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We are pleased to announce we added one more amazing band to our group! Please check out their videos and events when posted, go to their gigs and help make them feel welcome!

52nd band – Big Gunns

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Let’s take a trip back in time to see all the amazing fun we had in September:

9/2/13: To end the summer on a high “note,” Swabbies always hosts Four Barrel on Labor Day. We went along for the ride and the fun. Did someone say “scream”? It was the party to end all parties! Even though it was overcast, there were plenty of folks out to soak up that last bit of official summer fun. Four Barrel was epic and knocked it out of the park! I got a great guest Drum Off video of regular drummer Scott Uhlenbrock’s son, Aaron, shredding the drums, two Random Riff videos with some guest guitarists, and since it was Teri Alison’s (Unlicensed Therapy) birthday – what better way to celebrate than to get Teri and guitarist Scott Renton up on stage for a rockin’ song! I need help captioning that song…Unlicensed Barrel, Four Therapy, Barrel Therapy…ideas??FB_Swabbies


9/6/13: Why are short weeks so tough? Because if they weren’t, you wouldn’t appreciate the weekend so much! We showed our weekend appreciation by partying with the awesome Mother Mayhem band at Swabbies. The party really picked up after folks got home from work and came back out for a dose of Mayhem! We saw many musicians, including Miles French of The Mock Ups, Donny McGee of ACA/DACA, and I met the bassist of Rash Rush and Take Out, Kendall Volz! Ian Meyer was working sound for True Line Entertainment, even though it was his birthday! Happy Birthday, Ian!! Mother Mayhem rocked all the fan’s favorite tunes from start to finish! This band really knows how to connect with the audience – and I might add I have never seen so many pre-teen dancers out rockin’ it! I got a priceless Drum Off video of guitarist Chris Canillo’s son, Joey, who is 10 – yes, I said 10!! – shredding the kit to Funky Music! You will want to see this video!! Thanks, Mother Mayhem, for starting our September Friday night’s out right! And a BIG shout out to Swabbies for always throwing the best parties!!



9/7/13: Skid Roses was having a special event at Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin, complete with professional videographers, and you know LH had to go see how it was done! I don’t think I have ever seen the Skids in such prime form! Mike Barnes, True Line Entertainment, was running sound and lights and he pulled out a few tricks from the bag to enhance the experience! Crash Von Bonham lent me an ear with a fabulous interview – I found out Crash is a bit of a celebrity – check out the interview for details! I now have interviews from the whole Skid Roses team. If you’d like to see them, check out ‘Categories’ on LH under ‘Favorite Bands’ to see the others. The whole night was epic and off the charts!!


9/13/13: We decided to check out a new venue called Brown’s Corner in Woodland, since Four Barrel extended a very gracious invitation to attend! So…I loaded up some friends and off we went on a road trip! Brown’s Corner was an older gas station that was converted into a cozy little bar. The owners and patrons were very fun and friendly, and Four Barrel rocked it so hard I couldn’t believe it when it was quittin’ time! Where did THAT four hours go!! I brought a pair of guitar shaped sunglasses that everyone in the band took turns wearing, and in exchange I got to wear Phillip’s cowboy hat! It was a truly fun evening – one for the memory books!



9/14/13: My favorite themed show rock band was playing at The Fountains in Roseville, so I had to go and see my friends from Rockin’ Down The Hiway! They packed in the people who turned out to be quite interactive with the band – singing along, clapping and whistling. I got some fun Bloopers (mostly of Tommy T-Bird King) as well as a quick, cut-short interview with Tommy! Check these out on LH. We only stayed about an hour, but it was an action packed fun time!



Then we were then off to do double rock at Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill in Rocklin to see Left Of Centre. I know, I know – you now remember what I say about them – whenever they are in town, we go see them. It’s always a worthwhile journey! The boys were in prime form with their songs, style and shenanigans! I got a great blooper/fun video of lead singer Frank playing with the drum sticks, and a super cool Random Riff video I call Guitar vs. Bass. Jerry Tomlinson, guitarist, is amazing in his own right. Add expert bassist Greg Sadler into the mix, and watch them as they compete against each other. This video posted on 9/25/13, so check it out if you have not seen it – it’s too cool to miss!



9/20/13: Craig Boom of the band Big Gunns had been Facebook inviting me to their gigs for a while now and I decided it was time for LH to make a presence, so off to Strikes Halftime Bar & Grill we went! I’ll have to say, Big Gunns really surprised me with their expert abilities and rockin’ hard metal music! A highlight of the evening included seeing three other Set In Stone members supporting Big Gunns (remember Craig Boom is one of the guitarists in Set In Stone), Daryl Morales being one of them who was running sound! Another highlight was the fact that so many men got up on the dance floor and supported the band as only hard metal fans could! I will be posting a Fan File soon to show you what I mean. The best highlight was watching lead guitarist Mark Miner play. He is one amazing guitarist – very professional and really knows his way around a guitar. Truly amazing performance! LH brought Glow Sticks for all who wanted them and the idea was met with a warm reception! This is definitely something we will keep doing to help bond our fans to the bands!



9/21/13: LH had the dubious honor of going to the Heart concert at Thunder Valley in September. The sound was crisp and clean, but the concert was very short. Afterwards, we headed to the Main Stage inside to see our good friends in Rock Skool! They were diggin’ entertaining all the Heart fans that needed more rock, so much so that they played 35 songs straight without a break! Now THAT’S rock and roll!! Lead guitarist, Terry Lauderdale, was on fire! What a great way to end a perfect Saturday of rockin’ music!



9/22/13: Off to Laugh’s Unlimited we go for our monthly dose of fun and music with Four Barrel! Before the show I was able to conclude business with the owner, Skip Cappawana, and now Laugh’s sponsorship ad is up on LH! Skip has a special treat in store for those who call the number on the ad and mention LH! The afternoon flew by in usual Four Barrel fashion with lots of audience participation, one of which was captured in a Fan File posted on LH in October! Skip even got in the “act” and sang Johnny B Goode! He earned the title “Fifth Barrel!”



9/27/13: Back to Auburn and Pistol Pete’s to party down with the awesome Stone Kold band! Kathy Terry was in prime form with her incredible, sultry voice! I got a super interview with Jerry Tamburino, percussionist for the band. Jerry explains all about the Cocktail Drum Set he plays! And I’m sure you have seen the Bobby McGee video I posted under Recent Hangouts – Kathy was incredible! We brought Glow Sticks and passed them out to the band and to all that danced! Kathy told us a cool story about her mom up in Redding telling HER about LH and had she heard of it. LH is growing!



9/28/13: Today was probably our last chance this season to party at Swabbies On The River, and with Riff Raff and Skid Roses mixing it up, we just had to partake. We got there early to secure good seating and were able to watch all the gear setups and sound checks. War Paint, this summer’s Stairway To Stardom winners, were the first to go on, and all the members of team Riff Raff and Skid Roses were on stage helping them set up. Mike Barnes was, of course, running sound. It was so cool to see these seasoned musicians helping out the ones just starting their “careers.” War Paint even gave out professionally recorded CD’s! Next up was The Foresocks, a Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band! They rocked the RHCP songs, and I got a great Random Riff video for your enjoyment! Riff Raff went next and put on a very energetic and professional show! Would have liked to see more of them, but Skid Roses was still to play and they were just as energetic and crowd-pleasing! It was a great and exhausting day, and all the live music fans went home happy!




Well, that’s enough rock for one month, don’t you think? Come out and join us in October for a super fun month, complete with dress-up Halloween fun! Till then, ROCK OUT! \m/