies On The River to see Riff Raff, the awesome AC/DC Tribute band! They played the entire Back In Black album – in order – then some! All band members were in prime form, as evidence in the soon to post video that were taken! I got some great videos of Kevin beating up the drumsticks again! Lots of friends came out to support Riff Raff and Lynns Hangouts made a lot of new friends!




As if THAT wasn’t enough for the day, we headed off to Corner Pocket in the evening to see Skid Roses. This was a no-miss event as it was Kit Koda’s last performance with Skid Roses. The place was packed with supporters – family, friends, musicians. It was THE place to be! Kit was in the spotlight and full of energy! He had a great time, but we will miss him in the Skids. He is moving on to original music, namely Humble Wolf! Look for an interesting interview with lead vocalist, Jef Leppard, in the near future.




3/24/13: We had our usual 4th Sunday of the month fun at Laugh’s Unlimited with Four Barrel. The weather and the music were perfect! Lots of folks strolling around the street stopped in to soak up the ambience, refreshments and entertainment! Can’t ask for more!




3/29/13: Hum…tick tock, where to rock! We picked Louie’s Cocktail Lounge in Rancho Cordova to party with Four Barrel. Always guaranteed a great time! I ran into a couple of gal pals that I had not seen in 10 years! I think we got them hooked on the fun of live music and expect to see them again soon! Lead guitarist, Phillip Lovejoy, brought out a guitar LH has not seen before. It had a beautiful quality sound to it, and was enjoyed by all!




3/30/13: Saturday night and I wanna rock, so we did double rock! This was the night before Easter and all through the house….sorry, saw something shinny. Not many folks were out rockin’ the night away, but we managed to find a few die-hards! First, Adonis DNA was playing at Mandango’s in Roseville – always a rockin’ good time! I got a ‘funny’ video of the lead guitarist, Alex Ferris, eating while on the job, as well as a super interview from him! Lead vocalist, Greg Halldorson, was singing on the bar, and I got some great Drum Off videos of GreggyD!




Next up we went to The Almond tree to see Red Radio! Lead vocalist, Tracy Butler, came out on the dance floor and danced with me and even let me sing along in the mic! I had a great talk with percussionist Jeff Hayes about some other avenues of live music he is involved in. I look forward to snagging an interview with him so you can hear all about it!



All in all, it was a great month of momentum for Lynns Hangouts. What’s next? April will be fun because the weather is changing, so look to Swabbies for some rockin’ outdoor fun! They have a great line up of bands coming your way. But May is the real kicker, as Lynns Hangouts has lots of special fun planned – so stay tuned!