Greetings, Rocker fans!  And welcome to Lynns Hangouts’ newsletter!  Thank you all for signing up so you can get a jump on exciting news!


Band News:

Our IT department is continuing their working on the new, modern look for the LH website platform!  We are planning to roll it out early 2016!  You’ll still see all the great videos of your favorite rock bands, and the new calendar rocks!


Percussionist Mark Coudriet is starting a country rock band called Moonshine Crazy!  Catch Mark’s interview with fun facts about this new project to air on 12/30/15!


Kenny Falco is back as Restaurant Manager at Halftime Bar & Grill in Strikes, Rocklin!  Welcome back, Kenny!  Now I can get that long awaited interview!


Aaron Smith and Dee Goodwin are leaving Superlicious the end of December to pursue other musical interests.  Aaron is their lead guitarist and backup vocalist, while Dwaine is their bassist.  They will be greatly missed in this awesome band!  No word yet on who the replacements are.


Word on the street is Phillip Lovejoy is joining Tres Hombres, our ZZ Top Tribute band!  More to follow as we receive details!


We found out Roberto Reyes is also in The Ripoffs!  You may know Roberto from RedRadio.  Roberto also supplies us with LH business cards and coasters from AlphaGraphics!


Tymber Cavasian is officially the permanent percussionist for Heartless – A Tribute to the Rock Band Heart!  Excellent choice – happy, happy!



Meeting Minutes: 

November website stats rocked!  As of the end of November, we had a cumulative total of over 45,300 unique visitors to the website; 312,000 page views; and a cumulative total of over 81,600 video views on You Tube!  New visitor sessions moved up to 58% – our best month ever for new visitors!  Keep visiting LH often for more fun, and be part of these awesome stats!


You are always welcome to come party with the LH team!  Just check for the “Join LH” on the Home page gig schedule next to the events we will be hanging out at!  We’d love to see you out supporting live music!


If you go to a gig you saw on LH, please don’t be shy about telling the band!  I’m sure they would love to meet you as well as learn how you heard of their gig!


We are so grateful and thankful for every single one of you who has made a donation to LH this year!  Your contribution gives us encouragement and makes it possible to keep up the fast pace checking out the local live music scene here in the Sacramento area.  Thank you so much for supporting LH as we support this awesome group of talented folks!



November was a fun rock month – Holidays here we come!  Here’s what happened:


11/6/15:  We were so honored to be invited to the Firefighter’s Burn Institute Chili Cook-Off Benefit at the California Auto Museum in Sacramento by The Mach 5 team!  In fact, I was invited to shoot a Promo video for the band because it’s such a cool venue with great backgrounds!  What a worthy cause with lots of wonderful folks in attendance!  We had a blast meeting new friends, some of which I believe will start rockin’ out with us on the weekends!  All the chili was fantastic, I couldn’t have picked a winner if I tried!  The Mach 5 seemed extra playful tonight with some fun fan interactions – one with a young fan that got to play Dave Chapman’s guitar!  Jaclyn Dunn, KCRA’s Traffic Reporter, was there to make some announcements and kick start the band!  Super fun evening, but because it ended by 10:30, we figured we could squeeze in one more rock party!





11/6/15:  So it was off to the Opera House Saloon in Roseville with Skid Roses to check in with a ton of LH friends that had already started the party!  Even though it was late, there were still lots of fans left dancing and partying!  So many hugs hello from some wonderful friends!  The Skids were having a blast entertaining the group of loyal dancers and listeners alike.  They even brought me up on stage to chat a bit about LH!  And they did a fun segment for three lucky birthday folks by bringing them up on stage, gave them fake guitars to play, wigs, bandana’s and a cowboy hat for our very own Naaz Jabran!  You can’t miss watching this fun video to air on 1/20/16.  We stayed until the end, and then some, saying our goodbyes.  Really a stellar evening all the way around!





11/7/15:  We started the night at Halftime Bar & Grill in Strikes, Rocklin, to see The Tone Monkeys.  To our delight, they had a slew of new songs and knocked them out of the park!  Another delightful surprise – Kenny Falco is back as restaurant manager!  It was so good to see him again, and we had a nice chat!  Looks like I will finally get that interview with Kenny on a future visit to Halftime!  He has a fascinating story about hurricane Katrina, Reba McIntyre and New Orleans music that I have been wanting to share with you for some time!  Tonight, however, I took the opportunity to interview lead guitarist Dante Mutti during break.  Dante shared some fun band insights with us before my “producers” broke up the party!  We stayed about five more songs after break, but we had double rock on the agenda again tonight, so…





11/7/15: …We headed to Referee’s Sports Bar & Grill in Citrus Heights to party with Disco Revolution.  The place was packed when we walked in, and I’ll have to say the fun didn’t stop until everyone left!  We learned some new dance moves, passed around a cool hat for some pictures, I gave the band their LH Rockfest Award, and we even found our own Don Preston on the floor trying to mimic one of the chalk figures!  I had a great chat with Zak Muzic, TBox-the bassist, and owner’s Ken and Nickole after the gig was over.  Future visits with Disco Revolution I plan on getting Chuga-Luv and TBox’s interviews – seems they have some fascinating stories to tell!  Super great night, and the clock in the car said almost 2 AM when we headed home!





11/14/15:  Double rock night, again – first stop The Corner Pocket Sports Bar in Citrus Heights with Four Barrel!  It was UFC fight night, so the live music had to wait, but the place was hopping and many folks stayed after the fight for the music fun!  Donald Preston was also celebrating his birthday with this fun combo, and oh what a night!  Don was having a blast even before the music started!  All I can say is Don must really like whipped cream!





11/14/15:  We didn’t get to stay long at The Corner Pocket because it got late fast with the fight taking up some dance time, so we jetted off to Referee’s Sports Bar & Grill in Citrus Heights to finish out the night with 8 Track Massacre!  We brought about 9 peeps with us who wanted to check out this fantastic band!  We were greeted warmly by the band when we arrived, then we immediately found our table, got our drinks and hit the dance floor!  The band was having a blast and seemed very playful throughout the night, even letting a fan sing directly into the mic.  Owner Ken Fiola arrived after we did and hung out with us at our table for a bit.  I had a great chat with percussionist Patrick Roche after the gig who mentioned the energy seemed to pick up when we arrived!  Such a nice compliment and such great way to end the evening!





11/20/15: Superlicious was throwing a huge party at the Opera House Saloon in Roseville this beautiful evening in November, which included numerous birthday’s – our own Don Preston being one of them!  The band packed the fans on the floor on the first song and that action didn’t stop until the last song past 1 AM!  Superlicious opted to sport referee shirts, but everything else was the awesome 80’s ensemble.  Bongzilla for the birthday guys and dolls was something to be seen in person, but for a sneak peek check out the Tidbit video to be posted on 1/13/16!  Nights like this are not to be missed, we wore ourselves out having so much fun!





11/21/15:  Jet Screamer was kind enough to invite us to a private birthday party in Loomis that turned out to be a Toga party!  Most of the host’s friends dressed the part making for a super fun atmosphere!  The guest of honor, Lora, and her husband, Jim, dressed as the Roman Emperor and his wife, who really played it up with the band using his sword as an air guitar!  My close peeps that attended this fun party and myself decided to change up the words a bit during Panama… to Canada!  We hijacked the mic from vocalist Angelo Dapello and did our thing!  We won the title ‘The Screamettes’ for our performance!  What a fun night – great friends, great place, great music, great food, great time! Score!!





11/27/15:  It’s the day after Thanksgiving and time to work off the turkey and trimmings, and what better way then to dance to the tunes of RedRadio at Jan’s Lounge in Orangevale!  We were pleasantly surprised to see so many folks at Jan’s, proving once again that live music lovers are faithful even over Black Friday shopping!  There were a lot of fellow musicians who also came out to show support, including members from Two20, A-Train, 8 Track Massacre, Unlicensed Therapy, Adonis DNA, Jet Screamer and The Mock Ups!


RedRadio with Chris Jamison11-27-15



11/28/15:  What a fun evening of double rock we had planned!  First stop, something new all the way around – Boneshaker Community Brewery with Humble Wolf.  For those that might not know, percussionist Kit Koda (formally of Skid Roses) joined Humble Wolf some time ago.  We have yet to check in on Kit’s success in the world of original music and we were looking forward to catching up with Kit.  (A bit of trivia for you:  Several years ago, Kit entered Guitar Center’s Annual Drum Off competition and invited me to check it out and film for LH.  Shortly after, I launched the Drum Off Section, realizing drummers needed something to showcase their talents!)  Humble Wolf went on stage 2nd and we were running out of time to head to our next event, but we did get to hear four of their songs and found them to be pretty darn awesome!  So much so that we vowed to go back and stay the whole gig with them!  We were very proud of Kit and what Humble Wolf has become!





11/28/15:  It was time to head to Halftime Bar & Grill in Strikes, Rocklin, to party with Jet Screamer.  This was an LH promise to support when they got their first Halftime gig after Rockfest 2015!  The night was a huge success partly because our friend Lisa Nelson was having her birthday party with Jet Screamer!  The band was awesome, cranking out the rock tunes all night long!  Lisa had a great birthday party, and even got to blow out her “29” candles on stage!  ‘The Screamettes’ were there and enjoyed singing Panama as ‘Canada’ to continue the newly-formed tradition.  It was awesome to see another night where musicians from other bands came out to show their support.  I’d say we had enough fun tonight for two weekend’s worth of party nights!





November was a month full of double rock, so we got to support and party with a larger amount of bands!  Every night was amazing fun, worthy of the Memory Book!  December brings more holiday parties, and lots of rock!  Don’t miss out on the fun!  See you on the dance floor!


Till then, ROCK ON!  \m/