Greetings to our Rocker fans!  And welcome to Lynns Hangouts’ newsletter!  Thank you all for signing up so you can get a jump on exciting news!

We are pleased to announce we added three more awesome bands to our group!  Please check out their videos and events when posted, go to their gigs and help make them feel welcome!

45th band – Radio Heavy

46th band – Jury’s Still Out

47th band – Skippy And The Bowl Junkies

On a slight sad note, we might be losing The Remedies.  Some of the band members aren’t in a position to continue.  However;  rumor has it they have at least one more event to do, which is Friday, 6/7/13, at Raley Field for the BrewFest!  My hope is they find a way to continue to be “the docs that rock!”

If you want to join in the fun of the newsletter events as they happen, check out Lynnshangouts.com on the right hand side in red under “From Twitter” to see where Lynn will be hanging out!  We would love for you to join us!  And when you read about the happenings in the following newsletter, you will be reminded of all the fun YOU had at each event!

That all said, here’s a taste of the amazing fun we had in May:

5/2/13:  Lynns Hangouts made an appointment to see ‘the docs that rock’ – better known as The Remedies – at Sammy’s Rockin’ Island Bar & Grill in Roseville!  Two of members are hard working doctors – I don’t know where they find the time to rock, but they do!  What fun we had rockin’ out to their tunes, including some originals!  I got a cool interview with Dr. Thomas McIlraith, that just aired on LH!



5/4/13:  We made another appointment, this time with Unlicensed Therapy at The Couch to get the rock out of our system, and boy did we!  We soaked up every song till the very end!  The band was fun and super friendly, as always, even bringing me up on stage to chat some about Lynns Hangouts!  It was a memorable night!


5/5/13:  I cannot even believe it is Cinco de Mayo already!  But it was and we were off to the Weekend Warrior Finale at Sammy’s Rockin Island Bar & Grill in Roseville for another successful conclusion to the program.  It was super fun – we even saw some LH band members up on stage, as in this photo!  Anyone recognize our own Teri Alison of Unlicensed Therapy?  Next program starts in September, so if you are interested, contact Skip’s Music for details and become a rock star yourself!



5/9/13:  Ah, Fair season has arrived!  To start the season off right, we went to the Dixon May Fair with Four Barrel!  What a fun evening it turned out to be by starting off with a little Two Barrels Shy – just Phillip and Kally (Calle-inside joke) by the front entrance early evening.  Then on to rockin’ out after the sun went down!  Four Barrel was awesome – check out the cool ‘Recent Hangouts’ video I shot as well as a video of Timmy solving the riddle of what the true definition of a musician is, posted under Bloopers!



5/10/13:  ‘Got a little change in my pocket going jing-a-lang-a-ling’ so it’s off to Thunder Valley Casino to party with Top Secret!  It’s been months since we’ve seen them, so this refresher course was well needed!  Lead of the band Larry Berman is so nice and accommodating, he even jeopardized the start of their first song to jump down off the stage and give me a quick hug!  Top Secret was very polished and entertaining, and the crowd truly was digging it.  Numerous folks came up and told me how good they were.  I got a fun Drum Off video and a great Recent Hangouts video – Kiss – which I’m sure you have seen by now.



5/11/13:  ‘It’s seven o’clock and I wanna rock’ so it was off to the Powerhouse to see 8 Track Massacre!  Okay, it was really ten o’clock, but the first time to see the band!  It was a super evening – the band was hot on fire with hit after hit!  And what a fan base!  There was a hoola-hooper, a bachelorette party and a wedding party!  I met a great couple from Modesto, whom the wife I was calling sister by the end of the evening, and even got a great ‘Fan Files’ video of all this fun, as well as a great interview with lead of the band, Bill Caris, soon to air!  This was truly a memorable night!



5/17/13:  A perfect storm of music, friends and fun was brewing at the Orangevale Pow Wow days this beautiful Friday afternoon and I had a ‘front row seat’ to the action!  This was my first time to see Radio Heavy and they really rocked!  Playing all the gems of hard rock music, I had to alternate from dance floor to camera!  I saw many friends there, including my good friend Jeff Hayes – Mr. Soundman, who was running sound for 7 bands this particular day!  Daunting task, if you ask me!  Radio Heavy became the 45th band to join the LH family!





When the sun went down it was off to Louie’s Cocktail Lounge in Rancho Cordova to check out Four Barrel who was one barrel shy – Kally was taking a much needed vacation.  I could not resist checking out how they were going to pull it off running on only three barrels, but it really came as no surprise that they were awesome!  The song selection was stellar and the performance superb!  The drummer of ‘Playin Possum’ was there and mesmerized by the talent these three barrels produced!  It was a rockin’ fun Friday!



5/18/13:  Cris Rice of the band Jury’s Still Out has been after me for a while to come see his band, so the opportunity arose and off I went!  It was a true pleasure to listen to this blues/funk/ rock & roll band!  Jazzy sounding lead vocalist Cris, his smooth sounding band and the warm breeze of the evening gave off a relaxed, happy feel!  Check out ‘Knocking On Heaven’s Door’ posted under Recent Hangouts and you’ll see what I mean!



It was hard to leave this happy and tranquil feeling, but a promise had been made to Unlicensed Therapy to party with them so it was off to do double rock!  The place was hopping with rockers, lead vocalist Teri Alison had almost the whole room singing at one point, and the temperature was cranked up by all the warm bodies dancing!  Percussionist Chris McCown brought out the BIG sticks, and I mean BIG drumsticks, during a break and I could not resist taking some video, which posted as a blooper end of May!  Another fun and successful evening!



5/19/13:  Another road trip!  This time to Galt to partake in yummy strawberry…everything!  Yes, it was time again for the Strawberry Festival with Four Barrel, who was still one barrel shy!  We had an amazing time!  The band totally rocked out under the tent!  So much so that fans came up afterwards handing me their cameras to capture moments to remember with the band members!  I got a chance to chat with the Vice Mayor, Mike Singleton – a very warm, friendly and truly caring person!  My kind of politician!  Check out Galt on the 4th of July when Four Barrel will again be rockin’ the house!



5/25/13: Put on the sunscreen and straw hats, we’re going back to the Fair!  This time the Sacramento County Fair to support Rockin’ Down The Hiway!  They played at the County Fair every day it was open…twice!  We picked today and had a blast!  I was greeted warmly by all the band members and proceeded to rock out with road trip tunes!  Three close peeps joined me in the fun that day, and we even got a few dancers to join us up front!  Check out the ‘I Can’t Drive 55’ video under Recent Hangouts on LH that starts out a little bit country but quickly picks up some rock speed!  Nice job, Guys!!



My only complaint about Rockin’ Down The Hiway’s gig was that it was too short – the Fair only lets them play for an hour.  So with the dancing engines just warming up and with a little extra time on our hands, we jetted up to Pistol Pete’s in Auburn to see Skippy And The Bowl Junkies for the first time!  Bassist Bill Alwin has been after me for some time to come see them, something about making it worth my while, and boy was it!  We met the band – who are very nice folks, check; looked over the song list – 80’s rock, check; then proceeded to rock out for a couple of sets!  One of the videos I captured was ‘Ain’t That A Shame’, also posted under Recent Hangouts.  This video is worth checking out!  Not an easy song for a cover band to conquer, but ‘Skippy’ nailed it!  Another thumbs up, Guys!  I cannot wait to capture an interview with Bill so you can hear how this band acquired its most unusual name!  Welcome to Lynns Hangouts, Team Skippy!!




5/27/13:  Four Barrel usually gets the Swabbies’ gigs to start and end the summer fun, and this year was no exception.  So we spent Memorial Day at the always cool Swabbies On The River to soak up the Four Barrel ambience!  Even though the weather was not cooperating, for those of us that braved the minor inconvenience of a few drops of rain and cooler temps, we had a rockin’ good day!  Everyone loosened up after a few songs and rocked out to the end, including little Jaxon, who brought his guitar!



5/31/13:  We hadn’t been to “skool” for a while so it was off to Sammy’s Rockin’ Island Bar & Grill in Roseville to party with Rock Skool!  I know, you’re not supposed to party at skool, but with lead “teacher” Randy Monroe leading the pack, you can expect nothing but a party!  Rock Skool got an “A” in LH’s book with some great Drum Off videos and an interview with Randy!  Check it all out on LH!  You can expect to have a great time any time you see Rock Skool!




Another fun month of rockin’ comes to an end.  It was a great month, and rumor has it June is going to be just as fun, with a special stop or two!  Lynns Hangouts hopes to see you out having a rockin’ great time!