May 2015


Greetings, Rocker fans!  And welcome to Lynns Hangouts’ newsletter!  Thank you all for signing up so you can get a jump on exciting news!


Band News:


LH Rockfest 2015 is upon us – June 20th!  Halftime Bar & Grill in Strikes is excited about hosting the event, our soundman is in place, and the bands are ready to go!  Lots of folks are hitting the ‘Join’ button on Facebook!  If you haven’t done so yet, please plan on joining us!  There will be lots of fun stuff for the kids to do – bowling, arcade, pizza, even watch the bands (until 9 PM)!  And in Halftime the bands each play 1.5 hours with ½ hour in between, enough time to give away some cool stuff, including awards!  The fun starts at noon and runs until midnight!  Don’t miss it!


Set In Stone’s last show was at Thunder Valley’s Main Stage on 6/13/15.  We will miss seeing this team of talented musician’s grouped together.


Phillip Lovejoy (Four Barrel) has also joined Playback The Hits as their lead guitarist, taking Jerry Brehm’s place, who moved to New York!  Their first gig together was 6/13/15 at Halftime Bar & Grill in Strikes!  We welcome Phil as he joins this awesome group of talent!


We learned that bassist TBone Hooker is leaving The Mach 5, and seasoned bassist Dave Garrity is coming back to the team!  Dave has played with The Mach 5 for years!  Welcome back, Dave!


The 8 Track Massacre team invited me to a River Cats game, box seats no less!  We all had such a cool time, and it was great to hob nob with the wives and friends of the band!  Thank you, 8 Track Massacre!  You made my May!


Jack Hurst is back with Rockin’ Down The Hiway as their lead guitarist!  Welcome back, Jack!



Meeting Minutes: 



We added Alphagraphics to the lineup of LH sponsors!  If you click on the ad it takes you to the Alphagraphics’ website, which has an array of graphic needs for your business, school or home!  Our very own Roberto Reyes (RedRadio) has a large hand in Alphagraphics and would love to talk shop with you anytime!  Join LH in supporting this awesome Mom-and-Pop local business!


I am happy to report May’s website stats moved up, up, up!  As of the end of May we had a cumulative total of over 36,600 unique visitors to the website, over 280,700 page views, and a cumulative total of over 69,900 video views on You Tube!  Another interesting stat – this month 44% of the sessions on LH were new visitors!  Keep visiting LH often for more fun, and be part of these awesome stats!


If you want to come party with us, check for the “Join LH” on the Home page gig schedule next to the events we will be hanging out at!  We’d love to see you out supporting live music and will grab a dance with you!


If you go to a gig you saw on LH, please don’t be shy about telling the band!  I’m sure they would love to meet you as well as learn how you heard of their gig!


We are so grateful and thankful for every one of you who has made a donation to LH!  Your contribution gives us encouragement and makes it possible to keep up the fast pace checking out the local live music scene here in the Sacramento area.  Thank you so much for supporting LH as we support this awesome group of talented folks!



May was super fun and super busy!  Here’s a taste of what May brought us:


5/1/15:  Two20 talked me into going back to the Folsom Hotel Saloon in Folsom, and honored LH’s appearance with a video party!  They even saved a table with a “Reserved for LH video team” sign!  How cool is that!  A few days before the event, they introduced me to the manager of FoHo, Emily, who is very nice and supportive of live music!  So off we went!  We had a nice showing of LH supporters, which seemed to inspire the band!  We had a super fun time, and found Two20 to be professional and always on their game – same as first time we saw them!  I managed to sneak to the side to video Curt Blankenship on drums during HUSH, one of my favorite songs!  Two20 truly is an awesome band!  It was a great evening of fun!





5/2/15:  A special event was taking place in Lincoln – the Century 21 Select Relay For Life Car Show & Chili Cook Off – and Four Barrel was one of the bands selected to play!  Day trip!  Upon arrival, I’m sure you can guess we headed directly for the stage area.  We ended up hanging there all afternoon and never did get to try the chili!  Sacrifices, but well worth it!  Four Barrel brought back bassist Timmy Peregoy for the day, and it seemed just like riding a bike for him!  It was so great to see Tim again and hear those wonderful Four Barrel songs!  Life is good!  (Kally is hard to see in this picture, but she is covering Tim’s eye during Enter Sandman.  Love the things these two do!)






But wait!  The fun for today is NOT over!  We jetted off to Referee’s Sports Bar & Grill in Citrus Heights with RedRadio for the evening!  It was Fight Night on Pay-Per-View, and it seems the bars that did not carry the fight had light attendance, as evidence from those fans that checked in with LH on the local music scene this evening.  Didn’t matter to us, we had enough folks there to hold down the fort and party with, and elbow room on the dance floor, to boot!  This was our first time seeing RedRadio with Keyboardist Bill Glaholt!  Bill definitely adds an extra element to the song selection, and fullness to the songs we already associate with RedRadio!  We gave Bill a hefty “Thumbs Up!”  I got a great Drum Off of Bryan Fields – up close and personal, to air on 7/22/15!  It was another great evening of fun!





5/5/15:  Oh Boy!  Round up the team, Left Of Centre is in Roseville!  They actually were the opening band for the Downtown Tuesday Nights Roseville event!  Such a cool honor, and right in our backyard!  This venue is one of our favorite outdoor places to hangout – large stage, grassy area for the kids, dance floor, great atmosphere!  When we arrived we found Mike Barnes, Mark Ellenburg and Jeff Hayes setting up sound and lights.  How cool to have my three favorite soundmen in one place!  I will have to say, the sound and lights were Off The Hook!  Awesome job, Team!  And the band ROCKED, too!  As always – they are so professional and their rhythms are melded together!  No set list, just play what they feel!  Check out the character in the picture – there were two of them that moseyed across the dance floor on their trusty steeds when the band played Born To Be Wild!  Could not have been funnier!  And you know I got it all on film!  Check it out in the Tickles section on 6/10/15!   During the break, the Precision Dance Center in Roseville had students showing off their dance talents.  I’ll have to say, there are some talented kids out there!  This evening could not have been more fun!  Great band, great times!!





 5/9/15:  Another Saturday to be spent at Swabbies On The River amongst the live music and the beautiful weather!  Jet Screamer’s lead vocalist, Angelo Dapello, and his beautiful wife, Lanell, did a ride along with me for the day – so much fun to have these close friends by my side!  The live music consisted of Four Barrel; Blood Red Sky, a U2 Tribute band; and Riff Raff!  The day started early, at 3 PM, with Four Barrel and ended around 10 PM with Riff Raff!  What a party!  So many folks showed to support these awesome bands and have some fun!  Lead guitarist Dave Chapman gave a nice shout out to LH shortly into their performance, then dedicated Problem Child to me!  (Blush blush)  It was a stellar time at Swabbies!


Four Barrel





Blood Red Sky





Riff Raff





And if that’s not enough activity for the day we headed to Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale to see Category 4!  We had not seen them in a long time and our schedules the next few months didn’t jive so I had to take advantage of this opportunity!  When we arrived, the crowd was thin and we immediately hit the dance floor, then took some videos.  Superman bartender, Chad Christiansen, came out to dance a slow song with me – I always love that about him!  Funny, but all we chatted about during the dance was bands!  J  By the time we left around 10:30 from sheer exhaustion, the place was hopping and all were having a super time!  Our work was done.





5/16/15:  Another fantastic day planned at Swabbies On The River!  This weekend’s adventure was with Unlicensed Therapy, Foo Fighters Unauthorized, and Skid Roses!  This was Unlicensed Therapy’s first time on a Swabbies stage and a huge following of fans arrived to show support! I have never seen the dance area by the smaller stage so packed!  Our hope is next time we see them at Swabbies it will be on the big stage!




This was our first time seeing Foo Fighters Unauthorized, with our good friend Mike Barnes behind the mic with guitar in hand, and our other good friend, Kevin Drummer on… Drums!  We were impressed with the quality of song the band produced.  And judging by the dance floor, the fans were just as impressed!




The Skids were the final act for the day.  They seemed primed for the gig and high on confidence!  The crowd went wild, as usually happens when such a group graces the stage!  I managed to move to the side to capture a great Fan File of everyone enjoying Back In Black!  It was a great way to end the day at Swabbies!





But wait…there’s more!  Did I mention we flew over to Referee’s Sports Bar & Grill in Citrus Heights for more fun with The Mach 5?  They were filling in for Jet Screamer, who unfortunately couldn’t make the gig.  They did an awesome job with only a 4-day notice!  We had a blast with the usual crowd that follows TM5, as well as some new folks we just met!  Another awesome day documented in the Memory Book!





5/22/15:  Tick tock, it was time to rock – Country Club Saloon style!  Tonight we headed to Loomis to party down with Legal Addiction for a fun filled evening!  Mario (couldn’t get his last name) was filling in for the regular percussionist, Randy Riche.  Mario rocked the songs and the fans!  Some loyal LH friends showed up to check out the band, it was their first time and they had a ball!  Super fun LH night!





As you can probably guess, we weren’t done for the night!  Rumor had it the Opera House Saloon in Roseville was having a closed party for the Fireman’s Ball with Superlicious, so we headed on over to check out the fun right after midnight!  The Opera House was open to the public at that time, so it’s not exactly like we crashed the party!  We only got to see the band perform about 6 songs before the end, but we got the folks that were left up on their feet to dance!  Afterwards, the band gave us an up-close and personal tour of the living quarters upstairs!  That’s right, more stairs!  What a surprise to find a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment with a full kitchen!  Honestly, this would be a cool place to have a party!  All we can say about this evening is…wow!!





5/23/15:  In the mood for something new?  We were!  So off we went to Streets of London in West Sacramento to support RedRadio!  What a cool place this venue is!  They have authentic London pub food – we even tried some fish and chips!  Yummy!!  Then danced it all off to the great tunes of RedRadio!  The band has become so tight with their new percussionist and bass player Bryan Fields and Rick Rapalee!  Excellent job, team!  I interviewed Bryan Fields – he has quiet an interesting story to tell and we think you will enjoy it immensely!  Check it out on 7/1/15.  The crowd was so fun, we even shared the dance floor with the two cuties in the picture, who took time out to pose for Donald’s camera!  If you prefer an early dance card, Streets of London’s gigs are from 7PM-10PM, so you can be home early!





5/29/15:  Tonight was extra special for LH because the country band, Flat Busted, invited us to the Opera House Saloon in Roseville to shoot their Promo video!  We spent the whole night partying with the band, moving around the stage and dance floor with camera in hand shooting as much film as the memory card could hold!  Talk about a great way to bond with the band!  That makes two Promo videos we’ve shot!  Wondering if you know your LH trivia well enough to guess the other band!





5/30/15:  To round out the month, Rockin’ Down The Hiway invited us to a private party up in the Salmon Falls area!  I can’t say enough about how fun this night was!  I took my good friend Heidi Perry with me and the first thing we did was take a picture with the gorgeous house in the background for Facebook!  We enjoyed the chocolate fountain, delicious champagne and scrumptious barbeque the sweet hosts had to offer!  The band had set up by the pool so you know where we hung out!  We made numerous new friends, and had the best time!  The band rocked, and did some songs we had not heard them do before!  Rockin’ GREAT evening!





On our way home, we stopped in at The Purple Place to check on Mr. December!  We only stayed for a couple of songs, but it was great to see the venue – our first time there!  Mr. December is a 7-member team, with numerous wind instruments to round out their jazzy sound!  Very nicely done!


Tired as we were, it was past midnight and time to trek the long journey home!


I believe we properly warned you about how busy May was going to be in the last newsletter!  It was a great month with some really fun rock!  Next month, you ask? Well, it’s all about LH ROCKFEST 2015!!!


Till then, ROCK ON!  \m/