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Let’s take a trip back in time to see all the amazing fun we had in November:


11/2/13:  I cannot get used to the fact it’s already November, and a time change coming tonight to boot!  Our first rock stop for the month landed us back with our good friends at Sammy’s Rockin’ Island Bar & Grill to party down with The Mock Ups!  The band was dishing out the good times at every song!  Lead vocalist Miles French and lead guitarist Jeff Ebbage even laid down on the stage during Satisfaction!  I also got a very fun and informative interview with Jeff during a break.  Such a good start to the month!


11/8/13:  We have been hearing a lot about The Station in Roseville lately, and looked forward to checking it out as soon as we could.  When ‘Johnny Favorite Presents – Jukebox Johnny’ landed a gig there, it was the perfect opportunity to do so!  The Station offered a huge dance floor with a cozy spot for the band at one end, very friendly staff and patrons, and lots of parking.  But Jukebox Johnny is the real secret gem to this story!  The concept behind this band is an all request band – that’s right, they play whatever you request!  The band manager gave the patrons a list of 400+ songs to choose from, and the party started!  There were so many songs on the list I have never heard cover bands do – it was like being in rock N’ roll heaven!  Check out Bang A Gong (Get It On) posted under Recent Hangouts for a delicious taste of this awesome band and concept!  During the break, I got a great interview with percussionist Larry Schiavone, also posted on LH during November!





After the interview we jetted over to Louie’s Cocktail Lounge in Rancho Cordova to check out two new guitars making their debut with the Four Barrel family!  The parking lot and club was packed full of music lovers, pool players and partiers alike!  It was epic!  The energy was flowing, and the band was happy to see us!  The new additions to Phillip Lovejoy’s guitar collection could not have been more perfect!  They were beautiful and played so crisp and clean!  We closed the club and even stayed some to chat with the band members.  What a satisfying night of double rock!




11/9/13:  It had been quite some time since we got a dose of The Mach 5 to satisfy our need to rock, and tonight they were scheduled at the Corner Pocket!  Multi-talented artist Brian Machado had been in Europe for a 3-week tour with his band from high school, The Trouble Makers, and just got home 5 days earlier!  What better opportunity to chat with Brian about the experience than on camera in an exclusive interview for your viewing enjoyment!  You won’t want to miss it!  The night rocked with so much Mach 5 energy it pretty much wore me out – and those of you that know me realize that is quite a feat!  Another satisfying night of rock!




11/15/13:  It was one of those tough weeks and the usual upbeat crowd at Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale coupled with Four Barrel’s appearance was just what the doctor ordered!  It turned out to be a very therapeutic night with the hits rolling off Four Barrel like there was no tomorrow!  The dancing on the floor matched the band’s energy!  We were able to pull enough folks out of their chairs every song to pack the floor!  It was a great stress-relieving evening!  Four Barrel was kind enough to perform one of my favorite artist’s songs, Billy Squier’s My Kinda Lover, which can be found in Recent Hangouts if you care to check it out!  Epic night!




11/16/13:  Top Secret was headlined at Strikes in Rocklin for the first time, and LH planned to be there to capture their excitement and energy!  Percussionist and owner of the band, Larry Berman, came up from behind and offered a wonderful hug!  So cool because it’s been since summer that I last saw him and Top Secret!  This band is very polished in their performance of 50’s to current Top 40 music.  There were three birthday parties happening this same night, and everyone had a blast!  I got a cool interview with Larry as well as a hopping Drum Off video.  And don’t forget Recent Hangouts – ‘Poker Face’ is Top Secret’s showcase performance!  This was a very fun evening!!




11/22/13:  Our first visit to The Opera House in Roseville yielded a most excellent evening!  Apple Z was the band of choice and many other band members showed up to support them, including members of A-Train, 8 Track Massacre and Tragically White!  I got a super interview with bass player Brandon Lawrence outside on the balcony, and I chatted with guitarist Steven Leonard on break!  The dance floor and stage are huge, and the feel of the place is very homey and comfortable!  This will be a great place to hangout in the future!




11/23/13:  The Mach 5 was at Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin, or should I say “rock land,” and rock they did!  Everyone commented on how tight they were.  The band let a fan who was celebrating his 50th birthday up on stage to help sing ‘Hot Legs’ – check that one off the bucket list – which will post on 12/11/13 under Fan Files!  I got two great Drum Off Videos – one of Brian Machado and one of Steve Marshall!  A good friend of mine showed up and immediately stole the show with her super fun nature!  It also helped that she dropped and broke a glass then took a bow, stripped some clothing off another close friend, choked on a drink and group hugged the band – the night was off the charts!




11/24/13:  It was off to Laugh’s Unlimited in Sacramento to party down with Four Barrel for pre-Thanksgiving fun!  The band was in superb form and very accommodating to my video requests!  We got the fans up and on the dance floor, which jazzed up the band!  But the third set was off the charts with a group of fans holding hands and forming a circle swaying in and out to the beat, then during Phillip Lovejoy’s Star Spangled Banner prelude to Purple Haze, we got most all to cover their hearts and sing along!  What an amazing time!



11/27/13: T’was the night before Thanksgiving and all through the Pocket, all the Riff Raff fans were waiting to rock it!  Yes, the Corner Pocket with Riff Raff was the place to be to work up a turkey appetite!  Show was over at midnight, but what a show it was!  Mike Barnes, True Line Entertainment, started the show with a new band project, and five songs.  Their song choices rocked and it was fun to see the debut of a newly formed band!  Then Riff Raff energized the place with their AC/DC rock and got everyone up on the floor and riff-raff energized!  What a way to end the night!






11/29/13:  We had so much fun at the Opera House Saloon in Roseville we decided to head back and party with Tragically White!  This is the first time we’ve seen them since they had some personnel changes, and we found them to be high energy and very fun, with a great song selection!  Some of our original dance group peeps showed up to help us party down!  Bassist Jason Friend allowed me a great interview out on the balcony!  Chalk up another fun filled evening!




11/30/13:  Brian Machado, percussionist for The Mach 5 had invited me to see his original band, Decibels, at Old Ironsides.  It was tempting, but when I found out a full-page article was written about them in The Ticket section of The Bee, it was a must do-must see!  I gathered up my peeps and to Old Ironsides we went!  What an experience!  Old Ironsides was one of the first venues in town (way back when) to house live music!  It was like being in an old English pub complete with brick walls!  First up was Little Elvis, a three-piece band that played Elvis show tunes!  Our own Steve Marshall, vocalist for The Mach 5, was the drummer in this band.  They were awesome!  Next up was Decibels – what a treat!  They knocked it out of the park – great music and wall-to-wall fans – the place was packed!  Look for videos of both bands under Random Riffs in December!






Since I had made a promise to Playback to see them this same night, we stayed at Old Ironsides until 11ish, then drove to The Blarney Stone in Orangevale to party with Jerry, Ed, Ian, Randy and team!  This was our first trip to The Blarney and found it to have a great feel, comfortable surroundings and friendly folks!  Playback was awesome, but this was Ian Meyer’s last night with the band due to other commitments taxing his time, so it was a little sad.  They played until 12:15, so our time with them was short, but quality!




That wraps up another month!  December is speeding our way, and should stack up to be one of the best months yet, so come join us in December for more rockin’ fun!  And make plans to join us for a special night on December 14th, at Strikes in Rocklin for the True Line Entertainment Christmas party and Lynns Hangouts’ one year anniversary party!  Till then, ROCK ON!  \m/